Autopilot Tesla Model 3 saved its owner from an imminent crash: Video

Autopilot Tesla helps to avoid accidents

Autopilot Tesla Model 3 saved its owner from an imminent crash: Video

All these “autopilots” and the other active driver assistance systems can’t be trusted. After a series of loud and deadly accidents involving cars Tesla, Uber and other “autonomicos”, this is not stated except that lazy. Thus, we can conclude that the cars with auto-pilot not only prevent accidents, but they can provoke.


The brands that have mastered the production of avtopilotiruemy vehicles warn their future clients that include the autopilot can only under the close and watchful attention of the driver. You must control everything, keep hands on the wheel and in General, it is better to forget that you have a system of auto-pilot. It is of course understandable, the system is far from perfect, and litigation nobody wants.


With that said, to see Tesla walking on the track under the control of the autopilot as the Savior of the situation – very strange. However, this also happens. According to some even more often than of accident because of those same cars. That’s one of the incidents captured on video (action starts with a 1.30 minute video):


As you can see, the car passed the test with dignity. By the way, later the situation was examined the kind of company involved in the analysis of the accident, arranging for the timing of the phases of the incident and making the animation:


Conclusion of the experts was unanimous, the system of piloting in this particular case, prevented contact and that is not excluded, helped to avoid the accident. Operate the machine man, he could not at the time. 1 second from the driver vs 0.4 seconds robot. These data are clearly not on the driver’s side.