Do I need to glue on a car sign “Baby in car”?

Why motorists mold a sticker “Baby in car”?

Do I need to glue on a car sign

Did you notice how many on road cars with a sticker in the rear window “Baby in car”, “Baby in Car”, “car kids”, “Baby on Board” etc. etc.? And you wondered why labels like mold on the rear window and even the trunk of a car? I think that they need to have drivers who transported in the car of minor children? Actually no. According to the Rules of the road drivers are not required to glue these warnings. Then one wonders why many parents stuck to their car different labels, stating that they have heirs? The portal understood in this matter.


Just want to say that we thoroughly studied this topic, but never found out 100% real reason why many drivers prefer to glue on a car of such “decorations”, indicating that the car is the baby.

And you are surprised by such labels? Want to know the reasons of their spreading worldwide among motorists? Then here’s a few of them.

Do I need to glue on a car sign

As we have said, there are many stories associated with the appearance of stickers “Baby in the car”. One of the most plausible is the version that the first stickers were used in the Western countries, so that in case of an accident the emergency services knew that the car has a child, and which side you want it to look. That is why many parents glue applique “Child in car” from that party in the rear window where the rear seat is the child seat. The stories, for the first time these stickers have been implemented in one U.S. state, which occurred a severe accident, which resulted in an unconscious state in the hospital was delivered by a woman. The car was badly damaged. In the result, the car was taken to the special Parking. But after a long time in a very mangled car was discovered the baby in a child seat, which the police found when got the driver. Unfortunately, the child is not saved.


We tested this version by asking the Network drivers that are stuck in your car like a sticker, what is the meaning they invest in the presence of such stickers on his car. In the end, 100 people, only one answered us, what does this precisely in order to in case of an accident rescuers knew that a child in the car. Others replied that use such labels only in order to warn other road users that in their car’s. But 100 people is certainly a small sample, and our mini-study, of course, does not allow to draw an unambiguous conclusion.


Do I need to glue on a car sign

In the end, we decided to explore various thematic forums and social media groups to find out what he thinks about these stickers a large number of people. In the end, surprisingly, the opinions of motorists are divided. So, someone sculpts on their cars the stickers on the side, where sits the child to drivers in the event of a collision know in what part of the car crash is undesirable. Although, of course, is nonsense. Don’t think for a millisecond before the collision the drivers will have time to think and to choose the best place to collision.


Do I need to glue on a car sign

There is also a much less plausible version of the origin of the sticker “Baby in car” associated with some another study by Western scientists who like every day to publish his work, practicing his bread. Thus, according to one study, researchers found that those who transports a child in a car, often driving distracted and less attentive on the road. In the end, the risk of accident among those who carries in car kids more. So many drivers supposedly glue stickers on his car, as if to warn other drivers about his lack of attention and the possible improper actions behind the wheel. But all this is nonsense. After all, we are not the enemies of our child and is unlikely to jeopardize the health and life of his beloved child while driving. So this version is not tenable. Although to some it may seem and sound. Especially those who are accustomed to obey the traffic Rules only when there is a risk to run fine.


But the most likely explanation for why on the road there are many cars with stickers “Baby in car” – is, of course, marketing those companies that are engaged in manufacturing and sales of baby car seats.

Do I need to glue on a car sign

This is the same as the frame under the license plate of the car that usually gives us the dealer in the showroom when we gets there car. Recall that usually at the dealership the framework of the present phone number and logo of the dealer, brand logo, car, dealer that sells, and the site address. Thus, giving you a free frame for the number of machines the dealer advertises an unlimited number of persons his company.


The same is true and stickers “Baby in the car”, which typically are in appendage to the car companies selling these products. Mostly these stickers are the address of the website of the companies involved in the sale of car seats, or logo of the manufacturer of the car seats. So, as you can see, a free sticker is the same marketing ploy as the brand dealer frame under the license plate.


There are, of course, and an unusual version of the popularity of stickers in the rear window, warning about the baby in the car. The most absurd is that having such a sticker, drivers want to tell everyone around that they have heirs and that they are not infertile.


By the way, you know, what’s the advantage of stickers “Baby in car” on the rear window? You are notified in advance that ahead of you is moving the car with the child inside and out at any time can fly toy, juice pack, cell phone and all that is under the child’s hand.

Do I need to glue on a car sign

And are you aware that the sticker in the car also attracts attention to your car from the traffic police who like to stop cars with children inside? Why? Yes to test, do you observe the rules of transportation of a minor in the car.

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