Cars that rust right in front

Cars more prone to rust

Cars that rust right in front

Not all car manufacturers care about proper corrosion protection, as a result, for many owners, even new cars rust can be a serious problem only a few years of vehicle operation. Don’t believe these cars have? In vain. And if with old cars, everything is clear and true, some new cars are surprised by its poor corrosion protection. You think that just rot faster than domestic cars? As it is not so. Believe me, rust does not spare even foreign cars are not cheap.

  • The problem with body corrosion is found even in modern cars after only a few years of operation
  • Some car models are more prone to corrosion than others
  • Auto mechanics and car owners know best what kind of cars are best avoided in order not to buy a car, are subject to rapid rusting


Corrosion of the car body affects not only its aesthetics but also for safety. Recently, a comparative crash tests of identical vehicles, in order to show how rusty old cars are more dangerous than the same car not rotten. The fact that rusty body parts significantly reduce the stiffness of the elements of the body that when the accident must absorb the energy generated during impact.

Besides the rust on the bodywork of any car greatly reduces its market value. That’s why before buying a used car it is necessary to conduct a careful inspection of all body parts (including be sure to check the sills, floor, arches and doors of the vehicle) to detect signs of corrosion or decoration, which is so like to do the sellers of cars before you put your car for sale.

Cars that rust right in front

Including, if you are going to buy a new car, you also need to know what cars not to buy, because their factory corrosion protection is poor. Yes, despite the fact that now in the 21st century, which can be called the century of incredible chemistry, on the market there are many modern cars are susceptible to accelerated corrosion.

So if you are planning to buy a new car in the long term, you should be sure to know what models of cars can rot before our eyes.


Our online edition has studied a number of different automotive forums, and conducted a survey of employees of service stations (plumbers and painters) to find out what new and used cars are most susceptible to the formation of rust on the bodywork, despite the presence of factory corrosion protection.

Most interesting is that even within the same brand of cars have a model that is less susceptible to the appearance for short term corrosion, and models, which can rot in just a few years, if not to take additional measures to protect the body from rust.

So here’s the cars that are more likely to rot in just a few years of operation. Please note that our list included as a modern new cars and old once popular machines that are now in demand in the market of used cars.

1. Mazda 6

Cars that rust right in front

You will not believe, but even the Japanese car brands sometimes make mistakes. So for a long time known problem with the first generations of the Mazda 6, which may rot before our eyes, if not to care for the body and no further corrosion protection.

Moreover, this problem has observed in more than one year. And despite the strength of the first generation Mazda 6 and a beautiful body design, good equipment, first-generation Japanese sedan is remembered a very unpleasant problem. The body of these machines very quickly begins to rot. Especially rot the surface of the doors, bonnet, wheel arches and underside. Even worse, if the Mazda 6 will get into an accident and pass body repair. In this case, no extra protection for the body against rust the car can rot in half in just a few years.

But the worst thing is that the first generation of Mazda 6 subject to rust even closed sections of the body.


In the second generation Mazda 6, the automaker has tried to eliminate corrosion problems (at least the Mazda so explicitly stated). But the reality remains the same. Therefore, the second generation of these cars (produced from 2007 to 2012) are also highly susceptible to decay.

With regards to the last generation Mazda 6, the automaker increased the corrosion protection of the bodywork of modern cars. But not 100%. There are reports online from car owners who complain that in the formation of even small chips on the back of this place there is a rust. Information about the occurrence of corrosion on undamaged parts of the body on the new Mazda 6 while in the Network.

2. Mercedes E-Class W210

Cars that rust right in front

Perhaps, in the history of this car all models of Mercedes are most susceptible to rust. Rust is not spared in this car, virtually nothing. First, the corrosion attack in the car wheelhouse, outboard hubs, chassis, trunk lid, hood and sills. Also spares rust and doors.

So today, to purchase a Mercedes E-Class W210 with no rust is almost impossible. And if you when inspecting a used E-class W210 in the back see the front of the car without a single point of rust, it is 100% before you restored the car. It is possible to restore only the appearance, concealing a large filler hole in the bodywork. As a result, we do not advise you to consider buying this car with it.

3. Opel Astra

Cars that rust right in front

When designing the second-generation Opel Astra, the car manufacturer for some reason forgot that the metal of the car subject to rust, and has not taken any ways to improve corrosion protection of the main elements of the body. In the end, “happy owners” of new cars after a few years of ownership felt by owners of old rotter. So, in the first years of owning a car began to marvel at corrosion rear wheel arches, doors. Over time, the rust began to appear on the trunk lid, the hood and the window frame.

Including subject to rapid corrosion of the wings of a body and welded seams.


The worst thing is that over time, surface rust begins to turn through corrosion. Do you think newer cars Opel Astra have better protection from rust? As it is not so. Surprisingly, the newer the model the more chance of rust on the body. Therefore, when buying a used Opel Astra, be extremely careful when inspecting the body.

4. Hyundai Creta

We have already written on the pages of our online edition of the new crossover Hyundai Creta, the owners of which are faced with an unexpected problem. In new cars in a short period of operation in some parts of the body begins to form rust. And this car cost more than 1 million rubles! Unfortunately, such cases have become widespread. But Hyundai is silent. Read more about problems with corrosion of the body of the Hyundai crossovers Creta can be read in our article “Top 5 most terrifying facts about Hyundai Creta”.


The worst that rot almost new cars. And rust begins to form is not on the bottom, and the body panels, weld beads and even the roof.

Although, recently, apparently, Hyundai has changed some of the processes at the car factory, where are produced these crossovers, and, most likely, a new batch of cars will not have such problems. But can you imagine what amount of susceptible to accelerated corrosion of the cars have hit the market of used cars? Yes, we are sure that such cars are still being sold in many car dealerships in the country with zero mileage.

