Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Land Rover Velar — 7 points, which became known after the test drive

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Land Rover has released its fourth model Range Rover and called it Velar. Judging by the first sea trials of the vehicle, held in snowy Norway, crossed the vast expanses of the Arctic circle, it is really good. Here that became known …

1. Velar looks incredible in color metallic

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

New creation Land Rover looks very stylish, and the first impression of him be described as a firework of emotions. The metallic color is perfectly highlighted by the long wheelbase and low silhouette of the SUV. While Velar is quite unassuming in terms of design. Its streamlined shape gives the drag coefficient of 0,32 — it was the lowest for the whole model range of Land Rover.

New Land Rover installed the spoiler with special air channels in the back. They are designed to reduce resistance, prevent contamination of the rear window. Isn’t this a rational decision?

2. The 3.0-liter diesel is better than 3.0-litre petrol

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Velar with a 3.0-liter V6 unit, equipped with a supercharged, on paper, looks great. 375 HP, acceleration to 100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds and a limited top speed of 250 km/h. the Trouble is that the gasoline engine JLR V6 in the distance sounds of sorrow and sometimes severely. In addition, with the extra weight on Board Velar starts to choke.

The 3.0-litre V6 diesel much better than petrol counterpart. With acceleration to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, he’s almost as fast, but it feels much better in harsh conditions. This is an old but good unit.

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Diesel gives a wider choice of trim levels. The petrol engine is only installed on compactly HSE R is HSE Dynamic and First Edition. While the 2.0-litre petrol units look very tempting.

Comes with a Velar and a 236-strong doctorhunnyb diesel engine capacity of 2.0-liters. But this engine was not too love about a Land Rover Discovery. Besides the cost it is not much smaller than the flagship modification. Still have diesel power 176 HP, but it doesn’t quite fit the image of a powerful, stylish SUV and only simulates a serious force.

3. He’s well built, but not athletic

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

The noise of the gasoline unit does not suggests that Velar claims the title of sport-utility vehicle. Rather, it is a sport truck. The developers tried to emphasize that it is closer to Range Rover than the Range Rover Sport. But appearance has nothing to do with the actual running characteristics of the vehicle.

It moves eerily quiet and smoothly floats even on gigantic 22-inch wheel disks. Diameter 21 inch gives even greater silence and smoothness. When it comes to corners, Velar confidently cope with the task, air suspension holds the body in case of significant deviations.

SUV more confident feeling on the windy road than a Land Rover Discovery or a full-fledged Range Rover. But if you want to move around, the Velar does not surprise flexibility, will quickly exhaust the possibilities. If you need maneuverability, it is better to bet on a Range Rover Sport.

4. The best infotainment system in JLR

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Usually, Jaguar Land Rover is characteristic of the lag in part of the infotainment systems. They are distinguished by their complex interfaces, low-performance, pleasing color saturation, visual effects.

In the case of the Range Rover Velar has been carried out serious work on the bugs. The new system Touch Pro Duo turned advanced. It is based on a pair of 10 inch touch screens on the centre console. The upper monitor is responsible for navigation, entertainment functions and external cameras, and the bottom works with the systems of car control such as setting of climate and terrain.

Both the touch screen respond well to commands, the interface is logical and easy to learn. There is a pair of multifunction dials that is responsible for controlling the temperature climate zones for driver and passenger. But the strangeness here lies in the fact that the parameters almost do not change. Remains unknown — was intended by the developers or is it some bug electronics.

Clicking on them causes other functions, for example, control of seat heating. In General, what is happening depends on what page is active in the monitor at the bottom. A test drive showed that if you do not manually change the climate settings, they remain at the same level. At the same time to deal with them will be difficult for the average driver.

5. There is a disappointing part of the cabin

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Thanks to the new infotainment complex Touch Pro Duo, fabulously comfortable seats, pleasant to the touch leather and metal elements and linings, interior Velara looks stylish and overall enjoyable. You can be happy to pass the time. But there are a few things that could be better.

Some buttons switchgear seem a little old and cheap, and the mechanism of the lid of the second Cup holder is poorly thought out. It opens nice and easily from the touch of a button, but when closing it seems that something breaks. Maybe this is nitpicking, but those moments are not found in Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

Another drawback – sound system is Meridian, who is even at the top, 1600-watt signal options disappoints with its sound.

6. Conqueror & off-road

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

Velar will never approach the limit of a vehicle’s capabilities in off-road conditions. This is the case when the manufacturer has developed an SUV that will surely conquer all of the planet’s climatic and geographical zones. In this regard, the company Jaguar Land Rover one of the leaders. Even the small Range Rover Evoque is far ahead of its competitors in off-road conditions, not to mention the Velar.

He has excellent angles of deflection and rotation (24,3, of 26.5 and 20.1 degrees, compared to 34.7, 29.6 and 26.3 degrees to the classic concept Range Rover), as well as a host of clever off-road systems:

  • • Low Traction Launch
    • Hill Descent Control
    • Gradient Release Control.

They allow to overcome the deep fords of up to 650 mm. But this is not the limit of possibilities. You can optionally set the Terrain Response system 2 and the control speed for all types of landscapes (this is sort of off-road cruise control).

To show in practice that means all long incomprehensible names of the real-time technology, must be overcome by car a variety of obstacles such as ramps, mountains and rivers.

Especially the influence of electronics on Velar when descending steep slopes. It is really impressive when it comes to understanding how serious the consequences of error are without the support of modern systems. But the SUV inspires confidence, is easy to overcome even those areas that seem impassable.

7. This is the best that has to offer today Jaguar Land Rover

Among crossovers Land Rover named Velar

The developers thought long and hard about the positioning of the Velar. The Range Rover is a large and expensive car, is it equivalent cheaper, faster sports versions. For example, the Evoque is too far from the sports class and in General is a very different offer. So you can understand why Land Rover has created a Velar.

The advantage of the new SUV has an attractive price, which starts from 44 830 pounds. It is much less cumbersome than the “classic” Range Rover, but not Velar lost the gloss and chic. The car is gorgeous inside and out and today is the best creation of the Land Rover.

Author: S. Vasilenko