By car through the burning forest (Scary video)

Father and son miraculously saved the car from burning forest

By car through the burning forest (Scary video)

Scary videos caught on car recorder during the saving-in through the forest. Father and son were able to get through the burning forest of the national Park “glacier”, but how much gray hair then appeared on the head…


Natural disaster was filmed in the vicinity. A red glow covering the whole sky between the trunks of scorched trees, the flames licking the sides of the car, flying ashes, the crackling of burning trees and unbearable heat. That’s what we’re dealing with two Americans, when the fire caught them off guard and they decided to leave the scene of the fire (at least so it is alleged in some sources).


The most dramatic is that the video ends in one of the most awful moments, when the forest trail literally becomes a road to hell. Apparently, at this moment the son, most likely was driving panicked, and dad decided to take responsibility into their own hands. Judging by the fact that we can now watch these breathtaking shots all of them out and they got out of the infernal trap!


Another confirmation that forest fires are bad jokes, the element will not spare anyone: