Driving instructors will teach you how to teach correctly: the new standard

From October 28 will enter into force new requirements for driving instructors

Driving instructors will teach you how to teach correctly: the new standard

From October 28 to effect a new, much more stringent requirements for instructors, training of future drivers. If the person teaching the rules and ethics of driving does not match named the new professional standard: “the master of inservice training to driving of vehicles” approved by order of the Ministry of labor, such employee is not a place in driving schools. Train drivers it will not have the right. In other words, instructors who educate future drivers driving, must meet the new standard.


And that’s a big step forward in terms of promoting risk minimization of accidents among the graduates of driving schools. No wonder people develop legends about good teachers transmitted even between generations of motorists. People intuitively thank you “autocycle” for proper training and are ready to advise your loved ones the driving school where I teach is true, well, as they say – from the heart, professionals.


Alas, this is rare. Because of requirements for trainers in fact it is not, a serious percentage of driving schools gained completely incompetent people. All for the sake of it from the charge of the traffic police authorities that the school is the teacher and you can start to engage in the relevant activity.


In accordance with the new regulations, must have:

Driving license of the corresponding category, which teaches the student;

Experience driving a vehicle of not less than 3 years (innovation);

The document on the right driving instruction;

Also, instructors in accordance with the new regulations, must not have major traffic violations, which deprive rights, at least within 5 years. And it is also logical – you can’t follow yourself, how can you teach others?


The profession of teacher in the driving school of “by-product” in the field of conveying knowledge should be complete. Not only teachers/Tutors of English or mathematics must know and be able to apply the teaching methods to convey the necessary information, now for learning and autoproducer “must be able to apply pedagogically-informed forms, methods, ways and receptions of the organization of practical driving instruction. And also possess modern teaching AIDS and educational technologies,” the site says, “the Russian newspaper”. By the way, this is what has always distinguished a competent professional from the driving school – ability to explain material or practice to convey to the learner the nuances of management of the vehicle.


Driving instructors will teach you how to teach correctly: the new standard

Moreover, another innovation that did not exist before: the teacher should own methods of teaching individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair users, for training which uses specific manual control. Also he should be able to develop a working program of learning to drive, know the rules, the law, the content of educational standards and training programs, requirements of labor protection on the road.


In a common set of requirements and knowledge serious. All the requirements listed above and not only will be trained according to special programs, including retraining of employees and methods of training. By the way, to improve the skills of specialists in the field will be required once in three years.


And yet, if the instructor is nervous, raises voice at you and generally behaving inappropriately is an occasion to reflect on him, for failure to comply with which can also dismiss.


Introduced new requirements for driving instructors is definitely an important step. But as always remains one, but difficult question – will it all work? Will monitor whether the authorities of the violation and bring the quality to a new level? Time will tell. As they say in fact, the official website of the Ministry of justice, which passed registration new requirements: “Soft law rarely obey the harsh – rarely enforced. Benjamin Franklin”.