Catch it! Giant coil slowly rolling down the highway in U.S.: video

Rasteryahi-workers lose a huge coil on the road in the United States: the Third time in two months

Catch it! Giant coil slowly rolling down the highway in U.S.: video

In the video, this thing looks even comical – a giant industrial spool slowly rolling down the highway, and behind it formed a cavalcade of vehicles whose drivers do not dare to circumvent unpredictable obstacles. But in reality, we would not want to be in the place of these people.

Giant industrial reel for transporting the fiber optic cable the other day fell from a truck and rolled down the highway. Oddly enough, this is the third time when the coils go free Hiking on the road.


The first incident with the coil in the city of Houston occurred in October. Then two coils simultaneously attacked the traffic again, it was already November. The third time the problem was noticed the day before. A special drama was added by the fact that the unmanaged shell swept in close proximity to the school bus, reports the Kansas City Star.


Video reel:

In two previous incidents, the police indicated that the truck drivers did not calculate the height of the cargo and overloaded vehicles. Both of the previous incident occurred in an attack on a railway bridge on I-10. The police indicated that the driver likely to be found guilty in the incident yesterday.


Fortunately, the incident no one was hurt, despite the fact that the coil touched several cars. Well, when you carry bulky goods, should be a little closer!