As with the air filter add to car power

It turns out that expensive high-performance air filters do give your car more power.

As with the air filter add to car power 

Who has not dreamed to add to your car extra power? Many of us would like to have their iron horse became more powerful, more dynamic, etc. preferably without any investment. Unfortunately, without a lot of money to do it is almost unreal. But is it possible to increase the capacity by installing a new nezapadnogo air filter? In this respect there is a lot of controversy and myths. Here is proof that with the help of air filter in any car really can increase the capacity.


However, it is worth noting that this increase of power you most likely will not even notice, as it will be small. But it is not the question. And that installing a new air filter really works. Don’t believe? Here is an example.


If you have ever been to the auto parts store, you probably saw a variety of colorful boxes with air filters and maybe even paid attention to the filters that supposedly give the car extra power and even, according to the manufacturer, more torque compared to the factory original filter elements.

To many motorists it’s hard to believe that some inexpensive vehicle components which are easy to install, can really give some increase in power.

As with the air filter add to car power 

But Jason Fenske channel Engineering Explained (YouTube) decided to test if changing the air filter adds car extra mares. And most surprisingly, in the experiment, Jason was able to prove that Yes, high performance air filters really give the car more power. But not a lot.


Penske decided as an experiment to put on my Subaru Crosstrek various air filters and measure the power and torque of the car on a chassis dynamometer.

To test was taken with four different filters: dirty factory (native) factory new, cheaper alternative (aftermarket filter) and high-performance filter company “K & N”.

As with the air filter add to car power 

During testing, the blogger found that the dynamometer car with nonnative new air filter gives more power than the original new filter element (and certainly more than the old factory filter). Moreover, the greatest increase horsepower and torque was when using high-performance filter “K & N” (about 4 HP and 6,7791 Newton metres, which is approximately nand 2.6% and 3.7% more, respectively).


Also Penske tested the car with different filters in the real world, comparing the dynamics of acceleration Subaru Crosstrek with each of the four air filters. These tests also confirmed the data that showed the chassis dynamometer. When measuring the dynamics of dispersal faster the car accelerated with the filter company “K & N”. According to the blogger, this filter gave the car an increase in speed acceleration by 2-3% compared to the original air filter.



The only thing not tested Fenske, this is how every aftermarket air filter well filters the air entering the engine compared to the original filters. However, the blogger believes that the increase in engine power with high-performance filters can be the result of a slower filtering (especially the cheap counterpart). Unfortunately, Penske not been able to verify the filter process air filters that participated in testing.

As with the air filter add to car power 

So, if you ever worried about the question of truth or myth, that the increase of power is achieved through the use of more expensive air filters, you can now unequivocally say that this is not a lie. Especially when it comes to sports high-performance filters.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the increase of power and torque through the use of more expensive filters is small. Moreover so small that we doubt you’ll even notice that your machine with a different air filter has become more powerful.