“Aurus” officially unveiled two sedans at MIAS-2018

Russian Autolux comes: official premiere Aurus

The next big domestic premiere at the Moscow motor show 2018: Aurus presented their new products. As promised the newly minted luxury carmaker from Russia, the premiere award of the innovations we can expect at MIAS, and left. Two new models have been the world premiere at the exhibition complex “Crocus Expo”. During the ceremony of the presentation of Aurus and Aurus Senat Senat Limousine was attended by the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov. It shows how the achievement is significant and at a high government level it was discussed and implemented.


“For the first time in Russian history there was a project for the production of a commercial line of cars of class “luxury”. AURUS is a national brand that is modern, technologically advanced and innovative Russia. I am convinced of the success of the product and that the car brand will soon take its place in our country and in export markets”, – quotes the words Manturov, the Russian newspaper.


Photo taken from the site auto.mail.ru

To increase the volume of production and its debugging will be done gradually. Until a bet is made on “probing” of the market, estimation of demand, adjustment of contacts among foreign countries and consumers in the country. In the next 2 years (up to 2020), will be produced about 150 cars. The circulation was correlated with the premium of a new brand. Further production capacity will be increased to 5 thousand copies. The sales presented at the motor show models (normal and armored), from January 2019. Pre-orders can be made now, at MIAS. Prices will be announced closer to 2019.


The next “salon”, which will also feature domestic news – Geneva. It will premiere for a European buyer. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the foreign audience, because the strap raised Aurus is very high – on a par with Rolls-Royce and Bentley. However, as promised, cost “Aurus” will be cheaper than their competitors.


AURUS SENAT Limousine – armored “presidential” version of a limousine. It supports ballistic and explosion protection, significantly ahead of similar models from competing brands.


Photo taken from the site auto.mail.ru

AURUS SENAT – kommercheskoy bronirovania series.


As noted in the press service of the brand: the cars Aurus and Aurus Senat Senat Limousine offer a combination of all-wheel drive and hybrid plants, which was developed taking into account climatic and road characteristics of the country. This allows us to provide the highest level of comfort and safety of passengers under all operating conditions. Limousine and sedan got the same 4.4-litre V8 supercharged capacity of 598 HP, combined with a compact electric motor, 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system. The engine is paired with a powerful high-voltage electric machine on Board. The limousine accelerates to 100 km in less than 6 seconds.


Photo taken from the site auto.mail.ru

A full set of modern systems of security and control during the movement is also a standard scheme of acquisition of the car. It includes: system active driver assistance ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System), adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control, automatic emergency braking system, collision avoidance system with the technology of the pedestrian recognition system traffic sign recognition, tracking, blind spots and so on.

By the way, the body Aurus can be painted in any shade of color according to the customer.

Photo taken from the site auto.mail.ru