A bill to increase the penalty for nepropusk pedestrian passed first reading

The state Duma voted to increase the fine for pedestrians nepropusk

A bill to increase the penalty for nepropusk pedestrian passed first reading

The state Duma held the first reading of the bill, which would increase the liability of drivers not yielding to pedestrians from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles. The draft law passed the first reading. The basic gist of the project will be that the so-called differentiation of responsibility, administrative fines will range from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand rubles.

Our online edition 1GAI.RU already covered this topic. Then we noted that the ministries responsible for the tightening of rules and administrative penalties, in fact going in the wrong direction, raising the standard of administrative responsibility, but doing very little for real improvement of road safety in the country in General (as evidenced by the high statistics of accidents due to poor roads) and improve the safety of pedestrian crossings in particular. Instead, set complexes commit violations and entered a more serious administrative responsibility.

Under the new proposal, traffic police, which became known last summer, the fine should be increased and differentiated from 1,500 rubles to 2,500 rubles. That increased fines, according to the interior Ministry can overcome the high rates of death and injury on the road “Zebra”. As evidence of the negative statistics office gives the figures of previous years. In 2014, pedestrian crossings were more than 19 thousand traffic accidents. In 2015, the statistics deteriorated, adding a few hundred accidents involving pedestrians. Last year at pedestrian crossings were killed and 802 were injured, more than 14 thousand foot road users.

As before, many experts believe that to solve the problem of injury and death for pedestrians in the country is possible only in an integrated way.

P. S. However, according to the most recent information (published on rg.ru), not only to drivers can shoulder the burden of the penalty area, walkers can also toughen the penalties for traffic violations such as crossing the road on a red light.