Confession of a hijacker: everything you don’t know about thieves and burglaries of cars

Interview with hijacker with experience.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars  

Man is not what made him the time, and that I do it myself.

Andrei Voznesensky


Gain people knowledge and their strength is not enough to revolutions and incorporated into the circle of his personality, so they stick out like packing straw from the container, and the most things then and there.

Mikhail Prishvin, “the Eye of the earth”

Who is that person? Who is he? Rich top Manager of a large company? Banker? Suit, Brioni, classic shoes Blancioni, expensive tie, cufflinks and original iPhone. You will not believe, but we are not a successful businessman, a successful Manager, not an actor and not an athlete. Who is he? Unfortunately, as always happens, appearance often plays with us a cruel joke.

This is a real car thief. However, the former. But the significance of our conversation it does not change. Especially today our interlocutor – consultant in well-known company, which is engaged in the installation of expensive complexes protection for luxury cars. So don’t complain that in this interview, you will not find neither his name, nor, of course, names. But believe me, that our conversation does not become boring.


Portrait of a modern hijacker

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars 

The first question we asked our interviewee, referred to present-day criminals who currently ply thefts and stealings of cars. Well, couldn’t we skip this topic, despite the fact that the former thief is done with their business already 5 years, after came the 5th time from places not so remote.

I hope our conversation will be interesting and ordinary motorists who may learn many new things and learn for themselves something in order to reduce the risk of theft of your car. So went?


– Who is stealing cars in Russia?


– Just want to note that I personally have done. So in a country exactly minus one hijacker. With regards to the portrait of today’s hunters for the iron, then, as before, the hijackers separated the Amateurs stealing older cars without alarms or easily compromised by the secret police, and professionals, some of which spetsializiruyutsya on cheap cars, while others only work on expensive cars.

There is, of course, and the occasional theft, committed by drunken ex-cons or drug addicts, who love to open the car with to profit a stereo, a phone charger, or, if lucky, by phone. According to statistics, during such theft those bullies decide to steal a car, they don’t need.


With regards to professionals, they tend to use expensive electronic equipment and expensive tool to hack. Of course, in this case from person, steal a car protected, requires not only nerves of steel but, of course, knowledge of electronics and mechanics of locks.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars 

Such persons not exchanged for trifles, or stealing expensive cars to order (advance orders the buyer), or steal cars for parts. You understand that the more expensive the car, the more you can gain from it, giving the car apart. If you take a whole, indiscriminately, of course, the price tag will be lower.

If to disassemble the car and sell it yourself on Craigslist, it will be almost 2-3 times more expensive. But this time. Typically, those who is engaged in professional thefts, time is strictly regulated. All put on stream. So in most cases, stolen cars are either immediately transmitted to the customer for the N-th sum, or sold off for parts to outbid at wholesale price tags.


– And who steal cheap cars?


As I said, there are those people who prefer to steal only low-cost cars. But they cannot be called by non-professionals. After all, today almost every even inexpensive cars have rather complex security systems, to circumvent that without special equipment is very difficult. So in any case, those who steal cheap cars, and still be considered professionals as they use equipment, special tools, work which can learn not every.

Personally, the last time I was in jail for stealing cars Toyota Camry and Honda accord, which we usually drove around shopping centers and Parking lots near suburban beaches. Mostly stealing cars for parts to outbid.

Drove a car with “rod” (approx. author: equipment that relays the signal of the contactless key FOB to the receiver hijacker) that is ideal for car theft with a system of contactless access to the salon.


– Tell me how you searched for the cars, and tell our readers how to avoid becoming a victim of car thieves.


– Hmm. In our conversation I, of course, will not be able to tell you all about my ways of finding cars for theft, as well as how to protect car from theft. It is known that 100 percent protection against theft does not exist. For example, if the machine will do the ordering, it is unlikely that it will save the new-fangled satellite alarm systems, paid Parking and security door of the garage.


As I said, personally, I and my “colleagues” were looking for a Japanese car with a Keyless access system that allows owners to remove the car from protection without using a key. Usually this system works with proximity key like a normal key chain, which transmits in broadcast a weak radio signal.

If you are from the car not close up, security complex machine can’t catch the radio signal of the key. In the end, the machine remains closed (under protection). When you get closer, the alarm will catch the signal and automatically remove the car from protection. When you again get out of the car and you leave it, the car will automatically fall under protection.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars 

We used special radio equipment, which is bought through the Internet in China. This equipment consists of two powerful scanner with the combined amplifiers of the radio signal. The meaning of the theft by this simple equipment. Need to find a car with a contactless access system (usually in such machines there is no ignition and the engine starts with the button) and its owner with the key issuing broadcast a weak radio signal.

