Car theft – how to protect yourself and your property

Methods of protection from theft

Car theft - how to protect yourself and your property
Stealing various valuable items from the salon – quite an old crime that originated, perhaps, immediately after the invention of the car. In any country, regardless of development of systems of law, the motorist could face him at any moment.

The experienced attacker requires no more than thirty seconds to open your car even if it is armored. Consider the basic methods of protection of the property, which will make the theft is so complex that it would be inappropriate.


Instead of having to rely on luck and the work of law enforcement, it is necessary to resort to several helpful tips. The more requirements from our list you follow, the safer is the car and its contents.

The fact of the theft based on the potential to seize your car, so if you’ve applied the maximum number of protection methods, criminals will likely prefer someone else. Thieves are always hunting for easy profit, it reduces their risk and increases the opportunity to capture someone else’s car.

In order to get out of potential casualties, the motorist must always observe all possible precautions. Even once leaving the keys in the cabin or not locked doors in order to pick up the second batch of purchases of supermarket, you automatically face the risk of this unpleasant situation. So, let’s move on to basic rules.

Always close the glass, lock the doors and keep the keys to yourself

For most motorists, this requirement may seem pointless, since it met almost all. We suggest to close the doors when all the passengers sat inside the car. This is due to the fact that there is a category of criminals who do not wish to contact advanced security alarm and I’m afraid to damage the car during break-in. So they wait until the owner gets into the cabin, starts the engine, then just throw him out of the car.


Of course, the more passengers, the less likely you are to encounter a similar problem, but to completely eliminate it can only lock doors from the inside.

Make sure that when leaving the vehicle you’ve sealed all the Windows and sunroof. There is a category of robbers, for which even a slightly ajar window can be a chance to penetrate with the help of special devices into the cabin and take possession of the property. Should be particularly attentive if you’re parked in a “bad” area.

After leaving the car, lock all doors and check to see if the protection worked, tugging the handles. This need stems from the fact that not until the end of a closed door could not be securely locked alarm system.


In addition, it is common practice that under the door handle on the passenger side puts a small object such as a coin, which prevents the full actuation of the lock.

Another way to acquire vehicles is to steal your keys. Now there are many ways to make a copy of both the key and the keychain alarm. Therefore, never leave the keys on the Desk in the office or in the presence of unfamiliar people and not give them to the attendants or station staff. In addition, never store a spare key inside the car. First, it may be useful to you when you lose the primary (and being inside the machine, it will not help), and secondly, you lose it, driving unfamiliar companions, and for a long time not to notice the loss.

Never advertise used brand of alarm system

Car theft - how to protect yourself and your property
Many motorists believe that by purchasing the security system of the latest generation from a renowned manufacturer, they just have to paste its logo on the windshield to ward off intruders. In reality, so you give hijackers an invaluable tip about what tools to hack the machine should be used.

As for the blinking led, signaling that the car is under protection, there is nothing wrong in it, because it does not give the slightest hint on the manufacturer and the degree of protection the security system. Moreover, it will help to protect contents from petty robbers, breaking glass in cars without alarm.

As already mentioned, no system of protection does not give an absolute guarantee, so if you choose a Parking place next to expensive cars, under the review of surveillance cameras or simply intuitively more secure. Choosing between potential victims, the robber would prefer one that is less secure, and in case of equal degree of protection – one that is more expensive.

Of course, the cameras provide no assurance that the thief will be scared, but they will quickly establish his identity.

You should never leave your car apart from the others, in solitary places, far from the crowded places as it gives an opportunity to the burglar quietly “work”, not afraid to be noticed.


It is also important to Park in the vicinity of a suspicious group of people aimlessly strolling through the Parking lot. The probability is that it is the accomplices of the attackers who track forgotten in salon valuable things or seek out easy prey. Better to put all my things in the trunk that will make the fact of their presence hidden from prying eyes and protect from further trouble with broken glass.

Never advertise the fact that the machine is equipped with security system with the location feature, as this will be the first system, which neutralize the robbers. Moreover, the GPS module must be as hidden and inconspicuous, even under the hood.

Try not to leave anything in the car

In order to fully secure your property, try to take everything valuable with you, because, hidden DVR, Navigator or purse in the glove compartment, you can be sure that your actions are not watched by the attacker.


Pay special attention to neighbors in the Parking lot — if the person scrutinizing your car, you should perepuskajutsja.

Additional vehicle safety

Despite the fact that your car is equipped with expensive alarm systems, it is not possible to be absolutely confident in its security.

Modern security system with location tracking by GPS can be disposed of a simple signal jammer on this frequency. Therefore, you should give preference to those that not just determine the location of the machine, but misleading via the mobile network about the hacking attempt, and that the signal was lost.

Of course, the level of equipment of the attackers is very large, and they can scramble both GPS and GSM signal, their instruments would be envied by any locksmith, legally engaged in the opening of the car. But the more systems they have around, the more it takes time and the less chances of success.

As for classic hacking with breaking the window glass, to prevent it, causing the glass special book film that will not allow him to crumble into pieces even after heavy bumps.

An additional stage of protection to your car is marking its parts. It is a process of applying identification the VIN on major components and aggregates, which can be implemented as used auto parts.

Quite widespread and locking mechanisms controls of the car such as steering wheel or gear lever.

Author: S. Vasilenko