BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

How safe is the BMW X6 crossover last generation.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

When the SUV BMW X6 (E71) for the first time in 2007 appeared on the market, the whole world was speechless. The majority of those years, the design of the machine combined with the unusual body did not like. In the end, the BMW group in those years received a lot of criticism for the new extraordinary model. But contrary to all forecasts of experts, the X6 crossover has become popular all over the world. In the end, this this car there has been a demand around the world. Even for used. That’s about it today and we’ll talk. Learn how BMW E71 reliable and of good quality and is it worth to buy X6 in used condition.

Traditionally, the company BMW from time to time in the history of automobile industry time and again demonstrates market your courage in presenting bold innovative solutions and technologies that are contrary to the predictions literally revolutionize the car market. For example, it is enough to recall the appearance after the great Patriotic war eight-cylinder BMW motors, two-door sedans and the recent emergence of electric vehicles, a body which is made of carbon fiber (BMW i3) to understand that the Bavarian brand is able from scratch to come up with whom not occupied a niche in the automotive world.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

The same thing happened with the crossover BMW X6 E71 body in which the engineers used bold decisions. So in 2007, the Bavarians have presented a crossover with a body that combines four-door hatchback and coupe, and also has a large rear tailgate.

X6 based on the X5 crossover in the back of E70, which also began to be produced in 2007.

It should be noted that when X6 came into serial production BMW had a high risk investment, because they do not know how the public will react to the car because, in fact, the SUV E71 has discovered a new class of cars on the market.

So the leadership of the Munich company should be given credit for the courage which was necessary when deciding to launch a new class of cars.

In the end, since 2007 in the global market, a class, a sports crossover with chetyrehdverny bodies. For a long time, the Bavarians were no competition and they got all the cream. But over time, the market gradually began to appear competing models. However, they are unable to take away market share from BMW.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

But recently, Mercedes-Benz, which has long waited, studying the success of the X6, has decided to copy this type of crossovers with its new SUV coupe based on the basis of the usual crossover GLE.

How will further develop the competition in this segment, time will tell. But regardless of the outcome of this battle, the company BMW has certainly put himself in the history of the automotive industry as a pioneer in the segment of premium sports crossover.

BMW X6: the pros and the crossover in the back of a fastback coupe

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

Obviously, the BMW X6 created not for those tasks for which he invented the crossover X5. Although it X6 based on the X5, the coupe crossover has the same load capacity, ground clearance (220mm), the same active all-wheel drive system, etc., etc.

The main differences are of course in on the back row of seats. Special difference between X5 and X6 were visible in vehicles manufactured between 2008 and 2010. So during this period all cars X6 in the back of the machine had only two individual seats for passengers. Triple seat in the crossover (like in X5) started to install only from 2011. That is, until the 2011 crossover BMW X6 was a four-seater.

However, despite the fact that the redesigned X6 became the quintuple, room for rear passengers compared to the X5 not so much that of course affects the comfort. All the matter in the sloping roof of the X6, which gradually descends to the trunk lid. In the end, high passengers to put on the rear seat is not necessary, because they will be extremely uncomfortable in the car.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

But the main disadvantage of the X6 body is not that the rear passengers during the trip do not feel quite comfortable. In fact, the main drawback of the X6 is its visibility. Unlike X5 where visibility driving more or less normal, in X6 driver will be very uncomfortable when Parking due to the shape of the body and the small rear window.

Therefore, unlike the X5, the X6 crossover, even in the basic configuration installed Parking sensors that help the driver when reversing. Also as an option, the X6 is equipped with a rear view camera that displays rear video review on the screen of the infotainment system. Unlike sound PDC, a video screen on the center console more comfortable.

Reliable used BMW X6 (including high mileage)

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

Despite a variety of strange reviews on the Internet, from drivers who apparently have never owned a BMW, still I must admit that the X6 crossover is sufficient reliable and high quality for its class. Especially since it’s the same X5. We studied the reviews on the BMW forums, and interviewed technicians, to know what is the model X6 is the most unpretentious in the maintenance process.

In the end it turned out that the most problem-free car are diesel models (xDrive 30d, 40d xDrve).

With regards to petrol engines, then they in Russia many maintenance foremen have a claim. According to some reports the majority of the owners of the petrol X6 after 100,000-200,000 miles the engine starts at a frantic pace to “eat” oil, therefore, partial wear of the internal components of power units. As they say blame the design features of gasoline engines and poor-quality BMW engine oil, poor fuel and too large an interval between planned maintenance.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

Recall that routine maintenance of BMW cars is not at a fixed preset range, and only after the car’s computer indicates a need to contact the service. In the end, is not uncommon when the owners of the Bavarian cars are traded on the mileage more than 15 thousand km, which is not the best way affects the condition of the power unit, which does not like oil starvation and the loss of its chemical properties.

