As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Here’s what you need to know to in case of an accident not to be left without compensation for the insurance policy

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Many drivers mistakenly believe that, if you buy insurance policy, it will protect their car from other drivers in exactly the same way as insurance. But it’s not. It is because of misunderstandings or ignorance of many motorists too lightly hope that the insurance policy will solve all the problems on the road. Recall that the policy of obligatory insurance of a civil liability which you buy every year, and covers your liability if the accident was your fault. In this case, the injured party will receive compensation under the system of direct settlement of losses through its insurance company, which in turn will receive compensation from your company.


Alas, the insurance policy will not cover all your losses in an accident, if the perpetrator become you. In this case, the payment will be entitled only to the injured party. You do your car will be repaired at your own expense.

So if you want to protect your car from an accident their fault, you direct road to insurance company for insurance. Unfortunately, not all motorists today can afford to throw away money on the hull. So you just have to be careful on the road and not to get into an accident their fault.


Meanwhile, even if you are the perpetrator of the accident, the insurance company can refuse to pay damages under the insurance policy. We have collected for you the most common causes of failure in damages, in which fault the drivers themselves. So there you go.


1) Error in the design of an accident without traffic police (evroprotokol)

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Probably, already all know that in our country for several years, there is a provision that allows members of the accident legally to make out road accident without the presence of traffic police. However, you need to observe a number of conditions.

Recall that initially the accident without Dpsnikov could be issued if the amount of damage does not exceed 25 000 rubles. Then this level was raised to 50 000 rubles. And recently, this limit was again raised to 100 000 rubles.


Also the law allows to issue road accident according to the europrotocol, even if the amount of damage exceeds 100,000 rubles (but not more than 400 thousand rubles). However, in this case, the machine must either have a button the system ERA-GLONASS that should be pressed prior to making an accident or on the phone involved in the accident should be a special application of the accident. Evroprotokol.

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

It would seem, what could be easier than to arrange an accident by europrotocol. But unfortunately, even if you complete the Protocol, but do not complete the necessary conditions, of damages you may be denied. For example, many who designed the europrotocol, you forget that both parties of an accident have a maximum period of 5 (!) days to contact the insurance company with a statement of the fact of occurrence of the insured event.


Most importantly, it must make not only one driver, whose car suffered not his fault, but the culprit, despite the fact that no payments are due. Otherwise, after compensation by the insurance company it has the full legal right to recourse be required to compensate all expenses incurred for the restoration of the victim’s vehicle in the service station.

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Unfortunately, such cases have become frequent over the last year. Each month, more of the perpetrators of the accident get claim from the insurance compensation paid their insurance compensation. The reason is usually, as we said, that the culprit is not addressed in the insurance within 5 days.


2) Fill forms of notices on road accident gently with a ballpoint pen.

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

In any case, do not write with a pencil, marker, ink and gel pen. You run the risk that the insurer may deny compensation for pencil Doodle in the form of the notice on road accident.

3) Be careful and try not to get into an accident with expensive cars

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

The fact that, recall, is the maximum damage that covers your insurance policy, is 400 000. This means that your responsibility when you purchase insurance you are insured for up to 400 thousand rubles.

So if you are at fault will get into an accident with an expensive car, you risk to fly a lot of money since the expensive refurbishment of luxations insurance indemnity in the amount of 400 000 rubles may not be enough. In this case, the injured party has the full right to demand from you reimbursement of losses for recovery of the affected car amount. Therefore, in order to sleep well and be better protected, will buy voluntary motor insurance policy of civil liability (the so-called Polis dsago). Under this insurance you can expand your limit of liability, if their fault will break someone’s car.


4) After the accident immediately to the insurer

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

The old-fashioned way, many motorists got into an accident and having it either on the European accident report or involving the police in the first place go to independent appraisers-experts for calculation of damages. Car owners mistakenly believe that an independent examination of the damage will allow them to receive more compensation in the form of repair works in the technical centre in the direction of the insurer. But that was before. Today immediately after the accident, you need to show your car to the expert of the insurance company. Then you can turn to independent evaluators. And if you don’t agree with the amount of damage that will count on your insurance company. Usually this must be done if you are going to require with the insurance company compensation for greater damages through the courts. Please note that if you do not provide your car for inspection, the experts of the insurance company, you most likely will be denied compensation.


5) What if the perpetrator of the accident has no valid insurance policy?

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Recently on the roads of Russia goes more and more drivers without valid insurance insurance policies. This happened after a substantial increase in insurance rates in the compulsory third party liability insurance. So many drivers either do not purchase insurance policies or purchase a fake insurance.

In the end, if the culprit of the accident at the hands of no current insurance policy, you will not be able to count on compensation. In this case, you will have to conduct an independent examination and to seek judicial civil claim in court to recover from the culprit the damage caused by it. How do you check the insurance policy the culprit? It’s simple. On the website of the Russian Union of auto insurers, you can check the validity of any insurance policy. For this special form you need to enter the serial number of the insurance policy. You can do it here.

Including the validity of insurance policy you can check via a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, which is called an accident.The Euro Protocol developed by the Russian Union of insurers.


6) Remember that if you get in an accident the driver is not inscribed in the insurance policy, the insurance company may deny the compensation

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

I do not advise you to transfer your vehicle to someone who is not inscribed in the insurance policy. The fact that in the event of an accident caused by that driver, you may be denied a payment because according to the laws and regulations of the insurance driver not listed on insurance policy insurance, has no right to drive a vehicle. However, the refusal of insurance companies to reimburse the damage can be challenged in court because, according to the Federal law “About insurance”, if in an accident the driver is not entered in the insurance policy, the payment still must be made. But in this case, you will likely have to knock with the insurance compensation through the courts, which will take a lot of time and nerves. To avoid this, we suggest you either pre-enter all the drivers in the CTP, which can sit behind the wheel of your car, or buy a insurance policy without limitations as to the vehicle.


7) Can I arrange an accident according to the europrotocol, if there is a non-contact accident?

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Know what a non-contact accident? For example, when one car clipped another and in the end one car to avoid a collision, flew into the ditch. Many have asked whether it is possible for such accidents to issue a European accident report. Actually no. In this case, you should call the traffic police for registration of the accident the old fashioned way. Otherwise, you will refuse to pay.


8) Can I obtain a European accident report, if there is no agreement between the participants of the accident on the guilt in an accident?

As the drivers get money from the insurance policy

Yes, you can arrange an accident on evroprotokol even without the consent between the parties to the accident. However, for this your car must have a system of ERA GLONASS or you need to arrange an accident with the help of a special application. For example, an accident.Evroprotokol. Otherwise you will have to call the traffic police at the scene of the accident. If you make an accident on evroprotokol when disagreement of participants in the usual way without fixing a crash system ERA-GLONASS or without the use of mobile applications, then you will be refused compensation.