As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth

That’s why nuclear bombs will not destroy our planet: the view of physicists.

As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth 

The modern era has brought us one of the most horrible inventions in all of human history – the atomic bomb. This weapon uses the power of physics, releasing huge amounts of energy from relatively small amounts of mass. This small weight of charge creates incomprehensible fire, blast wave, radiation. All this poses a threat to humanity in the deaths of millions and diseases associated with radiation exposure.

So what has long been a known fact that in the case of mass explosions of nuclear bombs on the planet, humanity may perish. But can our planet die from a massive explosion of nuclear warheads? Actually there is no such military resources, which could destroy the whole Earth, rotating in a sphere around the Sun. Recall that the diameter of our planet is 12 742 km. Such a huge field can’t destroy the entire nuclear Arsenal on the planet. Here are the technical explanations of famous physicists.

As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth 

Recently physicists (astrophysicists) asked the question, what are the boundaries of destruction has nuclear weapons on our planet. Scientists also asked how much need nuclear bombs to move the Earth out of its orbit at which it revolves around the Sun. Including physicists asked the more important question: what consequences await Earth if to blow up all the nuclear weapons on our planet?


Konstantin Y. Batygin


Astronomer, astrophysicist


  • – In principle, to shift the Earth from its orbit, you just need to stop her movement. Then she starts to fall in space.
  • The kinetic energy of the Earth (the energy of the Earth rotating around the Sun) is equal to the half of the Earth’s mass multiplied by its orbital speed, about 10 40 erg. (Erg / Ergs is a unit of energy)
  • During the test (Starfish Prime) one of the most powerful U.S. nuclear bombs energy is released 10 22 erg (1 megatons of TNT).
  • Taking these data, you can calculate how much you need nuclear bombs to detonate simultaneously to stop the rotation of our planet. You will find that you will need 600 000 000 000 000 000 nuclear warheads with a capacity comparable to the power of the bomb, which was exploded by the Americans in the framework of the test, named Starfish Prime.

As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth 

Luke Told


Senior research scientist, southwest research Institute, USA


  • – Kinetic energy of Earth in its orbit:
  • E = ½ mv 2 = ½ (6 x 10 24 kg) * (30,000 m / s) 2 or about 3 · 10 33Дж, where m is Earth’s mass, v its speed around the Sun.
  • The energy of a 1-megaton bomb bomb is E = 4 · 10 j 15.
  • To knock the Earth from orbit and send in the direction of, for example, of the Sun, you will need to change the energy of Earth in orbit for a significant portion of its current energy, so you need about E / E bomb = (3 x 10 33 ) / (4 x 10 15 ) nuclear bombs, or about 10 18мегатонн nuclear warheads, ie, a billion billion large atomic bombs.

As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth 

Janine Krippner




  • – If the largest and most explosive eruptions on Earth have not sent our planet into the Sun, it is quite doubtful that ever mankind have so many atomic bombs, capable of its energy with the simultaneous explosion to knock the planet Earth out of orbit, sending it directly to the Sun.
  • For example, on our planet there were volcanic eruptions that were allocated vast amounts of energy, comparable with the hundreds and even thousands of nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Moreover, these eruptions do not take into account the incredibly vast amounts of energy, which occasionally throw out such volcanoes, like Yellowstone or Taupo.

As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth 

Alan Shy


Professor Emeritus, Department of environmental Sciences, Rutgers University, USA


  • – I have no experience in the calculation of nuclear energy needed to modify planetary orbits. But despite this, I just say that this is impossible. In our world there are so many atomic bombs that would be able to send our Earth to travel the Universe on a new orbit.

However, I have experience and knowledge about how the use of nuclear weapons in war, can change the climate of our Earth.

So, if you start a nuclear war, then, naturally, the first blows of atomic bombs will fall on industrial areas (cities, towns) of the warring countries. The explosion of the atomic bombs will start fires incredible. Smoke from fires rise into the stratosphere and affect weather, which will change for years.


  • As smoke will rise into the stratosphere, it will block the flow of sunlight to the planet and to the Earth dusk falls. Simultaneously with this begins the destruction of the ozone layer that will lead to a large amount of penetration of UV rays to the surface of the Earth.

How to change the climate and the number of incoming UV radiation will depend on the number of nuclear explosions on the planet, their goals and how powerful nuclear weapons will be used.

  • By the way, has calculated that the war between the US and Russia will lead to nuclear winter, killing most of the rural households throughout the Land, causing most people on the planet will face starvation. Moreover, this theory was recently confirmed by calculations of scientists of several countries.

But even a war between two small nuclear powers, such as India and Pakistan, may also lead to unprecedented climate change in the history of mankind, a threat which is rampant hunger all around the planet.

As you need nuclear bombs to destroy the Earth 

Dr. Laura Grego


A scientist involved in global security issues of the planet


  • – If you think about it, what are nuclear weapons and what it is intended, is not alone. Even one atomic bomb can carry incredible devastation and a huge number of victims. It’s awful. Especially considering what number of nuclear weapons has on our planet. For example, the United States and Russia possess at the moment an overwhelming majority of nuclear weapons on the planet. Each of these countries can quickly deploy for military operations, about 2,000 nuclear weapons. 2000 is for storage.

Every fifth person on earth lives in one of the 436 cities with populations over one million people. Therefore, a significant portion of the world’s population can be destroyed by using less than half of the nuclear bombs that belong only to one country.


  • But even a nuclear conflict on a much smaller scale can have devastating consequences. For example, the conflict between India and Pakistan could result in nuclear war between them in which a nuclear bomb with a power comparable to the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, will be used to strike at the cities of these countries. As a result, in a short time will be destroyed about 20 million people.

And the smoke from the fires after the explosion of atomic bombs in the cities of these countries will be transferred to the atmosphere of the planet, which we are waiting for climate change and acid rain for decades.

This will lead to mass starvation, resulting in a billion or more people risk being left completely without food.

So, as you can see, the mere possession of nuclear missiles is awful. Probably it is high time when the nuclear powers time to make real steps on reduction of nuclear weapons on the planet. After all, the possession of nuclear weapons is a ticking time bomb.