Yes, from time to time on various YouTube channels on the forums and BMW appear angry reviews about broken timing chains, extinct turbines, etc. But believe me, the amount of such real reviews not so great in relation to the number of sold in Russia of cars, the X5 and X6. According to an anonymous survey of official dealers of BMW in Russia) only about 3% of the owners of BMW X5 and X6 have experienced problems with the engines on the run to 120 thousand km. However, when run from 120 to 200 thousand km of such owners for about 7% of all accepted crossovers dealer.

Despite the presence of indeed some structural features of the BMW engines, which, if not careful attention to the motor that can result in serious problems and a fixation on the roads of Russia a lot of cars, the X5 and X6 (E70, E71) mileage 180 thousand km and above, who still do not have even the slightest signs of engine failure.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

So to say that the BMW engines that are installed on the X6, very unreliable, impossible. Take and read the forum for any brand and model and you will also see a lot of angry reviews about the unreliability of the product. Some cars you can see where a higher percentage of problems with the power units than the Bavarian brand.

The quality and reliability of the suspension of the BMW X6 (E71)

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

Unlike the X6 engines, which rarely have problems even with big problems, the quality and reliability of the chassis of the SUV have questions.

So the most common problems in this car that describe on the forums and speak directly senior to the official dealerships of BMW, it’s a bad durability of the front suspension, as well as the common factory defect in some detail.

According to statistics, about 15 percent of all X6 owners face problems with the front stabilizer, tie rod and even a worn axle. And it could happen on the run up to 70.000 km.

Usually such problems when buying a new car naturally occur within the factory warranty period, which is usually removed from an authorized dealer.

Unfortunately, due to some design features of the machine, if you buy a used X6, which has long been removed from the factory warranty, then be prepared that you will encounter the above problems in the front suspension.

Also, due to the increased load of the front suspension (especially if you’re driving the X6, you’ll constantly drive at high engine speeds and at speed to fly turns) fast enough load on the front arms is pretty often disabling silentbloc and ball finials.

This is payback for awesome steering and comfort driving X6. And don’t forget that this machine is designed, in principle, not for comfort, but in order to ride with someone on the road in the distillation.

Remember that the BMW X6 will constantly provoke you to speed up. This machine will not allow you to drive safely. Naturally when moving the prepare often to change tires, which will cost a round sum.

Another shortcoming of the car, is the cost of Hull insurance policy, which not only develops from a certain percentage of the market value of the car. Usually insurance X6 is not cheap due to the fact that the crossover uses the hijackers are good demand.

Who often buys used BMW X6

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

Owners X5 mostly loyal fans of the BMW brand, for which, as a rule, the soul no longer exists. More than half of those who bought new or used BMW X6 previously owned other cars of the Bavarian brand. Also about 2/3 of BMW owners in the future will remain loyal to the German brand.

Also half of those who currently owns the first generations of the X6, be interested in purchasing in the future second-generation X6. The other half of the X6 owners looking to acquire more in the future cheap b/a X4 or X3 crossover of the last generation.

Yes, the part of the owners of X6 for some reason in the future will abandon the BMW and get a Porsche production (e.g., Macan and Cayenne) or Mercedes (for example GLE, GLE Coupe and GLC, or GLC Coupe). But it’s usually those owners who have purchased a new X6, and during their tenure have revised their views on the market.

However, the majority of the X6 owners somehow magically stay loyal to the BMW brand and in most cases still in the future will change the crossover to a more recent one.


If you are seriously considering purchasing a used BMW X6 crossover, then be prepared for frequent maintenance of the car, which will cost you a large sum. Still, it’s a premium SUV, and the cost of spare parts can’t be cheap.

BMW X6, as most premium models of the Bavarian brand of high-tech complicated vehicles that require careful attention to all components of the machine.

Be prepared to invest a large sum of money, in order that the crossover has always been in excellent condition. Otherwise this car you will only get upset.

Also forget about oil changes at 10,000 and 15,000 km, the Oil will have to change almost every 7,000-8,000 km, because its quality in Russia leaves much to be desired. Also do not forget that in our country, in principle, no high-quality fuel, comparable to the European. In the end, it all has as the BMW engines. So frequent oil changes is the key to that engine will be more than 200 thousand km.

The cost of owning a used BMW X6

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

We considered how much it will cost owning this machine for 3 years, if you buy a 5 year old car on the used market.

