Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

The more often you change the oil, the more engine life – truth or myth?

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

Well, today we once again decided to touch upon a very slippery subject about which we can argue until blue in the face, foaming at the mouth to prove to each other the truth. Have you ever thought about why the car need to periodically change your engine oil? What happens if you don’t do it in a timely manner? And you thought that maybe the manufacturers are deceiving us, forcing us to change the oil very often? Maybe there’s no need? At first glance, this seems nonsense. But if you explore the Internet, you will be surprised that in the world there are many people who believe that mandatory oil change which is recommended for the automakers, is just another way to take money from car owners. So who is right? Whether you need to change the engine oil as often as possible, or you must not listen to car manufacturers and to be content with only the occasional fluid replacement? To understand this, we first need to listen to the opinions of all opponents.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

It would seem that the fact that any internal combustion engine needs to be fresh and high-quality lubrication is undeniable. In addition most people believe that the engine not only depends on the frequency of oil changes, but, of course, on its quality. Probably, all we heard from the mechanics, other drivers and a masters in technical centers that in any car you want to use only expensive grades of motor oil. And, it would seem that this truth no one can questioned. It is like that today vehemently to prove that the earth is flat and that it is the center of the Universe, which revolves around our planet. Or to assert that alchemy exists, and any substance can be easily turned into gold. Why, then, the Internet has long been massively discussed conspiracy theory of automotive companies that claim to specifically force us to change the engine oil in cars as often as possible and impose only an expensive grade of oil?


Well, first, there’s really nothing supernatural about it, of course not. After all we are humans and we make mistakes. Especially in a crowd where our minds are driven by the psychology of the masses. You today is not surprising that a large number of people in the middle Ages, believed in sorcerers, fortune-tellers, magicians, psychics and others with supernatural powers. Strange as it seems, but in recent years, the Network appeared even a whole community of people who believe that our Earth is flat. This is the 21st century, when physicists came close to unraveling the origin of the Universe, and learned to understand how quantum mechanics works. But the fact remains: for many people, belief in miracles is more than scientifically proven facts.

So do not be surprised that in the world many people really think that the manufacturers conspired to deceive us about the planned replacement of the engine oil.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

You know that the various conspiracy theories now popular all over the world. What you just will not find. Then you and the version that the world is governed by Putin and all the presidents of the world under his leadership. And what on Earth has long been the aliens came, which hides the government, and that the Americans did not fly to the moon, etc. In General, choose for every taste.


But what motivates people who, together, trying to prove to motorists that frequent replacement of the oil in your car – is complete nonsense and a conspiracy of car companies and manufacturers of lubricating fluids for the automotive industry?

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

Now tell. So, after the statement recently retired Director of the Dutch oil company, many conspiracy theorists automakers with new force began vehemently to prove that you can frequently change the oil in the engine is not necessary.

Former Director of the oil company stated that he was aware of the results of long studies conducted by the oil company, where he previously worked, the results of which it was found that frequent replacement of lubricants affects not only the engines but also the environment.


If something like that said by someone else, then probably no one would pay attention. But did the man who for a long time headed a branch of the huge oil of the Dutch company.

After this application, the network appeared the other allegations of famous people related to science and the automotive industry, which confirmed the words of the former Director of the oil company. What is it? It is really frequent replacement of the oil reduces the service life of internal combustion engines? How can this be? Because we have always argued that the engine oil over time loses its properties and is no longer effectively protect the internal components of the engine that have to each other the friction. Moreover it is known that oil, in addition to that has the function of lubrication, cools the hot engine. Accordingly, with increasing mileage after changing the oil it loses its properties, and then ceases to effectively cool the motor.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

A clear result of ignoring the replacement of the engine oil. It has turned into tar…

What we usually say the manufacturers in their manuals and service books for vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines, as well as employees of service stations, the master of technical centers and official dealers of automotive brands? For example, the automakers themselves believe that the optimum motor protection can be ensured only properly selected and regularly replaced engine oil. It’s the simplest thing that can make any car owner to maintain the unit to your car as long as possible. In addition, this opinion is shared by many industry experts, researchers (however, who work in the industry, receiving considerable funding for scientific activities) and mechanic.


By the way, we have studied not only the Russian Internet in search of discussions about this conspiracy of the automobile and oil companies. We thought that we will not find such topics in the foreign Network. But what was our surprise, when almost all EU countries and even in the US, we found hundreds of thousands of reviews and forums where people really believe in the fact that frequent replacement of engine oil inevitably leads to its premature wear.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

For example, here’s the real theme, which was recently established in the West forum. Here he wrote the motorist, who probably did not know that his question on one of popular forums in Poland would cause such a lively debate worldwide:


“I recently read in foreign forums, that the recommendation of the manufacturers to change the engine oil in internal combustion engines is a conspiracy against all the owners on a global scale. It turns out that in a world of many motorists who believe that motor oil in the engine is possible as long as possible not to change or not to change ever. In many international forums a huge number of people say that if you do not regularly change the oil, nothing will happen. What do you think?”


