Driving: expectations and reality

As expectations from the possession of a driver’s license turn into a disappointment.

Driving: expectations and reality

What’s it like to drive? Of course, this freedom, comfort of movement, and much more. Also for each of us owning a car has individual values and advantages. But unfortunately, driving for many motorists turned into flour. Especially for those who really can’t drive. But to understand this, we first need to obtain first driver’s license and buy a car. And only after a while you will be able to recognize whether you be a motorist.

Driving: expectations and reality

The worst thing is that every year on the road there are hundreds of thousands of novice drivers, who tend to believe that they were created for the car. But, alas, their expectations often are not met. So over time, in driving a lot of disappointed people. Let’s see now, what I think many of the drivers-beginners, pending driving some incredible experiences, and that, contrary to their expectations, is actually after they will receive the cherished rights and begin to manage their first machine.


Expectations: If I memorized all the tickets of the theoretical exam, then on the road I’ll be all better


When inexperienced driver is preparing for the theoretical exam in the traffic police, he believes that if you memorize all tickets for traffic rules is not only will help to get the highest score on the exam, but also in the future will come in handy on the road. In this case many believe that a brilliant knowledge of all traffic rules gives them a huge advantage on the road even to experienced drivers.


Reality: you Have to forget everything you read in the driving school

Driving: expectations and reality

The reality of driving, alas, is that everything you were taught in driving school, you will have to put aside. This you will understand as soon as the first is single-handedly driving after getting my license. You know that theory helps you to be bold and confident on the road. Yes, of course, know perfectly the Rules of the road –a good thing and sorely needed. But theoretical knowledge without proper driving experience is nothing. And just because of lack of experience the first time behind the wheel you will not get the expected comfort and driving pleasure. The fact is that for many newcomers the first time, driving is the fear, anguish and nerves.


Expectations: I have to parallel Park on the site, so in the city I always find a Parking space

Driving: expectations and reality

Some do not just memorize all the correct answers on tickets SDA, but also hone your skill on the court, believing that this experience of driving is needed in the city in the first place. Many beginners know how difficult parallel Parking in the city this kind of Parking is necessary first of all. And what is their joy when they are with an instructor on site to perfection to bring the skills of parallel Parking. At this point, many future drivers begin to consider themselves professional drivers.


Reality: You are often clamped in the Parking lot

Driving: expectations and reality

Alas, your self-confidence and good skill of Parking the car will not be useful to you in the urban environment. And if you think that the motorists surrounding you will be surprised by your ability to Park, you are deeply mistaken. Chances are, if you even fit in the narrow Parking space, then it is possible that when you next come to the car, your car will simply be sandwiched between the cars. Why it happened, and why the other drivers you clamped?

Yes, the whole thing is that there was no need to put the car back to back, showing the skill of Parking a car in a confined space. So, as you can see, the city is not so much the experience of parallel Parking, how the right choice of location for Parking your car. By the way, if you Park in a confined space, the risk is not only to be locked in your vehicle can damage it, leaving it off the lot.


Expectation: Driving together with your friends is awesome

Driving: expectations and reality

Every young man and friends play a very important role. That is why when you go to school, you usually dream about the future, where your first car is will days and nights on end to carry their friends.


Reality: Your friends are afraid to ride with you and constantly making you nervous

Driving: expectations and reality

Having the right and buying your first car, you almost immediately realize that the friends in the car is not the best solution when you are just beginning your journey behind the wheel. Because they know that you have only recently got my license and don’t have enough driving experience will always make you nervous your fears. And, admittedly, their fear is quite justified, because all drivers-beginners have the highest risk of getting in an accident. And the fear of your friends you will feel constantly.

Even if a short acceleration you can hear in the cabin screams and squeals. Also prepare for the fact that someone from the friends will constantly correct you and advise, how to ride. This is very annoying, and, of course, not at all like your expectations. So don’t be surprised if your friends come out of your machine too quickly. Especially if you imagined yourself a racing driver-professional.


