Driver’s license category “B” give you the right to ride without a car

What kind of vehicles you can control with the rights of category “b”?

Driver's license category

Sometimes each of us are given the opportunity to drive not only your car. Especially on weekends, holidays or during vacation. But is it possible with the rights of category “b” driving other vehicles? It turns out that the most popular driving category “b” gives a lot of opportunities to find yourself behind the wheel of not only the passenger car.


Of course, with the rights of category “b” you can only sit behind the wheel of some vehicles. In other cases, to have a legitimate opportunity to manage nelegkom car, you need to obtain the appropriate vehicle category or subcategory of a driver’s license, having been trained in a driving school and passing the exams in the traffic police. Don’t forget that if you sit behind the wheel, for example, a truck with a rights, which is only open category “In”, you may be brought to administrative responsibility for driving without a license (article 12.7 of the administrative code, punishable by a fine of from 5 000 to 15 000 rubles).


Driver's license category

Moreover, if you sit behind the wheel of the vehicle without the presence of the rights of the relevant category, will get into an accident, which will not be to blame, you will not be able to obtain insurance reimbursement, because most likely you recognize the culprit of the accident, regardless of the circumstances of the accident. In this case, the insurance company will pay damages to the other parties to the accident, and you will submit a regressive demand to get from you previously paid amount.


Same if you with the rights of category “b” got behind the wheel of a motorcycle. Don’t forget that according to the law to drive a motorcycle, you must have the rights with an open category “A”. Otherwise, sitting behind the wheel of a motorcycle with the rights of a category “In”, you are, in fact, will operate a motorbike without a license, with all the ensuing.


Vehicles can be controlled with a driver’s license category “B”?

Driver's license category

First, recall that the driving license of category “b”, intended for admission to the management of passenger vehicles, not just limited to cars. With these rights you can also manage and some other vehicles.


First, let’s remember what the “b” category license and any vehicles involved. As we all know, driver’s license category “b” give the right to drive passenger vehicles with a maximum permissible mass not exceeding 3500 kilograms and the number of seats in the vehicle (the driver’s seat) does not exceed 8.

Also drivers with the rights of category “b” are allowed to operate a passenger car coupled to a trailer whose permissible maximum mass exceeds 750 kilograms but does not exceed the weight of a vehicle without load, provided that the General allowed maximum mass of such combination of vehicles does not exceed 3.5 tons;

It is also worth noting that the driver’s license with an open category “In” allow management of a motorized conveyance.


But that’s not all kinds of vehicles, for which you are allowed to start with a driver’s license category “In”. Then there is the subcategory “B1” and “M”, which can also operate legally in the presence of a driver’s license, which is open only one-category.


So, under current law, upon receipt of the rights “b” category driver open automatically the category of M and B1, which gives the right to operate the following vehicles:


Category B1


– Tricycle


– Quadricycles


Category M


– Mopeds


– Light quadricycles


Quadricycles ≠ ATVs


Please note that quadricycles are not one and the same as the ATVs. Quadricycles is, in fact, motorized wheelchairs, which were distributed during the Soviet era. Today, this category of vehicles is almost forgotten. So it is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of these unusual vehicles.


ATV is another category of vehicles, which is a off-road ATV, managed to get a special law, and not in the traffic police. Currently in Russia are issued by Gostekhnadzor.


In some cases a driving license category “b” forbidden to drive a moped (scooter)?

Driver's license category

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the “b”category driver’s license will automatically open to drivers of passenger cars managing scooters, mopeds (that is automatically assigned to the category “M”), not in all cases allowed to get behind the wheel of a moped.

The thing is that sometimes drivers license in the 12 column of the reverse side of driving license, opposite the open category of rights, is put the official stamp in the form of the Latin abbreviation “ML”.

For example, if a line with an open category “b” in column 12 is the value of this letter, it means the driver is prohibited mopeds and scooters. Then there are the letters “ML” license expressly prohibit the driver to sit behind the wheel of a moped. Typically, such note shall be made to those drivers who for medical reasons are unable to control the vehicle category “M”.

Most interesting is that the mark “ML” can be indicated even for those drivers who have no contraindications to control this kind of vehicles.

Driver's license category

But how this happens? Why do many drivers with a category “In the” prohibit access to mopeds/scooters?

The thing is that the categories of rights and various service level in a driver’s license tabulated on the basis submitted by the driver medical certificate, you need to have when primary obtaining rights or for replacement.

In the medical certificate normally lists all categories of the driving licence which the driver has no contra-indications to management of vehicles appropriate category. Unfortunately, many medical centers just don’t put in a medical references a note on the category “M”, considering that those who have already opened the “b” category, are automatically eligible to drive vehicles of category “M”.

But in some divisions of traffic police of such action of the medical centers is regarded as a ban on mopeds. In the end, during the initial receipt of rights or upon their replacement by the time the driver is given a card with a stamp that prohibits driving vehicles of categories “M”.

Interestingly it turns out, isn’t it? After all, police officers are not seeing the help in the permission, I think that if there is no direct permissions on the moped, so the medical establishment is prohibited to operate a moped. But it’s certainly not the case.

So if your license opposite category is marked “ML”, but you actually do not have medical contraindications for mopeds and scooters, you need to apply to the head of any division of traffic police, where the issue of driver’s license, with a request to rectify the violation of your rights.

However, most often such statements people get rejected. However, no harm in trying. But the best option is to go to a medical center where you received the driver’s medical certificate, with a request to change it by checking the box that you are allowed to drive vehicles of category “M”. Then contact the police with a purpose to lift the ban on access to mopeds. In this case, under the law you can’t refuse. If denied, go to court, you 100% wins.