Here is how different size wheels affect the car’s performance

As different size wheels and tires affect the ride, handling and power of your machine.

Here is how different size wheels affect the car's performance

Imagine that you choose in the showroom as additional options of wheels for your new car. And so you have the opportunity to choose 17-inch, 18-inch and 19-inch wheels. What do you choose?

Not in a hurry. This is a very important decision as the size of the wheels will directly affect not only performance, but comfort and noise levels in the car.

Here is how different size wheels affect the car's performance

Unfortunately, when we choose what car to buy as a rule we can’t test drive cars with different wheel diameter. That is, before buying, we cannot assess what kind of wheels the car will behave better on the road.

To each of us to understand how different size wheels affect the handling, comfort, economy, ride etc. the authors British site Tire Review conducted an interesting test of wheels with different diameters.

To do this, they took a Volkswagen Golf GTI and tested it on wheels of different diameter. Test passed on the test track of the Goodyear company in the South of France.

In order to compare the wheels were fair, the experts used the rubber “Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3” in three diameters for the 17-inch, 18-inch and 19-inch wheel disks.

Then the car on each wheel passed six different tests on a test track.

Detailed test results you can view on their website here.

Below you can view a video with details unusual test of different size of wheels installed on one car.

It is worth noting that results of testing both wet and dry tarmac, the car showed excellent results on all sizes of wheels. According to experts, all three types of wheels have shown excellent results in the test for aquaplaning, in the test of braking on different types of asphalt, etc.

In the end, the experts found that the difference in the use of different diameters of the wheels are visible only in such subtle aspects as the handling and power. But notice it is only a professional.

Which wheels are better: Big or small?

Here is how different size wheels affect the car's performance

So. What then is the wheel to choose: more or less?

Judging by the test, it all depends on what you want. For example, the conditions in which you ride. If you live in an area where it rains frequently, as experts recommend, it is better to take 17-inch wheels, which during testing on the Volkswagen Golf GTI revealed on wet pavement more predictable handling.

Also small wheels, as shown by tests, offer the best comfort during movement, since the height of the tires is complementary to the work of the suspension. However, as experts noted an increase in softness of the suspension a little less stability at speed.

On the contrary, the 19-inch wheels and 19-inch rubber did the suspension of the car compared to the 17 inch wheels stiffer, with the result that there is a significant decrease of comfort behind the wheel.

With regards to noise, the winners of the 18-inch wheels, which was during testing the quiet ones.

Here is how different size wheels affect the car's performance

In the end, after testing all sizes of wheels, the experts came to the consensus that an ideal purchase will be the 18-inch rims that have advantages over 17-and 19-inch.

The fact that the 18-inch wheels and tires offer the best compromise between ride, handling and noise.

But as they say tastes differ. Everyone will naturally choose the wheels according to your taste, depending on the management style and operating conditions of the machine.

Of course if you prefer a sporty riding style and most important for you is the handling, it is certainly better to use the 19-inch wheels. If for you the main thing is the soft suspension, respectively, and maximum comfort during the trip behind the wheel of a car, it is better then buy the 17-inch wheels.

But if you are satisfied with the Golden mean, then go ahead and purchase 18 inch rims and tires.