Further, using a repeater, this signal is transmitted to the other radio which should be located near the victim’s car. In the end, the car alarm can recognize the native signal of the key and automatically opens the door. All access to the machine is opened. Moreover, it is possible to get. However, in this case, you cannot turn off the engine. Otherwise all have to start over. Of course, once you have left in a stolen car, you will not be able to repeat the process relay.


As I said, we often hunted in the suburban beaches where unsuspecting owners of Japanese cars sunbathed and swam. We arranged the whole concerts to get closer to the owners of the machines and to remove the signal from their key. We have it pretty well. But you know that how much string to be twisted, the end is sooner or later always will be.

So we have in one day all over. We took the act directly to the garage sump, where stood another 4 cars. I will not go into detail as we figured out, but I will say that any thief will sooner or later career ends this way. And when I was doing it, I’m well aware.


– How much time is stolen?


– Depends on security system car. If it is standard signaling, typically using code-grabber (equipment, intercepting a radio signal remote control, removing the car from protection) and a ratchet, twist the ignition switch, the theft lasts no more than 5-10 minutes.

If hacking is used for a repeater, the theft usually takes less than 1 minute.

However, if the car are worth the extra system protection (second alarm, mechanical protection, concealed buttons, etc.), while theft can increase substantially, up to several hours. It is certainly dangerous to thieves. But if the machine is too expensive, then the risk is justified by the future profit. A professional thief will never contact the vehicle, the time of the theft exceeds predetermined limits. In this case, he will prefer to choose an easy to hack a car than to fool and to take risks with a complex machine.


Is it possible to steal a car without the equipment and tools?


Unfortunately for car owners, it is possible. You, for example, when you go to the supermarket or go shopping in the Mall, pay attention to the people around? Most likely, you do not know that near you can be a pickpocket, who came to collect the keys to your car. Favorite places of pickpockets is cafes, restaurants and cinemas, where it is easy to quietly steal your car keys.

Further, as you know, to steal your car. The worst thing is that when you after watching films or eating out of the Mall, then first you even in a head will not come that you are left without a car. Most owners at this moment start to think that they just forgot where I’ve put the car. As a result, many waste time looking for a car in the Parking lot.

And only later, maybe 30 minutes and even an hour motorist begins to realize that his car was stolen. Can you imagine how much time will pass from the time of theft until the police declare the city the plan “Interception”? During this time a stolen car drive up to the canadian border or to the Chechen mountains.


– How many of the hijackers worked with you?


– Our team had 4 people. I have one and my partner was responsible for the electronic part of the deportation. One person hacked, if necessary, mechanical protection (locks foot locks on the box, locks on the steering column, etc.). The fourth was waiting in the wings, and also was engaged in sale of stolen cars. Also sometimes he finds the orders for a particular car (make, model, color, year, desired, equipment, mileage, etc.).


– Do car thieves steal older cars?


– When many think of car thieves, hijackers tend to think of movies or various TV shows. Usually in such films, we show how the hijackers engaged in thefts of expensive luxury supercars. In real life, most of the hijackers spetsializiruyutsya on stealings of cars that are not only easy to steal and easy to sell either in whole or for parts. And what will be easier and cheaper the car, the better.

Usually the money for the theft can earn a quick only for those vehicles which are popular in our country market. And the more such cars in Russia, so that means more demand for used parts. Usually new parts at inexpensive foreign cars are very expensive. Especially if we are talking about Japanese cars.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars 

By the way, there is an opinion that old cars are not stolen. But it’s not. More like stealing. After all, the older the car, the easier it is to steal. For example, a 20-year-old car to steal a thousand times easier than a cheap Solaris 2018. Because new cars are more reliable regular alarm system, than older machines, where theft is almost no need to use electronic equipment.

By the way, the complication of security systems in cars started somewhere in 2000. It was from that time gradually complex security systems in cars began to appear on cheap cars economy class.


So if your car was produced before 2000, don’t think nobody wants it. There are whole teams in Russia, which spetsializiruyutsya hijackings only old cars. And the worst thing that such thefts put on stream. After all, times are to steal the car simple, for one night only, these hijackers can steal several cars. Yes, the price tag on spare parts for such an old car industry will be minimal. But due to the number of hijackings over the last month thieves out big jackpot that will allow them to go on expensive world resorts and some sandwiches with black caviar.


– Are there any areas or neighborhoods in cities where car thieves prefer to steal a car?


