Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 – the hottest of hatchbacks

Test drive the charged version of Ford Focus RS 2016

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

While other automakers are disappointed in the release of hot hatches, Ford has prepared a new update of the famous modification RS. Talking about generational change, unfortunately, is not necessary, because the basis of the car is the platform 2011. So try to understand how the company managed to realize their full engineering potential, limited available funds.

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

The new model turned out like never extreme and surpasses that of its main competitors, including the 292-horsepower Volkswagen Golf R. This is achieved using the system of permanent all-wheel drive, a turbocharged engine and suspension with adaptive damper settings, including the mode of “drifting”. Formally do every year is getting smaller as the Mitsubishi Evo has almost discontinued the Subaru WRX STI is outdated both morally and technically, and the limited demand for cars in this class makes their production less attractive to other companies.

The car we got for a test drive, had leather interior, power seat and adjustable 8 settings, heated steering wheel and navigation system.

First impression

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

The first impression from the acquaintance with the car was not positive. Despite constant attempts to rejuvenate the model, the appearance and interior are clearly seen solutions five years ago, which significantly reduces the attractiveness of the machine.

A few refresh the interior is the Recaro sports seats with side support, metal pedals and additional gauges atop the center console. Despite these measures, the severity and boldness of design is clearly not enough.

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacksBrowse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacksBrowse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

A few decent buffer 19-inch wheels with low profile tires, additional body kit with elements of aggression and bright color. All this allows to evaluate the appearance and make him more restrained, than the old.

If we consider the interior, then we waited more significant disappointment as the minor cosmetic changes are not allowed to get rid of the feeling that you are driving a family car.

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

But let’s be honest — despite the pronounced and sport orientation, all elements retain their functionality and make it possible without any difficulty to operate the Focus RS as the car for every day. In addition, the car retains a spacious interior the civilian version that is a distinct advantage.

As for the first driving experience, it is possible to note a fairly short and clear grip, which takes some getting used to, and very voracious turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The acceleration even on long climbs keeps its pace. Suspension, despite some of the settings pretty tight and pass on the body noticeable fluctuation. In everyday driving the sport setting of the suspension, which does not go away, perceived as a disadvantage, because the shaking and cushion shocks transmitted to the body, absolutely not conducive to comfortable riding.

For a car on each day is required and another quality – efficiency, and because we are not talking about the convertible, and before charged version of the family car, the fuel consumption is equal to 10.9 l / 100 km, spoils the overall impression. Of course, it’s not phenomenally high, but for a four-cylinder unit with turbocharging is rather an indicator of low efficiency and low adaptability of the basic model. After all, many manufacturers, fascinated by downsizing, has already presented the charged version of consuming a very low amount of fuel.

The behavior of the car on the race track

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

After a series of test runs on the track Gingerman Raceway in Western Michigan, USA, comparing the new model with such cars as the Camaro and Mustang, the Corvette, the Porsche Boxster, Cadillac CTS-V, and even the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the overall impression has begun to change in a positive way. The results pleasantly surprised, as the Focus RS showed the time 1 minute 43.5 seconds on the circle that are significantly better than the result, Cadillac ATS-V, which was within 1 minute and 46.2 seconds. Actually our loaded hatchback was faster than the very expensive coupe, under the hood, which hides the engine with the recoil 464 HP

In such conditions manifested obvious advantages of stiff suspension to prevent roll in corners and allow you to accurately track and monitor the car’s behavior in extreme situations. Handling predictable and understeer kompensiruet the discharge gas in the turns. In addition, to achieve the desired effect, all-wheel drive system can transfer up to 70% of torque to the rear axle, and the electro-shaped piece allows you to completely redirect it to the outside wheel in the turn. All of this ultimately allows you to adjust the drift and take corners at much higher speeds. The choice of settings all-wheel drive system allows you to dramatically change the behavior of the car and get it handling rough terrain FWD hatchback or sharpness control rear-wheel drive coupe.

As for settings of the engine, its power characteristics give the impression that under the hood, fit the eight-cylinder motor and the set speed steadily goes down then 6500 rpm and reaching the red zone on the tachometer. Acceleration to 100 km/h, of course, not outstanding, but 4.7 seconds for the charged version of the family car – very worthy indicator. More emotion is exhaust, a particularly juicy-sounding under the discharge gas.

Some anomalies

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

By the end of 13 minutes of the sixth race the race ring on the instrument panel lit up indicator, signaling that the car was in FWD mode. At that time, Focus RS for about one and a half hours went in extreme mode, and the temperature differential reached 70 degrees. Of course, after only 1.5 circle with gentle riding brought the temperature back to normal, and overheating differential under normal conditions is extremely difficult, but unpleasant precipitate remained. In fact, this situation is clearly demonstrated to us the obvious fact that the car is not designed for daily rides, it’s more of a youth vehicle for every day with the ability sometimes to drive at your pleasure. In continuous operation the node enters the area of immediate risk, since wear will occur very rapidly. Well-tuned electronics, in advance of disconnecting the differential with the threat of overheating, of course, saves the day, but the General congestion of all-wheel drive in extreme conditions is obvious.

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

Another unpleasant surprise was the fuel consumption. And no that is not an economy car in sports mode, increased my appetite to 27.3 l / 100 km For such sharp jumps of the expense of unprepared staff tolevamer and the associated program indication of residual mileage because she repeatedly signaled us that before the end of fuel the car will travel 80 km, despite the fact that the existing stock was allowed to overcome twice.

Summing up

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

Summarizing our brief review, we can conclude that the car is a very balanced compromise between practicality and sporting attitude. This full-sized five-seater hatchback is well suited for everyday use because it has retained basic design and layout solutions civil version. As for sport mode, sharpness control, excellent dynamics and coherence of the basic mechanisms are the costs associated with high fuel consumption.

Browse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacksBrowse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacksBrowse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacksBrowse Ford Focus RS 2016 - the hottest of hatchbacks

A few spoil the overall impression such as the inability of the transmission to long distance driving in extreme mode, although for a car on each day is rarely required. In addition, the buyer charged hatchback I want to get a really fresh design and an interior that will not be like the family car, but for the current generation Ford Focus RS, this remains an unattainable dream.

Author: S. Vasilenko