As in the case of emergency, break the glass in the car. A practical guide

What to do if you were in an accident and the doors are locked?

As in the case of emergency, break the glass in the car. A practical guide 

In the event of an accident, when the door refuses to be obedient, the only exit is the window. However, often after an accident in the car do not work Windows. In the end, to get out of the car, you first need to get rid of glass. Contrary to popular belief that car glass is fragile as ice, break the glass is not so easy. You need to be prepared and know in advance how you can quickly get rid of the glass.


There are many reasons why you may need to break a window in the car, ranging from extreme situations when you need to help the injured driver or passenger who has an accident and can’t get out of the car, locked all doors, and the ending is left in a locked car key. So, if all means to get out of the car after the accident did not help, have to break the glass. Also can not do without it, if you can’t get in the car, which left the keys.


How to break the glass?

As in the case of emergency, break the glass in the car. A practical guide 

If you are stuck in the car, doors locked, you have little room to maneuver, the simplest solution is to break the side window next to where you sit. However, if you are not able to get out for some reason through the side window, you will have to break the windshield.

If you are going to beat the window outside trying to unlock a broken car driver and passengers, make sure that the pieces do not hurt the victims. It is best to choose glass or rear glass, which is further away from the victims. Breaking a side window, quickly try to open the door. If the door is not rasplachivaetsya, help people to get out of the car.


Than knock?

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Stuck in the car, you have to find something to knock the glass to get out. It can be done, for example, using the head restraint, which must be pulled out from the seatback. If the inside of your car has a fire extinguisher, a wrench, you can also use them as a tool for breaking the glass.

The only problem is that during an accident and threat to life most of the things in the car can be out of reach. So each driver must ensure the car was always at hand some tools for these purposes.

As in the case of emergency, break the glass in the car. A practical guide 

For example, you can buy pocket multitool (multitool), which although is not large, but if necessary will help you to break the glass. Typically, the multitool is a pocket knife set, scissors, pliers, etc. a set of tools and compact, allowing it to be used as a keychain for car key. In the end, you are always at hand will be a tool that will help you out in a difficult situation.


There are even special emergency kit of tools specifically designed to break the glass in the car. This set includes a small hammer and a spike. With their help you enough to cause a small hit to break even the hardest glass in the car.


How to protect yourself?


When the glass is broken no matter the strength of the glass. The most important is the contact patch of the tool and glass. The smaller it is, the easier it shatters glass. So if you, for example, use for breaking the glass fire extinguisher, hit the rib and not the entire area of his bottom.


You also have to understand that it is better to hit the glass closer to the edge. The blow should not be too strong. Otherwise, you may damage the arm. To protect the hand from cuts, tightly wrap any rag or your shirt/blouse.