Bang! And pieces: pickup Nissan got zero points in crash test [Protection worse than “Zhiguli”]

Living proof that different markets leading manufacturers make completely different cars. Pickup Nissan as an example

Bang! And pieces: pickup Nissan got zero points in crash test [Protection worse than

Are you sure that foreign automakers always enthusiastically chasing safety of their cars? What they call humanism, and not under duress, called “the law” is ready to invest hundreds of millions of dollars on development they will not bring any dividends in the sales of its product?


Many car owners have long wondered this question. Part of their assumption was confirmed by foreign studies, which indicated which components and materials what is the quality of the world famous car brands make cars for their customers. The point was that in countries with strict control requirements for quality car parts, until the bolt was made at a very high technological level. In countries with a lower standard of living where people can not afford very expensive cars, brands use more simple and hence cheap items. Save there, save here, and so the circle – look, and the car came to a couple of thousand dollars cheaper.


But in the most backward from the economic point of view and law countries, the situation is quite bad. Standard refers to the States of Central, southern Africa and some countries in the Middle East and Latin America. There automakers are “global” names chase outright junk. Don’t believe? Look at the result of crash test of this truck Nissan, model NP300 Hardbody, he is well-known “Navara”:


Nissan NP300 Hardbody for the South African market has received zero stars in the global test Global NCAP.


How are you? Horrified? “Lada” in 90-e years also “kept” front shocks… But in front of us crash test of a modern truck, let and the most reduced for low-income market.


The machine failed in all respects. His body called “unstable” – the car could not offer how whatever adequate protection for the head, chest and knees of the driver. The passenger was not sweeter. Airbags though (driver and passenger), but the side Arbekov, pillows for the knees and seat belt pretensioners was not in sight. However, even if they were present, then any help could not. The body was completely destroyed.


The irony is that the name Nissan carries a Hardbody console – solid state. As said the Secretary General of Global NCAP David ward, “it is Surprising that such a global company like Nissan can produce so poorly designed car today, he said, adding: – NP300 Hardbody – a ridiculously wrong name because its body completely destroyed.”


I think this is a rare case? Really no new modern car with zero safety rating. And last year, Fiat Punto received a zero rating from Euro NCAP. A few months after the ageing supermini was finally removed from the list of Fiat’s sales in the UK. But in other countries it did continue to sell…