And so began the topic, which has grown so much that the discussion found in many other countries. You have no idea what is happening on the branch of this topic. The conspiracy theorists automakers and their opponents are fighting there every day as players on a Rugby field, trying to prove to each other their truth.

Incidentally, such a lot of heated debates in the Russian-speaking Internet.

The arguments of the former Director of the oil company even more fueled interest in this at first sight strange topic. In the end, the Network is growing like an avalanche, a wave of new users of various social networks and forums that join the hot discussion on this topic.

Most interesting is that the conspiracy theorists were divided into two camps. Some believe that, following the conclusions of the Dutch and those who supported him, every oil change in fact, every time reduces the maximum possible resource of the motor. Supposedly this is partially confirmed by the fact that many cars after changing the oil the first time you lose power. This is especially felt in a small volume of the motors during acceleration. Most interesting is that all the essential characteristics of dynamic performance and power usually come back a few weeks after replacing engine oil.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

That’s what happens when you pour poor-quality engine oil. It breaks up into fractions.

The second group of supporters claims that they really tried not to change the engine oil, and despite large runs, their cars are still working properly, and the engine is not out of order. Here is an example of such a message on one of the forums:


– I personally have experienced that the replacement of the engine oil does not need or no need for frequent replacement. For example, I haven’t changed the oil in his car for 3 years. During this time I drove about 45 thousand miles. Surprisingly, nothing happened. Moreover, in spite of the mileage of the car without changing the oil, there are no signs of signs of wear and tear of the engine. Even the compression in the motor is not changed.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

But what will happen to the rubber gasket of the engine block without oil (if its sooo long to change it) – it will be “wooden”

Read more: Here’s what happens in the engine, if not in time to change the oil

– I have a Opel Corsa 1998, which is a 1.0-litre petrol motor. After the end of the factory warranty in 2001 I stopped to change the oil in the engine. Yes, as you can see, runs in my car is small. Since then I have covered only 80,000 km. But the most interesting that without replacing the oil in the motor my car is still serviceable and the engine is in good condition. The only thing I regularly change every 7000-10000 km (when) is oil filter, which actually performs an important role in the vehicle, cleaning engine oil from a variety of metallic impurities and microscopic dust. Also every 2 years I poured into the engine 200 grams of new oil, maintaining the correct oil level. I think that Germany has invented for the world macrofiltration machine, with which all the car companies are earning billions of extra dollars.

If photo evidence is not enough – watch this video

– 70 000 km in 7 years and only one oil change and one replacement filter. Opel Astra F (diesel, gasoline). A quiet ride. The engine is in order. Machine has already started to rot. In the floor hole. But the engine ideally.


– I have no oil change for 7 years has passed 80 000 km Opel Astra F 1995. The engine of 1.4-liters. For this run I flushed the engine 3 liters of oil.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

This engine has great mileage without an oil change. Significant instance!

– I own Opel Corsa D (petrol engine and 1.4). Mileage today is 310 000 km. I have not changed the oil in the engine for 4 years. During this time there were several dolivaw oil (100-200 grams). Annual mileage of 60 000 km when I started my experiment was waiting for come out of the engine. BUT THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!


Toyota Avensis saloon 1.6 petrol, 1999. This car I bought new in the showroom. Today the mileage is 210 000 km. Oil changed last time at 140 thousand (140 000 km). The oil filter is changed at the same time. I am a mechanic and was confident in front of his experiment that no oil change the engine in my Toyota fails after a maximum of 30 000 km. But this has not happened so far. I don’t understand why. Continue your experiment.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

The user “Prince” on one of the forums, the Network has published an extensive entry on the topic of conspiracy theories and decided to return to earth for those who believe that changing motor oil is a special invention of brands:


