Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

Tips and recommendations on how to save money on car insurance, fuel and car maintenance

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

Owning a car can be a costly affair. And, unfortunately, over time the cost of the car does not become less. In addition to spending directly on the purchase of new or used cars need to take into account associated operating costs. Of course, the most obvious investment for any car owner is fuel. But in addition to the fuel you will also need to pay for the insurance, the transport tax in accordance with applicable law. Including need to take into account the maintenance costs of the car. Especially if your car has an expired factory or extended dealership warranty. In this case, you must also lay waste for parts and repair.

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

As you can see, even in the cheapest car needs money for maintenance. In these troubled economic times, when everyone in our country followed the oil price and dollar, as well as financiers studying the stock graphs of the fuel market of Russia, every driver wants to save money on car maintenance. Of course, each of us saves in the hard times in their own way. Some less began to wash the car, someone had removed my car from the paid Parking, preferring now to put cars near the house a free Parking. Someone began to save money on maintenance, increasing service intervals. There are those who instead became a good quality of spare parts to buy Chinese counterparts. Our online edition offers you our own plan to reduce the costs associated with owning a car. I hope that our proposals and calculations useful to someone. Today we offer you to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance, as for most motorists these articles the cost of maintaining a car are essential.


Last year fuel prices have repeatedly hit record and, of course, could not remain unnoticed by most motorists in the country. Yes, some people, the cost of fuel while not much hits the pocket. Especially if we are talking about owning a subcompact car or someone a big salary. But with increasing price tags at gas stations are beginning to pay attention more and more drivers.

So if the cost of fuel at the gas station you start to worry, then it’s time to think about reducing the cost of maintaining a car since for you, the price of fuel at filling stations already not comfortable. But a reduction in spending on fuel it doesn’t have to end. After all, there are other costs associated with owning a car.


Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

For example, do not forget that there are fixed costs for the machine associated with taxes, insurance and maintenance. If you bought a car on credit, it is likely that the Bank that issued you the credit you made to purchase for the entire term of the loan agreement, insurance, and possibly forced upon you health insurance and life.

Plus, do not forget that if you bought a new car, you are not to go with the factory warranty, will have maintenance take place at the dealer, where the cost of services is several times higher than in conventional care centers, not to mention the maintenance cost of the machine privateers in the garages.


So, we have gathered for you useful tips that will help you lower your expenses on car maintenance. How much in total you can save money during the year?

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

We estimated the operating costs of a new car is about 750 000, which is owned by a middle-aged man, run into no more than 15 000 km All the costs that we believed, based on average prices in the period from 2017 to 2018. In the end, based on typical maintenance costs of the car we have calculated how much you can save on car ownership during the year, taking advantage of our tips that you can read below.

The result is that every driver who comes over a year mileage like taxi drivers in taxis, could easily save at least 20 000 per year.

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

The great thing about our boards is that you don’t need to exert much effort to reduce their spending on the car. All you have to do is just carefully study our recommendations. So there you go.


Car insurance: how to save money and get a lower price on the insurance policy

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

According to the Russian legislation if you drive a car you must insure it, buying insurance policy. In the absence of the policy, the driver faces a fine of 800 rubles. CTP insures your liability to third parties in case you will be responsible for accidents. In this case, the damage caused by your actions, will pay the insurance company. Unfortunately, to save on the insurance policy does not work, since the rates controlled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the government.

The only opportunity to save is trouble-free drive, which provides discounts due to the annual recalculation of the coefficient of bonus-Malus (MSC). But is it possible to save on insurance as something else?


It turns out that you can. First, I do not advise you to purchase different insurance products of different companies. In recent years, many insurers began to provide its customers with good discounts when purchasing different insurance products in one company. This is especially true of products such as CASCO and CTP. But even if your insurer does not currently offer any discounts, it does not mean that you will not be able to buy from the insurer for insurance policy discount. For example, you can try this. If the hull insurance policy you acquired from one insurer, and the insurance policy of another, contact the insurance company, where he was decorated with the hull, with the request to calculate the cost of insurance policy. It is possible that you will be surprised by its low cost, as is likely, the insurer will make a discount.


We know that insurance can be very expensive. But it is also possible to save money. First, you can reduce the cost of insurance by installing on your car electronic equipment insurance company, which will monitor your actions behind the wheel. These devices show the insurance company how you drive, etc. You will be surprised how much discount insurers offer with the installation of such equipment. It’s called “smart insurance”.


In particular, you can reduce the cost of hull insurance due to the refusal of a number of services in the framework of this policy. For example, you can get comprehensive insurance with a deductible, by setting the threshold of harm which will not be refunded upon the occurrence of the insured event.


Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

Finally, at car insurance we do not advise to run in a known-promoted company, which, in your opinion, provides quality services and does not delay payments. In fact, the problems can be with any insurance company. Even the leaders of the insurance market, sometimes they break the law. So often the purchase of a more expensive insurance policy in a nationally-known insurance company is unjustified. Because in the market there are many other good insurance companies that will ask for the insurance less. In the Network there are many online services that provide cost comparison services to various insurance companies where you can choose your insurer, to sell profitable policies.


How to reduce fuel costs: fuel card, cheap fuel and eco-driving

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

The price of fuel is a curse for most motorists. Especially feel it the Russian drivers, who in recent years has faced unprecedented rising cost of fuel in the country. But every driver can reduce their fuel costs, not transplanting on public transport, as today many drivers. Here are some simple steps you must do to significantly reduce their spending on fuel.


