Can you cheat a breathalyzer?

How to cheat breathalyzer the police?

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Coffee, mint, liquid mouthwash, garlic and even tablet with wonderful properties – why not just read on the Internet on various forums and in comments about how to fool the breathalyzer traffic police. Is it possible to actually change a breathalyzer in medical examination for a place that can hold the traffic police who suspected the driver of being intoxicated, or a simple hangover? We checked it out.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer?

What are we for such a country, where many people, rather than to comply with the law, constantly looking for ways to circumvent it. You look around: people are grumbling about the fact that in our country, many laws are simply not working. Remember, as recently discussed “Golden boys” that triggered the Mercedes SUV G-class pursuit of DPS, in which the gallant young boys from wealthy families have shown what can a loaded German SUV. Or Mara Baghdasaryan, which is probably even children discussed and criticized for a race on the roads.

As you can see, the submission media has started to shame these drivers-majors, for whom the law is like spam in your Inbox.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Unfortunately, such attitude in society does not mean that we become more law-abiding. Many Russians are still opposed to the violation of the law by other people, but despite this, they themselves continue to violate it. Just look at the situation on the roads of Russia (this need only examine the accident statistics), and once it becomes clear that the Rules of the road for many motorists exist only on paper.


Here is an example. You wouldn’t believe how many people looking for online information on how to beat the cameras of the traffic police, which soon, probably, will hang on every post. Also a lot of queries in the Network about how legally you can go from administrative liability, without paying a penalty.

The horror! These themes are the focus of a whole branch of the popular online forums.

But most people are not interested in it. You will not believe it, but most of the motorists are talking about a breathalyzer. What is it? And here’s what.


To begin with we suggest you to read our article “how many you can get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.” In it, we published our poll on “do you Sit behind the wheel with a hangover?”. View results – you’ll surely be surprised. As it turned out, almost half of the respondents in the morning driving with a hangover. You see, the result is shocking. After driving with a hangover is very dangerous, and in the presence in the body the residual alcohol is also still illegal. That way, the material, why is it dangerous to drive with a hangover.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Now I understand why so many people are looking for information about the breathalyzer? And now attention – further more interesting. Know what to look for motorists most often, when you drive in the search string “breathalyzer”? Information about how to trick this device.

What does this mean? Unfortunately, this fact clearly indicates that people in our country are not ready to abandon the use of alcohol, as well as from early trips to the car. For example, to work. Here and are looking for our citizens life hacks, tips and ways on how to fool the breathalyzer, hoping to find the Holy Grail that will allow them to have a drink, and driving to ride.

This is a strange time we live in: people were actively discussing the violation of other law, while violating it every day, sitting behind the wheel either drunk or hungover, endangering all road users.


Is it possible to cheat breathalyzers?

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

To dispel any myths, fantasies, etc., we decided to check is it possible to fool alcohol testers used by traffic police, identifying on the road drunk.

For a start, let’s learn how does a breathalyzer.

A breathalyzer or breathalyser, is a device to estimate the content of alcohol in exhaled air, the person. The breathalyzer was developed by Robert Frank Borkenstein. For the first time this device was registered under the trademark 13.05.1954.

But the history of the breathalyzer began long before the start of serial sales.

So, study the possibility of using human breathing to test the content of alcohol in the body began in the late 19th century, when Francis E. ANSTI found that a small amount of alcohol excreted in the breath of the person.


But Robert Frank, Borkenstein working in the US police, as well as being Professor at Indiana University Bloomington, has created the world’s first practical device to determine in the man exhaled air alcohol content in the body.

If the breathalyzer to determine alcohol breathalyzer used chemical oxidation and photometry, then in the subsequent breath analyzers have been improved and were able to determine the concentration of alcohol in the human body using infrared spectroscopy.


In 1967 in Britain, bill Dusi and Tom parry Jones developed and sold the first electronic breathing apparatus.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Currently, the most common breathalyzer in the world is the electronic breathalyser with electrochemical sensors that determine the amount of alcohol in the exhaled air.

Less used breathalyzer with infrared sensors. Earlier it was also used breathalyzers with semiconductor sensors, but due to the large errors and instability reliability of measurements in the present moment these alcohol testers are not used, except cheap Chinese analogues in the mass market.


How breathalyzer with electrochemical sensors catch the alcohol content in exhaled air?

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

When a person exhales air from the lungs, it enters the analyzer breathalyzer. Any ethanol (alcohol) that is present in the person’s breath is oxidized to acetic acid at the anode:


CH 3 CH 2 OH (g) + H 2 O (l) → CH 3 CO 2 H (l) + 4H + (aq) + 4e –


At the cathode, the amount of atmospheric oxygen is reduced:


O 2 (g) + 4H + (aq) + 4e – → 2H 2 O (l)


The overall reaction is the oxidation of ethanol to acetic acid and water.


CH 3 CH 2 OH (l) + O 2 (g) → CH 3 COOH (aq) + H 2 O (l)


The electric current produced by this reaction is measured by the microcontroller of the breathalyzer. Next, the data is displayed on the screen breathalyzers showing the contents of the concentration of ethanol in exhaled air, the person.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? Electrochemical sensor used in the breathalyzer

Similar work is possible thanks to the breathalyzer and electrochemical sensor, which is an electrochemical cell with two electrodes plutonomy on the anode. The anode precipitated catalyst is specific in relation to the ethanol (alcohol/alcohol).

Due to this catalyst, the ethanol enters into a redox reaction with release of free electrons.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Breathalyzer with infrared sensor use the principle of absorption of infrared radiation by vapors of ethanol (alcohol). Such modern and innovative breathalyzers represent a kind of spectrophotometers that are configured for a specific wavelength absorption.


