How to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking tickets

We will appeal the penalty for unpaid Parking tickets

How to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking tickets

The Muscovites owning personal transportation, today introduced a new feature to appeal against fines for unpaid Parking tickets, is now to appeal against the fine will be in electronic form. The announcement appeared on the official website of the Moscow mayor,

What is the positive side of the introduction of filing appeals online (electronically)? The main advantage is that informed to file an appeal was the only way to go personally on Staraya Basmannaya street (house 20, building 1. Reception days: daily 8.00-20.00), where is the contact center “Moscow transport” and there, on the spot to file an appeal. Include such a one-sided system was added. Now, with the addition of features on the portal “Autocode”, the system will become more flexible.

For ease of use of an innovation, we will describe the stages all the actions you will need to do in order to submit the appeal in electronic form.

HELP. Unpaid Parking tickets according to the Code of administrative offences (Article 8.14 of the administrative code)* penalty in 2016 is 2.5 thousand rubles.

*IMPORTANT! The penalty imposed for unpaid Parking tickets will be charged at the Administrative code of the city of Moscow, and not by the administrative code. In this regard, in the case if you are unable to refute the penalty is imposed, to pay the sum of 2,500 rubles will have, as a 50% discount if you pay this fine within 20 days is not provided.

The fine can be appealed within ten days from the date of receipt of the letter on the portal “Autocode” or receiving/delivery of a copy of the decision. Reasons for appeal of the imposed penalty can be (full list of reasons for the appeal, according to the portal “Autocode”):

  • Permitted place
  • Discrepancies in the address of the violation
  • The vehicle was ruled by a different person
  • Vehicle sold
  • Road sign is not available for viewing
  • Emergency stop
  • For this violation was previously issued another decree
  • TC operational services
  • Route vehicle
  • Error identification license plate
  • I disabled (II) group
  • Otherwise
  • Taxi taxi
  • The vehicle was outside the area paid urban Parking
  • Payment confirmed
  • Have resident permission
  • Have the permission of a large family
  • Have paid for the Parking pass
  • The photo vehicle

In that case, if you missed the legal 10-day appeal deadline, you can write a petition to the court for restoration of the missed term of the appeal. If the reasons for missing the deadline will be considered by the court as respectful and not expired recovery time provided by law, you have all the chances of success.

If you don’t know how to pay for Parking in Moscow, you can read our detailed article:

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Remember that the vehicle can be Parking in the 15 minutes allocated for the payment of Parking.


A special online service to appeal the fines

To appeal the fine on the portal “Autocode” in the mail (documents must be sent to the following address: Skakovaya street, 19 Vavilova street, Moscow, 125040) or in person: Staraya Basmannaya street, building 20, building 1 (daily from 8.00 to 20.00).

Sent an complaint goes on consideration to the State institution administrator of the Moscow Parking space (AMP)”. Fines for unpaid Parking subscribes to the same Agency AMP.

A number of regulations consist of 25 digits and begin with a combination 03554310 or 20 digits long and begin with a combination of 780.

I. Go to the website www.

How to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking tickets

Log in to the system Autocode (follow the instructions on how to register) or login if you are already registered on the portal

III. Find the tab to Appeal the fine for unpaid Parking tickets”

How to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking tickets

IV. Then go to the “Available types of appeals” against the decision in the case of an administrative offense.

How to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking tickets

V. You will be taken to the application form “Complaint against the decision of the case on administrative offense”

How to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking tickets

How to make an electronic application to appeal against the fine for unpaid Parking*

In order to make an electronic submission need to:

1. To specify the number of the judgment

2. Specify the date of the judgment

3. To select the reason of the appeal, the full list is given above

4. There is also a field for a more detailed description of the arisen misunderstanding.

IMPORTANT! PostScript under “Description motivated description of reason) says that in the absence of motivated reasons for the disagreement with the decision in the administrative case, an appeal will not be considered.

Attached to the complaint materials:

For consideration You must attach the following materials:

— Skan-a copy of the decision in the case of an administrative offense;

— a document certifying the authority of the applicant to represent the interests of the owner of the vehicle (in case complaint is not the person brought to administrative responsibility);

— Skan-a copy of the signed complaint to the decision of an administrative offense;

— Skan-a copy of the document confirming the absence of evidence of a violation.

5. The following data for inclusion are the personal passport data of the applicant. Field “Data about the applicant, Contact information of the applicant”

6. Response to the submitted application will be sent to you in writing within 3 days after adoption of the relevant decision. It can also be collected in person at Staraya Basmannaya str., 20, building 1

*The complaint against the decision on business about an administrative offence may be lodged only on one order. When filing complaints against decisions, you will need to file separate complaints for each decision.