Can the situation of inspection in the country to force the Government to bring it under control traffic police

The tale of the coupon of checkup.

Can the situation of inspection in the country to force the Government to bring it under control traffic police 

As you pass inspection your car? Sure, most of you, your friends, friends of your friends are not officially mandatory inspection. Unfortunately, for most car owners, the procedure of obtaining a diagnostic card turned into a simple purchase of another “autobusai” type of insurance policy, sticker “Thorns”, “Exclamation mark” etc.


If you find among his acquaintances the man who legally passes inspection, we suggest that you make a wish, because today is a rarity. This is equivalent to be near the famous astrophysicist in the world not more than a thousand people. And what’s worse, the people who officially pass inspection, surprise most drivers. Some people think these drivers are either insane, or they have other abnormal mental problems.

And this despite the fact that, in fact, a small percentage of motorists who legally have passed inspection in the inspection, do everything in strict accordance with the law. The result is that in our society to comply with the law was in bad taste. Agree, so we are a normal law-based society will not build.


If you think about it, most drivers, buying without displaying the vehicle diagnostic card, violate the law, exploiting on public roads cars, not passed in accordance with the law on technical inspection in the special technical center.


But largely the significant increase of accidents in the country caused by technical malfunction of the car. Look around on the road, next time you go. You probably will see the dead everywhere, the incense-breathing old Gazelle, KAMAZ, Volga, Zhiguli “shaggy” years, etc. what do you think, would pass such a Smoking, creaking and rusted cars inspection legally? I must admit that only a few old car has officially diagnostic card. Well, while in our country is brewing another attempt by the authorities to restore order in the sphere of inspection, on the roads of Russia continues to drive dangerous vehicles.

Can the situation of inspection in the country to force the Government to bring it under control traffic police 

By the way, we often use the experience of Europeans, Americans and Japanese, constantly watching them to learn from them their knowledge in various fields. That inspection our government has also decided to try his luck, taking in 2011 from the traffic police the authority to check the technical condition of vehicles and passing them into the hands of businesses, whose activity was controlled by the Russian Union of insurers.


But, alas, based on the Western experience, those in power do not take into account the Russian mentality. It is no secret that motorists of Western countries do not even think about how to drive a car without a real routine inspection. In our country most of the drivers, on the contrary, no longer have thoughts to pass inspection legally. Feel the difference?


What guided our owners, preferring to buy a diagnostic card without showing the car? Of course, everyone calms himself that his car is in good condition and therefore there is no need to check. Also, many rely on typical Russian maybe, naively believing that their car cannot cause an accident due to technical failure.


Such too cocky car owners a dime a dozen in major cities of our vast country. And the reason is that the average age of vehicles in big cities is 3-5 years. In the end, the fresh owners of such cars think that within that time, their cars can’t be faulty.

Can the situation of inspection in the country to force the Government to bring it under control traffic police 

There are those car owners who regard themselves as connoisseurs of device cars. As a result, many believe that able to independently and promptly identify any signs of technical failure. But, alas, paradoxically, such a cocky car owners often are responsible for an accident caused by technical failure of the car.


If we consider the situation in the whole country, from the present system of inspection I want to cry. After all, let’s admit to ourselves that this system is practically discredited and, in fact, turned into earnings for a business that put on a stream sale of the diagnostic card.


Most interesting is that everybody in our country understands that the inspection in the country need to do something. Otherwise the number of faulty vehicles in a short time will actually create a safety hazard on country roads. But what to do? Return checkup in traffic police? Nonsense. I hope that our government will be wise enough to avoid it. After all, many of us still remember inspection stamps traded by the traffic police right and left at the 3000-4000 rubles.


The worst that the recently introduced amendments to the Federal law on mandatory technical inspection of vehicles in the country and sent to the state Duma for consideration in the autumn session, most likely, will not help to completely solve the problem of mass purchase inspection without show vehicles. First, people in Russia have become accustomed simply purchase inspection for real money without. First, motorists were accustomed to pay bribes for the coupons traffic police. Now the wages for bogus inspections we take the left points of the inspections, many of which exist only on paper.


So our government will be hard to accustom our citizens to legally pass inspection.

We hope that in the process of reviewing the act to amend the inspection in the state Duma it will made some additions that will make the new rules of inspection more transparent and fair. Recall that the current bill, which was submitted to the people’s elected representatives, is fairly extensive and can seriously change the whole process of the technical inspection of vehicles. But, alas, despite this, many experts saw him as the protection from trade left the diagnostic charts, which are now sold to all and Sundry.


For example, according to the government, in order to stop the practice of issuing left-wing inspection in the inspection station, you must enter the required photos and videos. But we and the experts think that this measure will not help to clean up the results of the inspections. Remember how in his time in the state inspection stations that controlled the traffic police have introduced video cameras that recorded the car passing inspection. That they helped to get rid of corruption in the traffic police? No, of course. Even with cameras inspection stamps sold right and left.


The same is waiting for a new system. Just diagnostic card will rise in price at least 2 times and all.


Well, what will the new law on inspections, time will tell. Soon we will find out in what form the MPs approved new rules for technical inspections of vehicles. By the way, in the case of the adoption of new rules for inspection, they will enter into force, probably in 2018.

Can the situation of inspection in the country to force the Government to bring it under control traffic police 

If the new rules developed by the government, will come into force next year, we will witness how the state machine will attempt to deal with the business, which today collects the maximum profit by trading with impunity diagnostic cards, as well as to deal with the millions of motorists who have forgotten what it’s like to pass inspection legally, in the inspection station.


And there most likely of scenarios would be some:


  • 1. Diagnostic card is significantly more expensive. But to buy an inspection without an actual inspection of the vehicle can still be shared (like today).
  • The only thing in connection with the introduction of photo and video recording motorists will have to visit the item inspection in order to transport your car for cameras.
  • 2. The new system will lead to pass inspection without a real show car and its technical condition diagnostics will be impossible. Unfortunately, in such a scenario we believe is less likely. Somehow not really believe that our country can quickly restore order in this sweet, as the inspection region.
  • 3. Finally, the last and most unlikely scenario is that the Government will eventually spit on the proposed changes to the system of inspection and just return the inspection control of the traffic police, with all the ensuing.