All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

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All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

Volkswagen Tharu debuted on the virtual fields of the Internet the number 24 in the month of may of the current year. This new German manufacturer will differ from many of their other classmates and the internal crossover models compact, more simple design and less high price. In Volkswagen say that the model will generally inexpensive. Some analogues Skoda Karoq with the guise of a large SUV – Volkswagen Atlas.

Why Volkswagen made a new crossover with a recognizable face?

All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

The model is overloaded and was rich in various off-road segment. Inside the Volkswagen AG track latter-day Tara will go: the new crossover Skoda Kamiq lower in the lineup, the Czech automaker has placed the model Karoq. This is the similar price point competitors. But VW are confident that the model brands will never compete directly with each other, they say it is possible. And the fact that the buyer appears the possibility of more choices is priceless.


In a real car, the announcement was made for the Chinese market at the end of March, then it was a prototype “Volkswagen Powerful Family SUV”. A little later the world wide web got photos of the final product. As you can see he has not changed much compared to the original concept. Then the Chinese media reported that the model is based on the same platform on which to build Skoda Karoq.


A new crossover on the platform MQB for the Chinese market will be produced at one of the Assembly lines of the plant is Shanghai-Volkswagen, a joint Chinese-German enterprise, reported foreign automotive media.


What does it mean? And the fact that the model is intended for markets in the so-called “developing countries”. Including Russia. The model also diverge in some countries of Eastern Europe, China, the Middle East and possibly South America.


This means that later model will be sold in the Russian market. It is unlikely VW will download Chinese plant to saturate the market of the neighboring country, so expect a start of production on the local Russian Volkswagen plant in Kaluga.

Localization of the Assembly process will make the cost even lower. The type of how Skoda did with its new flagship off-road – Skoda Kodiaq. After the start of Assembly in Russia, Kodiaq lowered the price tag for the base version of almost 700 thousand rubles!


Looks Tharu VW – somewhere we have seen it!

All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

For the unification of the production process and reduce costs, Volkswagen took the path of least resistance. If you look at it from the side, it may seem that somewhere in these boards we have seen. And this is no accident. After all, the Tharu are made not only on the platform of Skoda Karoq but separated from her body. Only changed the front and rear of the SUV. At the same time, the stylistic traits that we see in the front and rear, just exactly went on the other news from the VW – Atlas (in some markets known as Teramont). Here it is the unification in action!


We will not speculate on the topic: “Should have been in the VW to start churning out similar models as they do on the Audi”. We only say that, if it will minimize the price tag – a means of achieving this goal is fully justified.

All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

The car has received led optics front and rear. Wide radiator filesresearch and massive headlights. His whole appearance says about following the traditions of the company and continuity of the technical developments of recent years.

Side view silhouette of rapid and energetic, while the downed and strong. Inspires confidence in the future, isn’t it? Note the wheel arches. They can fit large enough “rollers”.


Back part resembles the stern of crossovers Audi eight years ago. Not the last role in this play of similarity of the tail lights. If you compare it with back the older model Atlas, to expose developers to explicitly copy a model will not be easy. Tharu looks more chic.


Two exhaust pipes of rectangular cross section mounted in the lower edge of the bumper that is trimmed with a rough black plastic. It allowed around the perimeter of the car, as if to imply certain capabilities on the moderate off-road (although some of the roads you can tell if the model has only front-wheel drive). Or at least worry about scratches in the snowy Russian winter, the owners just do not have.


The technical side of the new budget crossover Volkswagen

All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

Judging by the presented numbers, size, Tara received the following data:

4,453 mm in length,

1,841 mm wide

1,632 mm in height

Wheelbase – 2,688 mm


As you can see nothing special. All the canons of the genre. Assuming that the model will stand a step below the Tiguan, and partly to compete with models T-Roc and T-Cross – crossover youth for Europe, expect something bigger would be weird.


Also note that the figures are slightly superior to the specifications Karoq. VW taller and wider than Cech. Plus he 50 mm big wheelbase.

As for engines, the choice is a serious one. In the cage there are:

1.2-liter gasoline engine with 116 HP with 200 Nm of torque

1.4-litre 150-strong engine with 250 Nm of torque


Both engines use four-cylinder. In both cases, the available 7-speed DSG transmission and Volkswagen’s six-speed box. Both models received a front-wheel drive. On all-wheel drive likely will be forgotten.

The top version of the model will get alloy wheels, silver roof rails, panoramic sunroof and audio system “Beats”. That in the Volkswagen car will be the airbag, entertainment system, rear view camera, not even ashamed to say.


How much will it cost?

All you need to know about the new affordable crossover Volkswagen Tharu

To judge this very difficult. Especially when you consider that the model will arrive in Russia for at least two years. If the SUV went on sale today, his initial price tag has not exceeded 1.300.000 – 1.350.000 rubles. This is lower than the Tiguan, for which the Tharu is the younger model. But by 2020, prices could dramatically rise. Why speculate until we are. As they say, more to the point view.