Began issuing new plates for disabled drivers

The stickers on the cars of persons with disabilities – results started.

Began issuing new plates for disabled drivers 

So, in our country began to issue plates for disabled drivers or for those drivers who accompany disabled persons. We will remind that now to take advantage of free Parking in places designated for Parking of vehicles of disabled persons, it is necessary to have a special handicap placard new format, which can be obtained only in Bureau mediko-social examination where persons with disabilities receive a disability certificate.


What you need to do to the disabled person or the driver to accompany the disabled person to get a new sign “Disabled person”?

Began issuing new plates for disabled drivers 

To do this, contact the Bureau of medical-social examination by submitting an application the established sample, and also a copy of the certificate with the Expert (certificate of disability). According to the administrative regulation bodies mediko-social examination are required to consider the application and issue a number plate is “Disabled” within 30 days.


In fact signs today produces just a few days. For example, the correspondent of Russian Newspaper managed to get a new plate in just 4 days.

But this is due to a small number of citizens. Of course in the future when will the massive wave of acquisitions of new tablets period of their production will rise considerably.


Whether all drivers with disabilities to obtain new plates for the car?

Began issuing new plates for disabled drivers 

Yet. The fact that currently in the SDA, the administrative code is not amended, which would allow to prosecute persons parked in spaces for the disabled do not have on the vehicle label of a new sample.

But at the moment the Government of the Russian Federation develops the bill, which involves such changes in existing legislation.


Recall that the new stickers-decals for the cars of disabled people introduced in Russia for the purpose of dealing with those who are buying cheap handicap placard, parked in handicapped spaces.


Sorry to bring these drivers to justice, we need the personal contact of the police with the driver to establish eligibility for the Parking, the place is designed according to SDA for the Parking of vehicles of disabled persons.


Of course to watch all day these “quirky” drivers is not possible. Therefore, the police only just now satisfied with planned raids on identification of persons unlawfully occupying Parking spaces for vehicles of persons with disabilities or their guardians.


But in the future, when it will come changes in the legislation to identify these drivers will be easier as the new format of the labels “Handicapped” can be obtained only in Bureau mediko-social examination.


Yes, of course, will appear in Russia and fake signs that to detect will also have personal contact with the driver. But, nevertheless, the problem of massive illegal Parking in handicapped spaces can be solved. Today, yet, alas, the usual drivers, acquire cheap wall stickers “Disabled” and Park where I can be just disabled vehicles.


Of course for more rigorous control of Parking in handicapped spaces will be required to enter a single database of all vehicles owned by disabled persons or persons transporting disabled persons. If you create a similar database for the police it will be easier in the future to identify those drivers who are stuck on the glass fake badge “Disabled”, Park your car in a spot designated as Parking for vehicles of disabled persons.


It will be enough to run the number plate through the database to check whether the sign to the car that the state gave the sign “Disabled”.