Expectations: You think that will be the most calm and careful driver


When you are a long time to learn to drive with an instructor, which usually carries you on a relaxed, pre-selected routes, which, in principle, were laid with only one purpose – to make you successfully passed the exam in the city (or, conversely, failed, and appealed to them for help), then after a while begin to believe that used to be behind the wheel and can safely ride without an instructor. Also are you sure that will be the most relaxed driver on the road, which nothing can divert.


Reality: Phone calls, texting, traffic police, confusing signs on the road, inadequate drivers, pits, speed camera, etc. – all of this you insanely distracting


When you are getting the right start to drive alone on those routes, where he took lessons from driving instructors, you begin to understand that everything is constantly distracting. You’re losing your head and getting very nervous. Some drivers-the girls in some unusual situations on the road even manage to let go of the steering wheel in fright.


So the reality of driving is that you will be distracted on the road constantly. Even on an empty country road you will not be able to focus. It’s not the way, where did you go with an instructor with a speed of 40 km/h.


Expectations: You will master the highway and the motorway, proving to myself that I am not afraid

Driving: expectations and reality

It happened in our country, but under the current legislation the learner riders even with an instructor is forbidden to travel on the highway. At least not yet. But will soon pass a law that would remove that prohibition.

However, it will be then. So today, all drivers-beginners have no experience of driving on the highway. This, of course, scares many novice drivers. But each of them tries to calm himself and set that upon receipt of the rights he will learn driving on motorways and stop being afraid. Some comfort themselves by the fact that traffic on the freeway is easier than in a city with dense traffic.


Reality: the Motorway – not for the faint of heart, especially when leaving and congresses


Alas, the reality of traffic on the highway is not as rosy as it seems for beginners on first glance. Yes, it is certainly not an urban heavy traffic crossing the endless intersections. But do not forget that the average speed on interstate highways is several times greater than in the city. Therefore, the reaction speed on motorways drivers must be two times higher. But how can there be an instant reaction from a rookie driver with no actual driving experience?

So, believe me, being the first time on the highway, you will be shocked. Many even there is fear, leading to numbness. Here you will not help neither the driving instructor nor friends with rights. You must overcome your fear. Otherwise you have nothing. It is especially difficult you will be when driving on the highway at the confluence of roads (arrivals and exits). In such places you will get added pair of gray hair.


Expectation: You’ll be singing in the car with your favourite music without worrying about what other people think about you

Driving: expectations and reality

When you want to get a license and buy your first car, you probably imagine how you will enjoy in the car your favorite music and sing to it. Also you are imagining that he heard a favorite song on the radio, will sing together with your friends.


Reality: are You concerned about what you think about the other drivers

Driving: expectations and reality

Alas, the reality is likely to be different. Having traveled a few days behind the wheel of his first car, you will begin to catch glances of other drivers and their passengers. In the end, when you realize that you are constantly in sight of hundreds of people, will start to feel awkward.

And if you had thought that drivers and passengers do not notice each other, but now realize that everything on top of each other keep looking. Especially in traffic or at stops on traffic lights. Eventually over time you will begin to behave much more modest car. At this point, many young drivers are unable to accept the fact that they constantly see hundreds of eyes. Therefore, many decide to toned glass machine 100%, thereby breaking the law.


Expectations: Travel long distances by car with friends will be unforgettable

Driving: expectations and reality

Before buying your first car after obtaining a driving license you can not wait for the first time will be able to travel by car with their friends. You dream about it day and night, considering that your long-distance trip by car together with his company will bring you unforgettable pleasant impressions and will be remembered for a lifetime.


Reality: You are the only one who has the rights. In the end you long journey turned into a living hell

Driving: expectations and reality

In reality, going to a long journey with their friends who do not have a driver’s license, you through a 200-400 km are beginning to understand that all the way you have, breaking eye driving alone. In the end, a pleasant drive may seem like only your friends. But not you. You really will not forget this trip and will remember it all my life, but only on the negative side.

