Cameras at intersections with waffle markings have begun to send fines to drivers

As the “waffle iron” will help to replenish the budget of many cities of Russia.

Cameras at intersections with waffle markings have begun to send fines to drivers

Probably, many Moscow drivers are no longer seen at the crossroads of the capital the freshly applied yellow waffle layout. This type of layout began to appear like mushrooms in Chernobyl, very quickly, once in April of the current year entered into force amendments to the Rules of the road prohibiting travel to the crossroads in case of jamming. The mother see of the first in the country took the opportunity to increase the amount of money received in the budget from fines issued by the cameras fotovideofiksatsii offences in the area of the road, began to put on the yellow grid intersections for “waffle iron”.


In result, today the Moscow authorities have already painted many intersections at many streets of the capital. By the end of the year, according to the authorities in Moscow will be the 79 intersections with waffle layout.

But what about the government using waffle layout will increase revenues from fines for violation of the markup?

It’s simple. The Moscow authorities have already equipped many intersections with the “waffle iron” cameras fotovideofiksatsii, which control the passage of vehicles. Some cameras have recently begun to fully function, going from test mode to a working state. That is, the cameras began to penalize drivers who violate section 13.2 of traffic regulations of the Russian Federation (it is Forbidden to leave on a crossroads or crossing of carriageways if the congestion, which will force the driver to stop, creating an obstacle for movement of vehicles in the transverse direction).


And on the one hand, the introduction of a ban on crossings – it is a normal solution to long-standing problems with congestion. Especially in Metropolitan areas. But in our country, unfortunately, innovation does not always lead to the common good of the people.

It happened with cameras installed at intersections with waffle layout. For example, we are approached by many car owners who have received fines for violation of rules of journey of intersections with waffle markings, although, in fact, they didn’t break the law. How so? It’s very simple. For example, many drivers have received penalty for violation of paragraph 13.2 of the SDA (1000 rubles), despite the fact that went to the waffle layout to rotate or pivot.

Cameras at intersections with waffle markings have begun to send fines to drivers 

There are even reports online that some law-abiding drivers were fined for violation of the “waffle”, but actually stopped her unwillingly, not on purpose, but, for example, to miss the car turning left or right, in the case of the sign “Give way”. What happens: the driver, so as not to violate one point of the SDA, broke not specifically different? In this case, it seems questionable involvement of the driver to administrative responsibility for stopping the wafer layout.

What to do if you are unfairly in the mail came a “chain letter”, reporting a “joyous event” – the penalty in amount of 1000 rubles for departure on the wafer layout?


Of course, to challenge. Yes, of course, by today’s standards, 1000 rubles is not the money to waste time in courts, proving that you not a camel and not a cash cow. But remember that the more we challenge the illegal fines, the faster you will be able to educate government and departmental structures, to work for our benefit without violating our rights. So if you illegally prosecuted for “waffle iron”, run into court and challenge the decision of the traffic police.


Better yet, try not to fall on the wafer marking in a controversial traffic situations that can be interpreted by the inspector of traffic police as a violation of paragraph 13.2 of the SDA.


In some cases, you have the right to stop at waffle markup?

Cameras at intersections with waffle markings have begun to send fines to drivers 

Under current legislation you are allowed in certain situations to go and stay on the “waffle iron”. For example, you can do in order to pass pedestrians or yield, according to the SDA, to oncoming traffic to turn or rotate.


But we don’t suggest you a long time to linger on the wafer layout. Almost certainly near this intersection hangs a complex photo and video recording devices configured to control of observance of rules of journey of intersections with waffle layout. And if you are stopped for a long time in order to give way to other road users, who knows how it will regard your actions by the traffic police, who will review the record of your maneuvers at the intersection.


After all, to prove that you are, for example, stopped at a waffle layout to give way to pedestrians or other cars, you will need to provide to the court a recording from the DVR. And the recording quality should be high. Otherwise there is a risk that the judge will not accept your video as evidence. Although quality video footage, the judges sometimes don’t accept. After all, they are judged by inner conviction and, therefore, personally decide whether to video or not. Here want the judge to punish you, and he will do it even with the video. To do this, your video evidence is simply not attached to the administrative case.


Also I do not advise you to go to the intersection with waffle layout to rotate or pivot, when the green light has been running for sufficient time. Indeed, in this case at a busy intersection, you may not be enough time to first miss an oncoming vehicle and turning/to turn. The fact is that if you do, when it will burn with a yellow or God forbid red, it will be violation of traffic rules. Almost certainly in this case, the camera will record a violation of paragraph 13.2.


Including at intersections with waffle markings now be very careful and attentive. In any case don’t race at breakneck speed just to have time to slip on the green. Forget about flashing green traffic signal, which, in most cases, you have no right to continue driving, not to mention the yellow and red signal. You probably saw many times how many cars slip on green or flashing yellow traffic signal. But when crossing the intersection, many cars are already moving on a red signal of a traffic light.

In the case of intersection with waffle layout similar hurry if you want to break away from its “tail” to anything. Chances are, if you slip on a flashing green, the camera will record the violation of traffic rules, since the actual car will come to the intersection on forbidding signal of the traffic light.


It would seem that the emergence of the SDA wafer layout was supposed to fix the problem of “clogging” of the intersections and wean not to comply with the law avrahamov who love to travel on forbidding signal of the traffic light at the intersection with gridlocked traffic, blocking the path of other vehicles. But so far, unfortunately, to say that therefore the Moscow authorities have solved the problem of congestion at intersections, it is impossible. Although, of course, mass marking has just begun.

Cameras at intersections with waffle markings have begun to send fines to drivers 

Plus many of the cameras fotovideofiksatsii, fixing the violation of the exit of the waffle layout work while in test mode and, in fact, not sending fines to drivers. I hope soon all 79 the crossroads of Moscow the cameras come back at full strength and wean sassy drivers to clog the intersections in their cars.


We also hope that the system of photo and video fixation of this type of traffic violations will be adjusted to fair/law-abiding drivers have not received the illegal fines. For this, of course, you need to consider in more detail each administrative case and not turn it into a pipeline for making money.

For each penalty there are people with different backgrounds and with different levels of income. For someone 1000 rubles is money. And, unfortunately, even in this case, many drivers refuse to go to court, despite the fact that truth is on their side.