Hi, professionals, especially those who call here on the forum itself, mechanic, car mechanic, car care professional, mechanic, etc., etc. What are you arguing here? I hope this is a joke, not a serious discussion on the topic of witches, fortune tellers and mediums?
Did you know that there are different types of motor oils that are so diametrically different that it is impossible all the cars and engine oil to bring under a common denominator? As many of you probably know that there are mineral oils and synthetic polysynthetic. These oils are completely different in their chemical properties. Moreover, these liquids have different category.
And their differences, by the way, do not depend on the physical properties (which are actually similar). But on a chemical level, the difference between mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils is extremely high. If you do not go into a detailed explanation of difficult and obscure many of the chemical formula, then synthetic oil is much better.
Mineral oil and polysynthetic simply obsolete relatively quickly compared with synthetics. Routine replacement of engine oils that recommend manufacturers usually refer to these two types of oils. Mineral water and polysynthetic contain in its composition of natural ingredients, which over time (or with increasing mileage) degraded.
With regards to synthetic oils, here from the manufacturers and there are probably some cheating. Synthetics really can change the engine less compared to mineral or semi-synthetic oils. Synthetic oil in most of modern cars do not need to change in time (for example, every year if the car is not passing every year 10,000 to 15,000 km), as is vehemently suggest automakers, auto mechanics (especially in the technical centers of. dealers). But if your machine is flooded with mineral or semi-synthetic oil, of course, you can’t avoid oil changes on time.
Also no need to change synthetic oil every 3 000-5 000 km’s money. Also, there is no reason to change synthetic before every change of seasons (winter, spring). It’s a waste of money, like how we overpay for studded tires, despite the fact that many of us don’t travel outside major cities, in which the studding is simply not needed.
More important is the replacement of the oil filter. And the more you buy the filter from a trusted seller, the better. Of course, it is best if you use original oil filters. You want the oil change did not reduce the life of the engine, then always when changing the oil change the oil filter.


Of course, the author of this message not one in the camp of the opponents of those who until you’re blue ready to prove that the replacement of the engine oil is not needed.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

Like lungs from Smoking. Everything shines and sparkles. Oil changes were made regularly.

That’s the message those who are willing to go to the bones, but to prove that failure to change oil kills engines.


– Previously, I liked the conspiracy theory of the automakers, and I really believed that without changing the engine oil, will not cause him harm. But recently I spoke with the owners of one popular club, which includes famous personalities of the world (including mechanics, engineers, designers and even scientists) and they convinced me that belief in conspiracy theories equivalent to faith in a flat earth.
When a club I have openly stated that the replacement of engine oil – this is nonsense and a conspiracy of the automakers, I have to laugh. In the end I got a tip: try it in your Mercedes to change the oil, and then call the members of the club at a later time to show the result of this experiment together to have fun. On the question of what I expect from this experiment, all members of the club that day unanimously said, get ready for a major engine repair or even buying a new one.


– I change the oil every 15 thousand. Yes, I programmed in the brain of your car (computer) oil change every 15,000 km And I was able to configured to count mileage from replacement before replacement started later, 500 km after replacement.

As a result, when the approach after the oil change to 15,000 km in advance the computer starts to warn me about maintenance. Why I don’t want to risk it and change the oil less often? The thing is that my car is equipped with a turbine and I don’t want bad oil caused the failure of the turbocharger. You think it’s a pity money for a regular oil change? Why are you delusional conspiracy theories? Want to save money and less often to change oil or no to update? Believe me, the avaricious pays twice. Will save you will pay in the end very expensive.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

Every year I drive 60 000 km and Now I own the Peugeot 508. I change the oil 4 times. Approximately every 15 000 km, I was surprised by combinators, which we are trying to prove that black is white. Or do you want us all to believe in your anti-scientific nonsense and for example checked, what causes the refusal to change the engine oil?
You really feel sorry for the money to change the engine oil? You can’t afford frequent oil changes? You that, with the mileage 20 000 km (most annual mileage) per year regular oil change burdensome? If so, then tomorrow sell the car and just take public transport times are not able to contain my car.
Now, it is not surprising that many people today are shouting that the current cars have become worse and nekachestvennaya compared to the old. Yes, with this approach, you will kill even the most reliable and quality car.

– The oil must be changed regularly because it loses its properties after a while or after a certain mileage of the car. Only scheduled oil change in new leads cleaned all the oil channels in the engine. If you will not be time to change the oil, due to the loss of properties of the lubricant and her natural contamination a clogged oil channels. In the end, inside the engine components will experience a lack of lubrication (oil starvation), and those parts that do not receive sufficient lubrication will start to wear faster. The same applies to the use of cheap substandard or fake oil. I have had the experience of using this oil, this has led to the formation of engine sludge in the form of a black sticky oily dirt, which scored the galleries. As a result, the oil inside the engine moved barely.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

Undoubtedly, it’s hard for us to resolve this dispute between the two camps. The fact that everyone has their own truth. Because the truth there are also those who argue that the oil doesn’t need changing. At least, talking about those who just advises not to change the oil as often as recommended to the employees of service stations and manufacturers.

How do you think who is most right in this hot debate? Do you think that in the auto world all the auto makers conspired to all cars to reduce engine life, and in order to earn together with the oil companies on the sale of oil? Or for you it’s exactly the same nonsense as the claim that the time machine already exists, but is hidden by the government? So, which side of the fence you are on? Share with us in comments.

Do I need to change the engine oil – conspiracy theory or truth?

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