The fact that after you pass driving, even 8 hours, not only will you have to hurt the whole body, eyes, neck, etc., but you will be mentally exhausted. Your nerves are on edge, and friends in the car will only irritate. You will envy them that they enjoy the journey when you are gripping the wheel and tired of the tension, can’t even see the scenery outside the window.


Expectation: When you first time brought to administrative responsibility, you handle it with dignity

Driving: expectations and reality

We understand that every driver will sooner or later be stopped by the traffic police and fined for traffic violations. We also know that not all police officers are decent and sooner or later we will face tyranny in the road, as a result, we are likely to attract illegal or unfair administrative penalties.

For example, we can get into one of the many traps of the traffic police. We adjust itself in such a case, and I think that will adequately deal with such troubles. Also in the case of illegal or unjust prosecution for violation of traffic rules, we plan to fight for truth, challenging in the courts the decision of the inspector DPS.


Reality: You are in shock from his first penalty in the TRANS from the arrogance of cops

Driving: expectations and reality

Alas, real life is such that not all traffic police officers strictly perform their duties. Some DPS officers came to work in this structure in order to shovel more dough. In the end, the cunning police often set traps on roads, hiding in places where are usually confused about the drivers – beginners. Especially in those places where road signs are contrary to the markup, or where there are no markings, no signs.


Also, sometimes drivers simply bred, imputing violation of traffic rules, which was not. In the end, a lot of drivers get unfairly fined.

Unfortunately, most of the drivers prefer in such cases to just pay half the fine in the first 20 days, instead of to challenge illegal attraction to administrative responsibility in court. Why? Yeah the thing is that in order to challenge the fine in court, you will have to run to court, where love, holding you all day about the courtroom, to move the trial to another date. In the end, you can lose a lot of time. So for many drivers it’s easier to pay half the fine.

When you start to drive, you also have this will understand. And, most likely, your promise to yourself that you will not reckon with the arbitrariness of the traffic police on the road, and will remain only words.

In fact, many drivers who are just beginning their journey behind the wheel, when for the first time brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules, very nervous and even crying. Especially when the part of the police is a gross injustice.


Expectations: You will never become an aggressive driver

Driving: expectations and reality

You give yourself a promise to be reserved and calm behind the wheel and think that will never be an aggressive driver. But don’t tell the GOP…


Reality: Someone cut in front of you and you become a monster

Driving: expectations and reality

When you begin to drive a car, you probably think aggressive drivers on the road not right in the head. Also you are convinced that you are not like that. But after some short time begin to behave strangely. You begin to swear at all around siple these words that you yourself haven’t heard before. Then starts pounding his fist on the steering wheel, the dashboard or the seat of anger at the inadequate drivers. Further – more.

One day you all of a sudden someone cuts you off on the road, which your car might get a scratch. Here you will learn about yourself a lot because of your rage is no limit. You turn into a real monster. So you can quickly become nervous and aggressive driver.


Expectations: You will look cool behind the wheel driver

Driving: expectations and reality

Do you think that, once behind the wheel of his first car, will look really cool. Everyone around will think that driving a young professional. You will be respected for the skill behind the wheel.


The reality: You will look like a child behind the wheel

Driving: expectations and reality

Unfortunately, everyone on the road know that the driver appearance is deceptive and says nothing about his skills and driving experience. In fact, in the eyes of others you will look exactly so, how adequate will your actions behind the wheel. And, alas, at first, until you gain experience, your actions behind the wheel would be funny. Even if you are well learned to drive in a driving school.

In any case, the drivers will see that you are inexperienced. Also this will tell them the icon “exclamation mark” on the rear window of your car, meaning that driving the driver with driving experience less than 3 years. Recall that this icon is supposed to mold on the machine, all drivers-beginners.