ATV “Sherpa” conquer the roads of America (New video)

Russian SUV “Sherpa” came to taste the Americans: Video


You can always look at three things: how fire burns, how water flows and how “Sherpa” crawling through thick mud. New video from American fans of the mud extreme experiencing unique SUV developed in Russia.


He video is great for anyone who can’t imagine how people can ride on paved roads. Marshes, swamps, unreal the dirt away from civilization. North American forests are very similar to Russian, and the Yankees, apparently, are also not averse to test themselves and equipment in extreme conditions.


Let me come to the point. Rather, to viewing exciting video in which the speed of a snail – norm, and the winners at the end of the competition will be so dirty that they can hardly recognize my own mother:


I advise you to see another entertaining video with the SUV of the highest category in the main roles: Russian SUV “Sherpa” conquering roads of Texas: Video