Audi RS6 dispersed up to 378 km/h (not in the suburbs)

Audi was almost as fast as a Buggati: Video

Audi RS6 dispersed up to 378 km/h (not in the suburbs)

From Golden youth not all days are equally fabulous. There are times when the network have nothing to spread. Neither you party with Cristal champagne, sea promenades on expensive yachts or crazy races through the city. And to publish fascinating footage of the “Dolce Vita” need. So we have to assign someone else’s content, giving it for his own.


The video was posted on the page in Instagram user Majorka_777 and was accompanied by the caption, the dubbed English language: “made the tracks in the Moscow region the airstrip for your Audi Rs6. The speedometer is gone. A very serious dynamic performance for such a vehicle. Incendiary video for the media?”


Yes, it was really fast. 378 km/h on a suburban road with a speed plane! The driver really desperate. And RS6-I like zatonirovany on the roof. The only thing I would like to clarify, what year in the suburbs built a new city of Stuttgart? I guess I missed something…


Here is a more detailed video:

And Yes, check-in took place in Germany and not in the suburbs… How hard to live when there is nothing “post” to Instagram…