Just want to note that if I bought a diesel model, then you really will not save due to the low consumption of the diesel engine. The fact that diesel X6 are much more expensive than their petrol counterparts. In the end to pay back your overpayment when you buy a used car, you’ll need more than 3-4 years (with a small mileage every year). Also note that the cost of routine maintenance in some cases, in the diesel models is much more unlike the diesel X6.

So, in fact, diesel BMW crossovers give you imaginary savings. But in the process of operation, the owner of a diesel car sooner or later will realize that in the end big time overpaid for the contents of the SUV, compared with owners of petrol models X6.

Let’s roughly calculate what is the cost of ownership b/X6 on the Russian market.

Take a used diesel (xDrive 30d) BMW X6 (E71) 2010 model year with mileage 135,000 km.

Suppose that you drive each year an average of 20,000 km (54 km/day).

Average fuel consumption according to factory specification of this model in the city is 8.7 l/100km. Highway: 6.7 l/100km. In mixed mode, the crossover consumes of 7.4 l/100km. In reality, the trust flow is much higher on average by 20-30%. Let’s according to the manufacturer’s specifications will calculate how much you need to spend each year on diesel fuel to fill the X6.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

In order to drive 20,000 km (1 year) you will need approximately 1480 litres of diesel fuel. At today’s average prices at gas stations, it turns out that every year you will spend 54,760 rubles (an average of 150 rubles/day).

But again, this calculation is valid for 2016. In the future, the fuel will only go up due to the natural high inflation in the country, and also in connection with growth of excises on fuel.

Assuming that you bought a used car for 3 years, it is likely the last year you spend on fuel is at least about 65,000 rubles (178 RUB/day).

But of course the cost of fuel is only a small part of the final cost of ownership, X6. First, every year you have to pay the transport tax, which on this car is in the Moscow region 18,375 rubles (50 rubles/day).

Second, as we have said, you have every 8 thousand km to change the engine oil along with all filters. So get ready everyone to fill at least 6.5 litres of expensive oil. Accordingly, when a run of 20 thousand km a year, you will have to spend at least 16 liters (average price of 1 liter in Russia, about 900 rubles) of which is about 15,000 rubles. Plus the filter cost, then add more here about 12,000 rubles a year. Received a total of 27,000 rubles/year (74 rubles/day).

Of course spending on maintenance X6 does not end there. We are talking about a used car with a mileage of more than 100 thousand km, respectively, you will have each year to spend in addition to the basic minimum maintenance (oil, filter, etc) conduct routine replacement of other important machine components, as well as to repair worn-out parts.

In this respect, to predict the costs of maintenance of the crossover is very difficult. But judging by the reviews online, and according to car specialists at least in addition to oil and filters you will need to spend on maintenance of X6 about 30,000-50,000 rubles a year (82-136 RUB/day).

Now let’s talk about another important item of expenditure – insurance. On average, the insurance policy on b/X6 (2008 onwards) will be about 8,000 rubles (taking into account possible discounts, etc.). Plus therefore have to purchase Insurance, which will cost at least 150,000 rubles. Accordingly, for the insurance you will spend an average of 158 thousand rubles every year (432 rubles/day.).

Plus add to that other current maintenance expenses (washing, Parking, etc.), as well as possible fines in the total cost of ownership BMW X6 will pour you a round sum, comparable to expensive holidays abroad.

In the end, at least we have calculated adding all the spending for the maintenance of the crossover X6, we obtain that in average you will spend on a crossover of about 966 rubles a day or 28,980 rubles a month (347,760 rubles per year). And this is with run of 20 thousand km annually.

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

And note that your costs will be every year increasing, in connection with the need for more expensive repairs, as well as in connection with rise in prices of all spare parts, oils, fuel, insurance, etc., which is associated with high inflation in the country.

In addition, buying a BMW X6 in used condition, be prepared that in three years of operation of the machine will seriously lose its price. So, buying a crossover, for example, 1,400,000 rubles, be prepared that after three years the car would be worth on the used market at an average 800,000 rubles. So in addition to the huge spending on the maintenance of X6, get ready to leave for at least another 600 thousand rubles.

As a result, over the three years of owning the vehicle including loss of market price, you will spend a minimum of just over 1 million rubles, 600 thousand (the loss in market value).

BMW X6 (E71): Should I buy a used SUV

Including do not forget that spending that kind of money, you sell the car after three years of ownership, will actually receive the money, which will not buy anything worthwhile on the market.

If you want to buy again X6, you will have to add a lot of money, because in three years the cost of both new and used cars will increase substantially in connection with inflation.