Drivers-foreigners are forbidden to engage in carting 2019

Only with Russian citizenship, the law is on the brink of a foul

Drivers-foreigners are forbidden to engage in carting 2019

According to the Chairman of profile Committee of the State Duma, Eugene Moskvicheva, the Duma in refining the law on state regulation of activities of service of ordering taxi, according to which the possibility of limiting the recruitment of foreigners in those same taxi company. Hard bill on automobile taxi will be introduced next year. The development of the project began in the fall of 2018.


According to the President: “definitely there will be suggestions and corrections deputies: foreign drivers without Russian citizenship will not be allowed to work on an automobile taxi”. Thus, the legislative initiative, which in 2019 will be issued in the form of law, shall relate solely to the carriage of passengers in a taxi, and companies engaged in this kind of traffic will not be able to hire to work citizens without Russian citizenship.


Why the legislator decided to confine the passenger transportation taxi?

“On other modes of transport – please, there are more stringent controls and drivers, and for the release of the cars,” said Moskvichev on the pages of TASS.


This statement of course can be partly to argue, remembering the number of major accidents involving buses, including the incident at the railway crossings in 2018, but the overall situation is indeed matched the description of a Chairman of the relevant Committee. If the sector of mass transport chaos, but more or less controlled, among the taxis in anarchy and confusion. Not only that, behind the wheel put unskilled personnel, so they are still working almost round the clock, falling down, at the end of the work shift. And this, as it directly affects the safety, as evidenced by official statistics the number of accidents among taxi drivers: semi-annual statistics is shown in


Recall that for operation in the field of transport, including bus, previously a law was passed on the need to obtain a Russian driver’s license foreign drivers from countries outside the Eurasian economic Union.


Drivers-foreigners are forbidden to engage in carting 2019

But for those drivers who already meet the standards, it is assumed that the permission to work as a taxi driver for a particular vehicle will be issued not less than five years. The document should be placed in the vehicle and be produced on demand by officials and ordinary passengers. In this case, the vehicle must be registered in the territory of the Russian Federation to pass THE pre-trip monitoring and planned repairs.


Experts previously familiar with the idea away to work in taxis exclusively Russian citizens in General are skeptical about this initiative. In particular, the Chairman of the Committee of MCCI on the development of transport services passenger transport passenger road transport Bogdan Konoshenko, in the comment “gazety” so said banning a taxi to foreigners: “I am sure that this will not be accepted because it is discrimination”.