By 2026, AVTOVAZ will expand the line to 13 models

The development of the Lada is just beginning: a look into the future and new developments

By 2026, AVTOVAZ will expand the line to 13 models

AvtoVAZ is trying with all his might. From the pen of designers, engineers and technologists under the leadership of Russian and foreign specialists has published several new and updated pair of previously launched models. List not yet possess the versatility, but overall it can be quite rich, if in addition to the five basic models: “New Grants”, “Vesta”, “xRay”, “Largus” and the old SUV model 4x4 – to them we add the concepts of “4×4 Vision”, “xCode” and “xRay Sport”and commercial model, built on the basis of cars Granta, Largus and 4×4.


And Yes, do not forget that the only versions of Lada Vesta is now six! As variations on the theme of Granta in four different body styles, and other derivatives produced from the models. But this is only the beginning. And though such statements are exaggerated quite a long time (at least 2016), it is only now became aware of the fact that Mercedes has embarked on a program for the development and updating of the model range Lada.


In published today on the official website of the company press release States that the corporate development of the Group AVTOVAZ aimed at preparing future updates of the model range: up to 2026, the company plans to release 8 new models and 9 facelifts.


In principle, this is what we heard a few years ago, however, when the timing for the launch of eight new products and restyled versions were limited to 2025 year. But what was not previously known, is that Volzhsky automobile plant spent an additional set of young engineers, about 400 employees, among which young professionals and graduates (taken in the Engineering center, where already, apparently, has begun or soon will begin work on the new models).


By 2026, AVTOVAZ will expand the line to 13 models


But since AVTOVAZ seeks to reintegrate not only into the modern market for new cars in the Russian Federation and the CIS, but also to send their products abroad, this year, mark VAZ, Lada developed a new corporate philosophy, and for the first time in the last few years, the company had a single recognizable slogan: “LADA. New horizons”. The three main principles of the new philosophy of Lada as follows: an energetic design, the best quality and equipment for a reasonable price, confidence in all situations.



What does the tagline of the automaker with the Volga, and whether we will feel, the ordinary consumers, the “new philosophy” Vase? We are trying to convince that all this is very important and the desire to improve it is written clearly:


“The slogan emphasizes the complete renewal of the product range, entry into new niches, transformation of the dealer network, using the most modern standards of design and production of cars”.


Well, have to wait for 2026, we find out.


PS can’t wait to see what models will appear until 2026? We have the answer to this question. At least the dealers will have to see the new Lada Granta (2021-2023), crossover Lada C, Lada 4×4 the second generation, the crossover Lada X-Code and a number of other new products and restyling. Read more: Here’s what new cars Lada will be released until 2026