We all know that fuel is the main operating costs of any driver. If we travel by car every day, very often I stop at the gas station to leave their money there. As a result, these fuel costs sometimes add up to a very tidy sum. Especially if your car does not belong to the economical class. However, you can reduce your spending.


So, there are three effective ways to reduce their fuel costs. First, you can buy cheaper fuel by means of fuel cards, discount cards gas station, as well as using cashback when paying for fuel by credit card. Second, you can reduce fuel consumption by changing your driving style. And finally, you can reprogram the engine control unit, reducing the power of his car to reduce fuel consumption.


Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

So, with regards to fuel cards. Recall that such maps were spread among law firms for refilling of its corporate transport. Fuel cards allow companies to purchase fuel for a certain monthly amount at a significant discount. Fuel cards help companies to return the 18% VAT (1 January 2019 20% VAT). But recently, a fuel card, it became possible to use and individuals. However, substantial discounts on these cards you get. Nevertheless, various bonuses and a small discount is guaranteed.


Including today, all the network of gas stations offer drivers a your bonus card, which accumulate bonuses after each purchase of fuel. Bonuses can be exchanged for rubles. That is, spend it on fuel. As a rule, the more fuel you buy, the more you get bonuses. In the end you get a substantial discount on the purchase of fuel.


With regards to deformirovaniya engine with reprogramming the engine control unit, the decrease in fuel consumption is due to the reduction of engine power, which is achieved by changing settings in the car’s computer. These settings are responsible for the fuel injection and ignition of the fuel mixture. Reducing power leads to a significant reduction in fuel consumption. As a rule, on average, you can reduce fuel consumption by 1-1. 5 liters.


You can, of course, to reduce fuel consumption to shoot and catalyst, and also to reprogram the brains of the car to “Euro 0”, but that’s another story.


How to cut costs on vehicle maintenance: a low-cost maintenance and repair

Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining a car not to leave. So the best way to save money maximum – this is not to own a car. But in the modern world is impossible to imagine life without a vehicle. So the owners are forced to reckon with daily expenses associated with owning a car. The special part of the costs, which gets in the pocket, tied to planned maintenance work, and forced to repair in case of breakdown of the vehicle.


Regular maintenance guarantees the owner that the vehicle will be serviceable for a long time. Also the better technical condition of a used car, the more its market value. And for many car owners means less loss due to depreciation in case of sale of the car. Of course, each of us, when looking for a used car on the market, wants to purchase a well maintained and serviced car. But, alas, most often on the used car market there are cars with technical problems, broken machines and outright junk, which never followed. According to research, well maintained and regularly serviced the vehicle is, on average, 10 percent more. If the car was serviced by an authorized dealer, it also will cost 5-10 percent more than the same machine operated in the informal service.


But the main advantage of a constant and timely maintenance and timely Troubleshooting is the guarantee that your machine will reliably serve for a long time and will not be presented in the near future, unexpected costly breakdowns.


Unfortunately, car maintenance is a huge expense that will drain from the family purse huge pile of money. But how then to be? After all, if you reduce the cost of maintenance, then the car will be more likely to break and suck with its owner even more money.

Yes, it is. In most cases today, if you save and do some planned work in the car, and very soon your savings will be your undoing in the form of road damage, after which you will regret not done in a timely manner some work, posadnitsa to spend the money.


So to save on the services you need to find a middle ground. That is, to find out where to regularly maintain the car at a bargain price. For example, we all know how dealer service centers are literally stripped of their clients with their extortionate price tags. But not always, dealers will offer you expensive maintenance. First, dealers have a variety of events, seasonal discounts, etc., in which you can service your car sometimes even cheaper than the cheap little pauguraines service.


Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

Also in recent years appeared on the market an interesting insurance product that, in fact, extends to the vehicles factory warranty in case of breakage. As a rule, such insurances are offered by the dealers when selling fresh used car dealer that the factory warranty has expired. Under this warranty the dealer will provide you free repair in case of a car breakdown.


Including do not forget that there are many informal car that provide maintenance and repair of vehicles is not worse than the dealer at a pretty attractive price.

There are, of course, the ability to maintain the car in small palparan private services. But in such places it is possible to maintain the machine only on recommendations and reviews. In such places, of course, the service prices are much cheaper than any service station. The only thing usual in such garage workshops often there is expensive electronic equipment, without which today, probably, it is impossible to serve any modern car.


Also you can save a lot if you instead of the original consumables and spare parts to acquire their qualitative counterparts. Benefit today at the automotive market of Russia offers a wide selection of aftermarket auto parts, many of which the quality is not inferior to the original. However, in this case, you have the risk of buying fake parts. Therefore, to acquire the analogues is only from approved suppliers.


But not always the original parts are like gold. Many dealers in recent years began to lure customers with various promotions and discounts. For example, recently one German dealer network in Moscow could be bought with a big discount many parts, the cost of which was lower than outright Chinese fakes.


Car expenses: how to save money on insurance, fuel and maintenance

In conclusion, I would like to note that each owner of the car, supposed to find your car service and your car mechanic who can be trusted. After all, from the auto mechanic will depend on the condition of your car. Alas, according to statistics, 80 percent of car owners are not among the acquaintances of the mechanic. But this does not mean that you have to drive to the service to anyone. Remember: he who seeks will always find. Read the reviews online. Ask around your friends and acquaintances. Maybe they have such people. Finding a good mechanic, you guarantee your vehicle a long and happy life. Also your mechanic will allow you to save a lot of money.

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