Car or iPhone: What is the world coming to?

Why Apple is a conspiracy against us.

Car or iPhone: What is the world coming to?

How do you think the day of the start of sales this year in Russia will line up in Gum for the new iPhone, the premiere of which took place last week? We have no doubt that despite the apparent impoverishment of the population, once the “toys” of jobs (or probably over cook) will be in this time more than in previous years. And the crowd will not stop the price of new fashionable handsets, some models are after another weakening of the ruble broke the “weave” (Yes, multiple iPhone models will cost Russia more than 100 thousand rubles).


It seemed well here for the event. The next smartphone from Apple, which – let’s be honest – this time, really no surprise. Well, “pomoravlje” a bit iPhone X , well, released ugly budget (although you can call it budget language does not turn) smartphone. But no, actually this time Apple is really going to “sell” to the world smartphones, which is almost nothing new for the same money (or more) phones that a year ago, they asked for the iPhone X.


And for our country a new model of “X” will be even more expensive. In the end, you just think that the iPhone XS 512 Gb Max is 127 990 rubles. And it’s for a smartphone with most of the features used by only 2 percent of the population. Yes, it’s the price of a good laptop.

Car or iPhone: What is the world coming to? 

Or think about iPhone four XS stand Max as a new Lada Niva 4×4 urban . Or instead of three new high-end smartphone you can buy a new Lada Granta in the restyling. It is also possible instead of the five iPhones” buy two year old used vehicle Hyundai Solaris in decent condition.


Well here we have lived, as you can see, when the phone began to cost the same money as a laptop (I wonder about this wanted Steve jobs when he presented the first iPhone model) . Yes there laptop several new nenashensky tubes are, as a used car.

Yes, let domestic car of the old “car” but a car that cannot be compared with any phone. Yes, let it be even of gold cast, he is still an electronic gadget called a phone / smartphone and can’t compete with the car.


What is happening with the world? As the anti-hero of the Antibiotic from the film gangster Petersburg “What’s happening?”


And unlike the hero of this film, which is still dug up the truth, this phenomenon with the Apple phones you can hardly find a logical and reasonable explanation. Is and fashion to gadgets, and fanaticism from Apple, and much more, ranging from trends in society to consumer sentiment of buyers.

As a result of many cumulative factors why a lot of people around the world are ready day and night to stand for the next new products from Cupertino, spending last money or to get into credit for a cherished gadget with half of the imposed and unnecessary functions, which CEO Tim cook during the presentation of the new smartphones told as if Apple invented a perpetual motion machine.


On the one hand, this insanity on the iPhone there is nothing wrong. Well there you have the opportunity to buy the phone but at least over 200 and even 300 thousand (only loan is not take, taking the last money from families).


The market is the market. Apple does what the consumer wants. Although we believe the consumer has long been waiting for from Apple any new achievements, new capabilities. But alas, the us company and not think for several years to move on. Well, that makes sense. Why change something when you can just rake in the big bucks for old smartphones, wrapped in a new wrapper, calling the technology that even 5 years ago appeared on the Android phones, a huge step in the smartphone market.


The worst part is, for the cunning people from California being half the world. Especially the younger generation people who are still making their minds an American company.

Car or iPhone: What is the world coming to? 

And you know why? The fact is that the world is now becoming stupid, becoming a mindless consumer.

Have you ever wondered why in the last 20-30 years in the world practically does not occur any breakouts (about Russia and even to speak offensively) in the area of any then outstanding global projects? For example, why in the last century for some 10-20 years, we have conquered space, and the Americans flew to the moon, and now still 20 years later things are there. And where new scientific discoveries? Where is our new technology? And such questions can be very, very much?


And you know what the answer to these questions? The fact is that today’s society and especially the young generation do not care about science or any breakthrough in technology. Most now give some product or service. As a result, many getting the iPhone, bought expensive shirt on credit and eating a big Mac enjoying life. We live in an era of mass consumption of all things that have long clouded our minds.

Car or iPhone: What is the world coming to? 

Today many people want to be happy? Phone fashionable, beautiful clothes, cars, expensive dog, watch. The list is long.


Unfortunately, science today is not in Vogue. Today in fashion unnecessary gadgets, but not science. Unfortunately, from the era of reckless consumption wow people literally becomes stupid. So long, and to the middle ages walk and start to believe in witches and warlocks. And the beginning has already been made.


You will see channel Ren-TV with unscientific programs. And what’s the worst that Russia (and not only) more and more people are starting to believe in fortune tellers, psychics etc . I think you blame the TV? But no. Media always give out only the information he wants to see and hear the society.

Car or iPhone: What is the world coming to? 

Unfortunately, many very hard to understand or not to understand. Especially those who are willing to spend money on iPhone or buy a smartphone on credit. And of course to reach out of mind is unrealistic. The consumer is the consumer. He lives in a different world.


But you will agree that instead of the us smartphones that money to better use on something else. Well, for example to buy a less expensive phone, and the remaining money to spend on family, or to help the orphans by sending aid to any Fund.


But alas, typically the consumers in such thoughts cannot appear. There is a void….