– There is a common myth that in every city there are safer areas, where there is practically no crime. And so it is. But this tale is not about the hijackers. Especially if the thefts are committed using the equipment in the range of 1-2 minutes. In this case, the car can be stolen directly from the Central square near Gum. By the way, in safe areas, where no crimes occur, to steal even safer because of the vigilance of citizens there reduced. This means that the risk of getting caught red-handed during a theft will be lower.


– What, in your opinion, provoked the hijackers?


– Often in car theft to blame the owners, causing criminals to hijack. For example, very often the theft occurs at gas stations during refueling of the vehicle, when many drivers leave ignition keys in the car. Often such thefts occur at private pay Parking lots, where drivers leave the car to pay for Parking, leaving the keys in the ignition. Agree before such a temptation professional hijacker is unlikely to stand. There is nothing easier, than to jump into the driver’s seat, push the gas pedal to the floor and wave to the owner of the car handle.


– Where most often there are car theft?

– Public spaces like a gold mine to thieves and criminals of all stripes. Who is just not grazing. Professionals, Amateurs, and those engaged in regular theft of things from cars, stupidly breaking glass. There are, of course, and avtopodstavy and bag Snatchers. It to you on television saying that crime in Russia is reduced.

In fact, we all know that in crisis years the number of crimes is increasing. Just recently on TV don’t like to advertise the rampant crime. Of course, in the years of crisis and the growing number of hijackings. Where you can quickly find yourself the victim? Of course, any shopping center or any public Parking.

Even better, if the car is in the garage where there is usually no extra eyes and much less risk of being detected.


– What about security?


– Yes, there is some protection! Two pensioners who sleep tight babies. Especially after drinking a bottle of vodka. Yes, even at the Mall security is one name. After all, any shopping center is not responsible for your property on the Parking lot. Even on a paid Parking lot near the shopping center if your car is stolen, the administration will not under law be held accountable. So when you put your car in the public Parking (even paid) to your machine has no business to anyone except the hijackers.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars


– What places on the public Parking lots of most stolen cars?


– As a rule, most thieves prefer to pick the car away from the main entrances in the Mall or from the entrance to dwelling house/office building. The farther the car is from Central places, the better. Therefore, I advise all motorists not to try to put the car far away from entrances to the buildings somewhere on the edge of the Parking lot, as like many, believing that in such places it is less likely that someone will damage the car. That may be so, but it is in these places your car can steal. If next to the shopping center, any structure have a camcorder, try to Park the car in their field of vision. In this case, the likelihood that thieves covet in the Parking lot to your car is minimal.


– Where else most stolen cars?


– Of course, in the yards of residential areas. The main thing – to choose the perfect for stealing the place where the vehicle is less visible from the Windows, and not come to the attention of a passing crew PPS. It is desirable that the car was in a dark place. So we advise you to Park the car directly under the lampposts. However, our team when engaged in hijackings, the lights were off in a jiffy, fortunately, on the streets of many cities is still a lot of old posts with access to the wires at the bottom of the post. Today it’s become more often come across posts with no access to the wires at the bottom. And then to cut down the lantern in the courtyard was easy.


– Have you ever been stopped in a stolen car?


Have any hijacker with experience there are many interesting and exciting stories as they were stopped by the police, and then released. In many ways, of course, is the merit of the hijackers that if they have a way with words and arrogance are rife, though they speak of the shift supervisor, the traffic police.

We have had many cases where we were stopped by traffic police. But we often just otbelivanie. Once instead, the documents showed the purse. However, that was back in the late 90’s. In those years, for $ 100 you could not only just let go in a stolen car, but also to accompany to any place in the area.


– So is it possible on 100% to protect your car from theft?


– As I said, if you want to steal your car (for example, it received an order), then do it by any means. Stealing, even if you hide the car in the garage in superchristena. Yes, even a whole company of soldiers will guard your car. The hijackers to carry out the order, still figure out how to steal your car. How? Yes, in a pinch throw you out of the car at traffic lights or at the gas station. Even worse when in order to get the keys to your car, break into your home. Yes, it will be a robbery or robbery and not theft. But the car was gone. The goal is achieved. The order is executed.

Overall, I would like to advise all motorists not to rely on its own staff to the factory alarm. Even in expensive cars such factory security systems are hacked is very simple. Equipment for such break-ins alarm systems today are a dime a dozen online. And in recent years has fallen substantially. Alas, gone are the days when hardware hacking for several models of cars could cost 50 000-100 000 dollars. Today many things can be bought for 100-150 thousand rubles. This, of course, be some Chinese junk. But it will work. Yeah, for a while, but a few hijackings enough. Naturally, it quickly repulsed.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars 

Also don’t count on the vaunted satellite alarm. It will deter or help police find only Amateurs. If the car GPS tracker will take a Pro, it is unlikely that you will ever see your car. Today there are many cheap devices that are easily jammed signal GPS/GLONASS, and even cell phones. So the option to hide the cell phone or transmitter with SIM card is also not a panacea against theft. Most importantly – remember that it all depends on who is going to steal your car. If professionals, they drown out everything.


