Comparison of old and new cars: what you prefer?

That looked like your favorite cars when they first appeared on the market, compared to new models.

Comparison of old and new cars: what you prefer?  

Each of us has a view of the world, which is unique. Cars like the taste of food, all of us totally different. Each of us has personal views on a particular car. And, as they say, arguing about taste is a thankless job. Yes, we are not going to. We have prepared for you today a comparison of popular cars in the world, placing side by side old of the first generation of the famous machines with new, more modern.

For comparison we offer you an interesting way of visual inspection. Pleasant viewing. Thanks to our collection you will see how evolved the world-famous cars. For some machines this evolution turned into a revolution.

So there you go!


1) Ford Mustang 1964 against the current model

In 1964 Ford introduced the Mustang sports car. Along with the premiere American sports car brand, in fact, introduced a new class of inexpensive cars with a sporty appearance. Since then it’s been more than 50 years. Today offers amazing Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, which, despite modern technology, retains the same unique sports classic spirit of the first generations of sports cars.


2) Jeep 1941 against modern SUV


Original Jeep started in 1941 and was used by the us military during the Second world war. It’s hard to tell where it really came from the word “jeep”. But, according to legend, this word has a military origin, meaning assault.

According to others, there is a theory that the name of the first American SUV was taken to honor the comic book character “Popeye”, who was called “Eugene the Jeep”. Since then much water has flowed. But the Jeep is still able to perform not only everyday tasks, but also can conquer the off-road anywhere. Including on the battlefield.


3) Lada Niva 1977 vs Lada Niva urban 4×4


A modern Lada Niva, who was given a new name – “urban 4×4”, in fact, has not changed over the last 40 years. This car on the Russian market – a living classic, which survived even the Mercedes G-class discontinued in its first generation.

Recall that until 2006, VAZ-2121 sold under the brand name of Lada Niva. Then AVTOVAZ has decided to freshen up the appearance of domestic SUV and gave it a new name – Lada Niva urban 4×4. It’s too bad that this model has not happened for some serious evolution. But it does not mean that this machine is more unpopular in Russia. There is just all the contrary. Despite the old platform, this machine is still a success.


4) Chevrolet Corvette 1953 vs new model


The first Corvette was designed as a concept car and presented at the auto show in new York in 1953. But after getting a lot of attention and enthusiastic response, Chevrolet decided on the basis of the concept to create a serial version.



5) Ford F-Series in 1948 against the current model


Here’s another survivor on the market. This time before you the legendary SUV pickup Ford F-series, which first appeared on the market in 1948 and made a splash.


6) Volkswagen Beetle 1932 against a modern car


Volkswagen Beetle was created on the personal orders of Adolf Hitler. The car was marketed for the masses as a reliable, cheap, fuel-efficient vehicles. In the end this model for a short time became in Germany a real national. Then the popularity of the car spread to the whole world. Surprisingly, despite its obsolete forms, this machine is still produced in its new modern generation. By the way, the Beetle in translation from German means “people’s car”. This is a rare example of how the machine actually turned out to be prophetic.


7) Dodge Challenger 1969 vs today’s models


Dodge the “Silver Challenger” was technically the first car that wore the name in 1958, but only in 1969 Challenger, whom we know today descended from the conveyor.


8) Toyota Land Cruiser 1951 release vs Toyota Land Cruiser 200


The first Toyota Land Cruiser rolled off the Assembly line in 1951, becoming for a short time a bestseller on the market. And despite the fact that it’s been for over 65 years, this car still has a blockbuster worldwide. By the way, the Toyota Land Cruiser is produced longer than any other model Toyota.

Today Toyota Land Cruiser in the new generation received additional digital code “200”. By 2020, the Japanese company is preparing a whole new generation SUV, which likely will no longer legendary reliable atmospheric V8 engine. According to rumors, this engine needs to replace the turbo six.


9) Mercedes G-class 1979 Mercedes vs G-class of 2018


This SUV is rugged and patency produced since 1979. Today this SUV is available in its third generation. But in fact, and according to the specifications of the current car model is the second generation, whereas all previously released models are the usual restyling, the original vehicle of the sample in 1979. G-class – a real survivor on the market. For a long time, the Mercedes did not want to remove the first generation of production. And that’s only recently the engineers of the German brand really has updated the legendary “square”, adjusted release of the new platform.


10) Chevrolet Camaro 1967 vs new model


Chevy Camaro debuted for the first time in 1967 as a direct competitor to the Ford Mustang. It is noteworthy that when the Camaro was first shown to the public, reporters asked, what does the model name. In the end, a company representative replied that it was “a small vicious animal that eats Mustangs.” No, of course Ford Mustang since no one ate, and this American sports car feels on the world market very well and in our days. But we must admit that Chevrolet has turned out to impose the competition, which continues to this day.


11) Honda Civic 1972 versus today’s model


The first Honda Civic was introduced in 1972. Its capacity was only 50 HP In the us market this car cost on average $ 2,200. First time in her nobody paid attention, despite the relatively affordable price tag. But during the oil crisis of 1973, the Honda Civic has become a favorite among the American buyers due to its efficiency and the ratio quality/price. So this model began to conquer world markets. Today, this model, despite the huge competition in the automotive industry has not lost its popularity and still sells well worldwide.


12) Toyota Corolla 1966 vs Toyota Corolla 2018


This model is Toyota’s first appeared on the market back in 1966. But surprisingly, already by 1974, the car became the most sold in the world!!! The model was in the Guinness Book of records.

You will not believe, but towards the end of 2013, the world has sold over 40 000 000 of these cars.

Not falling popularity of the Corolla, and in our days. Today this car remains among the world’s leaders in sales, providing the Japanese company lion’s share of revenue and profit.


13) Toyota Camry 1982 Toyota Camry vs 2018


Another world’s best-selling Japanese automaker, which is also probably soon need to write to the Guinness Book of records. We are talking about a sedan of business class Toyota Camry, which is now produced in many countries around the world. Including the plant in St. Petersburg.

Initially the car was produced only for the domestic Japanese market called the Toyota Vista. Then to exit on the Western markets, Toyota has developed a new version, giving it the name Camry. Since then much water has flowed. During this time the Camry has not only become one of the most popular cars in the world, but has evolved beyond recognition.