As you can see, the modern breathalyzer quite technologically advanced instruments capable of detecting even a single molecule of alcohol in the exhaled air. That is, if the chemical sensitive sensor or an infrared sensor will detect the presence of molecules of ethanol by oxidation of the alcohol sensor to acetic acid or by displacement of the infrared spectrum, the breathalyzer will show the exact alcohol content in the exhaled air.


But is it possible to trick these smart devices? After all, there are rumors among car enthusiasts that it really can do. What do you think? Believe in such stories? In fact, in most cases, you will not be able to mislead even the cheap breathalyzer. After all, to do this, you need to change the laws of chemistry and even physics. Weak? Of course. This is possible only Superman in American comics and the heroes of the film “interstellar”.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Despite the absurdity of such theories, a huge number of people somehow believe that the breathalyzer can be fooled. Many are convinced that the world is a magic pill that supposedly can mislead the modern breathalyzer used by the traffic police authorities and medical laboratories. Do not believe in such myths. It is a scientific nonsense. It’s like believing in ghosts, mediums, fortune tellers and psychics.

For example, it is believed that the breathalyzer can be fooled with a bow, mouthwash, liquid mouthwash, toothpaste and even ordinary batteries, hidden in the mouth.

But such methods have repeatedly been tested in various tests, which showed that all of these life hacks to cheat the breathalyzer does not work.


Moreover, liquid for rinsing the mouth often contain ethanol, which can not only reduce the concentration of alcohol in exhaled air, but also to increase it.


Does coffee or a refreshing shower to reduce the amount of alcohol in exhaled air?

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

There is a perception that coffee or a cold shower can help to reduce the content in the body amounts of alcohol. For this reason also repeatedly conducted experiments and even research in which result it was found that coffee and cold showers are to the person stimulating, but nothing more. That is, the concentration of alcohol in the body and, therefore, breath is not reduced.

Yes, coffee can be a certain protection of liver when exposed to ethanol, trapped in her. Also maybe a little coffee to bring to life a drunken man. But despite this, no one in the world of serious research and has found that coffee may reduce the alcohol content in the blood.


Some suggest when tested on the breathalyzer to put in your mouth a battery or a coin, which allegedly will affect the electrochemical performance of breathalyzer. But not just various experiments have shown that such methods do not work.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer?

There are, however, of the opinion that activated charcoal tablets, hidden in your mouth can affect the readings of some models of breathalyzer. We did a test with activated charcoal for breathalyzers, currently used by the traffic police. And this method was not successful. The breathalyzer failed to deceive, despite the fact that theoretically, activated carbon can absorb the alcohol in your mouth. However, despite this, the presence of mouth activated charcoal is a bit overstated even a breathalyzer.


However, as science claims, theoretically, to fool some models of breathalyzer using the hidden mouth of activated carbon (charcoal) is still possible. Only that you need to use a lot of pills, which, of course, will see the traffic police when checking the driver.


As you know, to fool the breathalyzer is almost unreal. Yes, you can use various tools that eliminates the smell of alcohol in the exhaled air (for example, “Antipolitsay”, which is sold at the box office of any supermarket, or put gum in your mouth, refreshing breath), but you will not be able to remove the presence in exhaled air molecules of ethanol (alcohol). Accordingly, it is not removing the molecules of the alcohol contained in the breath, you will not be able to affect the readings on breathalyzers because they are, as a rule, use a complex chemical formula for calculation of content in the alcohol concentration.


How to reduce the alcohol content in the body through breathing?

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

There is a perception that the concentration of ethanol in the exhaled air during a medical examination on the breathalyzer can be reduced by using some special way of breathing. In the Network there are even entire threads forums, where motorists share the secrets of this breath.

What science says about this? According to research, it is established that theoretically by using deep breathing a person has the opportunity to reduce the alcohol content in the exhaled air. But this is only possible due to hyperventilation of the lungs by deep breathing for at least 20 seconds. However, the maximum reduction in this breath will be about 5-10%.

In reality, the police or health workers who will conduct the medical examination, will not let you before checking on the breathalyzer breathe this way.


There is one possibility to reduce the content breath alcohol

Can you cheat a breathalyzer? 

Among the motorists there are some rumors about the magical pills that allegedly allow you to fool a breathalyzer Dpsnikov. And in many forums even provide links to online sales of such miracle pills. We decided to check this info to learn more about these tablets (we deliberately do not specify their name so that our readers will not be tempted to buy them).


First, these pills are sold only in Britain and India. As stated by the manufacturer, the tablets reduce the level of alcohol in the body, and accordingly, to reduce the amount of ethanol in the exhaled air. Most interesting is that such pills are sold online. However, we don’t know, send them to Russia. Besides, most likely, such a shipment would be illegal, because these miracle pill is not registered in our country. There is no data about how this pharmaceutical drug is safe for human health.


Of course, we did not order these pills. Although the temptation still was, because we were interested to find out whether really this product is able to reduce the amount of alcohol in the body.

But we advance against such pills, because these drugs directly affect the road safety. The fact that such pills may be displeased with those motorists who are often driving with a hangover.

It is dangerous and irresponsible. Because these pills can encourage people to drive drunk because they can help avoid administrative or criminal liability.

So our advice: do not search for ways and methods to fool a breathalyzer. Easier to comply with the law and never driving not only drunk but also hungover. Including even if you with a hangover in your exhaled air contains allowable alcohol.

Recall that under current legislation the maximum alcohol level in exhaled air is equal to 0.16 milligrams of alcohol per one litre of exhaled air.

Can you cheat a breathalyzer?