5. UAZ Patriot

Cars that rust right in front

Perhaps, for owners of domestic cars is not a surprise accelerated corrosion of the body. From the very beginning of the development of the domestic automobile industry we all know how quickly rot can Russian cars. Although this problem is old, but most car companies don’t want to solve it, continuing to produce, frankly, junk. Is it not possible for the plant to adopt modern technological processes to improve the quality of corrosion protection of products? Hopefully, the company AVTOVAZ, manufacturing of new models of Lada, saved the owners of these vehicles need from time to time to cover their cars with anti-corrosion materials. Unfortunately, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant has not taken similar measures in relation to their most popular products. We are talking about the SUV UAZ Patriot, which, despite its biting price tags, are able to rot like potatoes in the store.

It is worth noting that the problem of corrosion protection of the body of the SUV has not been resolved to this day. Representatives of the automobile is only fed with promises. And this despite the fact that some copies of the Patriot are more than 1 million rubles. I want to ask the representatives of the plant UAZ, what they do, if still not solved the problem of corrosion of the body? Don’t they realise that this is not only robbery but also a matter of security? Also sometimes with the conveyor of the Ulyanovsk plant is going not your normal SUV Patriot. Here’s a typical example of the quality of domestic cars UAZ: the Article is “Should we be afraid of purchase of UAZ Patriot? An example of life”

6. Nissan Almera

Cars that rust right in front

Contrary to the view that the Japanese know how to make the best quality and reliable cars, it turns out, automakers from the land of the rising sun is also often guilty of, saving on the quality of corrosion protection. So, the first generation Nissan Almera (N 15) from the start had big problems with rust, which after a few years of operation of the vehicle could begin to hit all the doors, trunk lid, sills and bonnet. After the premiere in 2000 of the new model (second generation – # 16) all fans of Nissan expect from the automaker that the quality of Nissan Almera will be better. First and foremost, all hoped that the car body will be protected from rust.

However, the Japanese brand all disappointed. The second generation Nissan Almera was also rotten eyes.

Yes, the second generation may not rusted as the first model, but still the quality of corrosion protection left much to be desired.


You will not believe it, but the rear trunk lid could just rot in 2-3 years operation of the new car (for a hatchback).

The sedan is also the fastest rotting frame of the rear window. Including in the second generation quickly rot the beam located under the radiator. Also with the speed of light in Nissan Almera second generation rotting door.

7. Hyundai i30

Cars that rust right in front

The first generation Hyundai i30 is undoubtedly one of the best cars ever (at the time of the start of serial production) left the factories of Korean car brands. Hatchback Hyundai i30 practical, well equipped with various equipment, quite cheap and quality compared to competitors in this segment.

Unfortunately, the Koreans have made some mistakes in the design process of the car, as well as the establishment of mass production. So, the biggest problem of this car’s lack of corrosion protection. In the end only a few years of owning a car rust can appear at the edges of the doors and on the side of the trunk lid. Including this issue and moved to twin this model is a Kia Ceed.

8. BMW 3-series E36

Cars that rust right in front

This sedan has become a true international hit in the 90-ies. You will not believe, but after all these years (over the years has released three new generation “treshki”) a lot of young people around the world dream to buy this car. Unfortunately, to meet today the market is the BMW 3-series E36 in good condition is almost impossible. Especially hard to find a car with normal condition of the body. The fact that initially this model had a factory problem with corrosion protection. So to find the original body in these days you can hardly. Any used “three” 3-series body E36 probably has already been exposed to tin and painting works. So be careful.

What are the elements of the body in this model, the most susceptible to corrosion? First quickly rot front fenders and doors at the bottom.

10. Lada Granta

Cars that rust right in front

Unfortunately, this model is compared with the Lada Vesta does not yet have a modern corrosion protection. Therefore, the owners of Lada Grants often complain that without additional measures to protect the body against rust corrosion of the body appears in just a few years.

In the first place in this machine begin to rot welds, the bottom of the car, sills, wheel arches, trunk lid and hood.

The worst thing that for reliable protection of the body from rust, you need to disassemble the whole machine from the inside (to the metal) to carefully shed all body parts are rust inhibitor.


But even though an additional processing of body anticorrosive, you still won’t get 100% protection from rust.

11. Ford Mondeo (Third generation)

Cars that rust right in front

The Ford car has never been famous for some outstanding corrosion protection. The first generation Ford Ka, Ford Escort or Ford Focus rot before our eyes. Especially if these machines were operated in the Northern regions, where in winter the roads are often processed with salt and de-icing chemicals. But we have to admit that the quality of protect car body from rust in the latest generation of Ford cars is much better. Although not 100%. There are on the market cars of the same segment and class that have much better protection against rust on the body.

So that shouldn’t surprise you that Ford Mondeo 3rd generation can rust so fast that you won’t even notice as the car is covered with rust. Most often, corrosion is formed at the junction of the wheel arches with sills of the car. Besides the rust appears at the edges of the doors, tailgate and bonnet. But the worst rust in a short period of operation of the machine to appear in the floor of the car.

In conclusion, I would like to note that our list of cars that are most susceptible to rust in the short term, is not right. The fact that all information about cars we have taken from open sources in the Network (forums, social networks, chats). We also received information from employees of different service stations that are engaged in the tin and paint jobs.

Of course, the presence in our list of specific model not to say 100% that this car will rot in a short time. How fast will begin to rot one or the other car, depends on many factors, starting from the region of use of the car, frequency of maintenance owner of the vehicle, frequency of the car, mileage, etc. Also, the appearance of rust on the car is affected, whether got it in an accident and did the body repair with paint. Of course, the car that was broken in the accident, is more subject to decay than the unbeaten car with original factory paint.