Therefore, I advise you immediately after purchasing the vehicle, install additional security systems that will include not only additional electronic unit, but also a number of mechanical equipment.

In order to reduce the risk of car theft, you just need to increase the potential time theft. And the longer it takes, the less chance that your car decide to contact the hijackers.

Again, I’m talking about professionals, who often refuse to steal a car difficult. You will see how many of today’s vehicles is at night around houses or day trading. Today to find more simple for stealing a car has become much easier. So for the pros, no problem to cast complex and car in the same day or night find another one and steal it.


– Is it possible to reduce the number of car thefts, if the producers complicate regular car alarm?


– Theoretically, of course, possible. But at the expense of Amateurs, which is all the more difficult to steal even the cheapest cars, because it needs not only expensive equipment but also knowledge of electrical, electronics and much more. Yes, the modern security systems are becoming more complex, and this indirectly affects the situation with stealings. But not by much. Amateurs go from this area. But it becomes more professional. Accordingly, the statistics of stealings is not particularly affected. You look at the statistics of car thefts. There are, of course, reduce theft, but it is miserable.


Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars

But do not count on the automakers to think that soon they will create staff of the signaling that will be impossible to get around. Believe me, they do not need. There is actually a conspiracy theory which alleges that the manufacturers are interested in permanent car theft. Especially expensive and exclusive that cost fortunes. After all, the more cars will be stolen, the greater will be again bought new cars.


You see what happens with the Keyless entry system. Experts and electronics for several years, beat all the bells, not just proving how seriously vulnerable almost all of today’s modern Keyless entry systems. In fact, this system made it easier for car thieves the theft. Because now you don’t even need to break the ignition, turning its knob or picking up the lock picks.

Now don’t even need to be connected to a stolen car your engine control unit with integrated immobilizer and make the car of the victim. Today, it is sufficient to retransmit the signal of a key that, for example, lies in your bag or in the hallway of the house, and open the car with a different radio. To start the engine will the child. After all, it is in the car with Keyless entry you just need to press the start/stop button.

Confession of a hijacker: everything you don't know about thieves and burglaries of cars 

The worst thing is that this method of deportation (so-called theft by equipment type “rod”) has become possible due to the fact that all the automakers did not foresee a dynamic change of an electronic signal that continuously emits the radio proximity key FOB. Because first, you need to make the key started to give a signal on the air only when the owner of the car with the RFID tag approaches the car. In this case, away theft through the repeater would become impossible.

Of course, there are other ways to improve the burglar of the car with a contactless access systems. But, alas, things are there. The car manufacturers have not yet proposed to miss some important changes. This indirectly indicates that someone has no desire to change anything. All are satisfied. The thieves steal, the car manufacturers produce new cars, the dealers sell them. Everyone is happy. All with profit. Also do not remain vnaklade and manufacturers of security systems. The more thefts, the greater the demand for non-standard security system.


In General, the problem of theft is probably not to solve. There are actually thousands of ways to steal a car from theft by a tow truck and ending with the help of workers of car washes, car dealerships, service stations, etc.


– What are you doing now?


– After a fifth consecutive journey through the vast expanses of our country, where scattered penal colony, many of which were built during Stalin’s time, I decided to stop. Made my “colleagues”. In the end, each of us scattered in all directions. Someone got to the car wash, someone by the seller in the shop. I and my other colleague joined the company, which is engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing their own security autocomplexes.


And, by the way, my knowledge and experience is very useful. Especially the division of engineers and technologists in the development of security systems take into account all our professional secrets in this dangerous craft.

The only disadvantage is that together with the technology in the auto world are growing and the skills of the hijackers, who won’t sit idly by and improve their methods of theft. And since I’m already out of this business, then, of course, cannot know that, for example, just the other day some genius engineer figured out how to bypass the laser key Mercedes.


– And how to steal a Mercedes with complex keys?


– I propose to call it a night. First, I’m more thefts are not engaged. And secondly, I already said that you will not tell anyone.

The main advice for those who are afraid of how the end of the world that his car gets stolen, is not having a car at all. If you panic and think that you are constantly being watched to steal your beauty, then better buy insurance. Believe me, you will feel much better than even if you install on the machine three alarm some mechanical protection, concealed buttons and tags, satellite and cellular beacons.