As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses

What are you using for the wheel?

Glasses Contact lenses I Have no problems with vision Problems with vision, but in the rights there is no mark


Responsibility for driving without glasses?

As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses 

We all know that road safety every driver that controls the car must have good eyesight, which helps to control the traffic situation, see other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, road signs, road markings, traffic lights, etc. But, unfortunately, in connection with the craze with computers, tablets and, worse, the smartphones in our country for many years, a growing number of eye diseases. In the end, the vision is recorded among a huge number of Russians, many of whom have a driver’s license. But how is this possible if those with impaired vision to not get behind the wheel?


As a rule according to medical conditions drivers with visual impairment are required to control the vehicle to use glasses. Usually in this case the rights is a special mark on the admission for a wheel strictly in the glasses. Unfortunately, glasses are often not very convenient to control the car. So many drivers with vision problems in recent years began to use contact lenses, which can compensate for poor eyesight. It would seem that there is nothing wrong.


Because lens really replace the majority of the points to improve vision. But don’t forget we only build our democratic and legal society, where possibly in the future, human rights will not be violated and where officials and law enforcement agencies will not try to Scam us for money. But, alas, it is a question only of the distant future. And while we live here and now. Therefore, we must be prepared for any surprises from the authorities, officials, police, etc.


This is especially true of the traffic police, which has already invented 1001 ways damage nerves drivers. For example, our office recently began to address the drivers complaining that they are in some regions of the administrative records for driving without glasses, despite their use of contact lenses. We decided to study this subject to give a legal assessment to actions of employees of traffic police.

As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses 

So, you are right the traffic police, making the Protocol against drivers for driving in contact lenses, but without glasses? In fact, their actions are not legitimate, because the contact lenses actually replace glasses.

How cunning the traffic police are lots of drivers have problems with vision?


Recall that if you get behind the wheel without glasses or contact lenses, and you have rights there is a mark, you have the right to drive a car only with glasses or contact lenses. Otherwise, if you go without glasses, it will be assumed that you drive a car without a driver’s license. Accordingly, in the case of detecting such violations of the law, you as a driver that controls the car without points, will be brought to administrative responsibility according to part 1 of article 12.7 of the administrative code. That’s what is literally stated in part 1 of article 12.7:


Article 12.7. The handling of the vehicle by the driver without rights management vehicle
If violations referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 12.7, apply the detention of the vehicle and the removal of the driver from the control.
Part 1. Driving a vehicle driver who does not have the right to drive a vehicle (except for educational driving),
shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount from 5 000 to 15 000 rubles.
(as amended by Federal laws from 21.03.2005 N 21-FZ, dated 22.06.2007 N 116-FZ, from 24.07.2007 N 210-FZ of 23.07.2013 No. 196-FZ).

As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses 

But that’s not all. If you are stopped by traffic police, which will set you against medical advice got behind the wheel without glasses or contact lenses, in addition to the administrative report under article 12.7 of the administrative code your car within the same article (we specifically said standard in article 12.7, which permits police officers to detain vehicle) can send to the impound yard, since you do not have the right to drive a car without glasses. So if this time around you will be people with rights, you also later get the money have to pay for evacuation and storage of cars in the impound lot.


Also keep in mind that if you were without glasses or contact lenses driving someone else’s car and riding in the car with someone who has trusted you to control your car, it is also in accordance with part 3 of article 12.7 can be brought to administrative responsibility. Thus, according to part 3 of article 12.7 of the administrative code for transfer of control of the vehicle to the person obviously not having the right of control of the vehicle, face a fine in the amount of 30 000 rubles.


So if in your rights is a mark that the driving is only allowed with glasses or contact lenses, that in no case do not drive without them. Otherwise you will get a large fine, and your car will go to impound.

We will remind that the rights of an old sample I used to mark points on the front side (where the photo) in the “Special notes”. Usually there is wrote “Glasses” or “Glasses and contact lenses”.


In the new samples of driver license check-glasses applied to the back part, where the specified categories of vehicles. The mark is applied from below in the form of the Latin abbreviations: GCL. Here’s an example:

As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses 


Please note that if the old rights in the special notes is the inscription “Points required”, you have the right to drive just the glasses. In this case, if you sit behind the wheel, wearing contact lenses, it will be assumed that you were driving without a license, which, consequently, is fraught with administrative responsibility under article 12.7 of the administrative code. If the label indicates that you have the right to use driving glasses, and contact lenses, according to the current legislation driving the lenses will not be a violation. But, unfortunately, in our country, traditionally, the laws of perfect on paper. Life is not so simple.


The fact that many drivers who have vision problems, recently began to face with the arbitrariness of the traffic police who saw that person driving without glasses, but the lenses (in spite of the level of rights that glasses or contact lenses are required), and begin to impute to motorists the violations of the current legislation, i.e. driving without a license. Most interesting is that sometimes it is even prepared administrative reports, and cars such drivers are evacuating to the impound lot. Why?

As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses

Yes, the fact that drivers are unable in communication with the traffic police to prove (although they are not obliged to do so) that they are using contact lenses. Although it is recognized that when a person uses a lens, it is immediately obvious. But judging by the growing trend of attracting drivers to account under article 12.7 for driving without glasses or without contact lenses, or many of the DPS’s eyesight, since they can’t see the drivers eyes contact lenses, or they do it deliberately, spreading motorists for money.


In fact, under current law drivers are not required to prove to the police that they are in contact lenses. Also, the traffic police have no right to somehow check the drivers availability contact lenses.

So no need to listen to the threats of the DPS that if you can prove that you have contact lenses, you will be brought to administrative responsibility for driving without a license. Do not worry. To prove that you violated the law, have a representative government. You don’t have to prove that you not a camel.

As employees of traffic police breed of drivers who instead of glasses use lenses

If the Protocol was still composed of “chaos”, do not worry. Boldly protest the resolution on attraction you to administrative responsibility in court. Believe me, the truth is on your side. You can easily win the case because the judge did not establish that you were driving a car without lenses.


To avoid such wiring on the Russian roads, those who have the mark rights mandatory use for driving glasses or contact lenses, it is better to carry a package from lens to at least partially convince the police that you are not breaking the law, getting behind the wheel without glasses.