All that is known about the new model Lada Van

Lada Van – new budget domestic model

All that is known about the new model Lada Van

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The domestic automaker from Tolyatti for the coming years is preparing to release a new model of light commercial vehicle under the name Lada Van, at least the name specified in the project Speke (special investment contract – an instrument of industrial policy aimed at stimulating investment in industrial production on the territory of the Russian Federation).


According to TASS, “the Company OJSC “AVTOVAZ” filed on the conclusion of Speke, which provides for the development in the model range Lada, Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi and the modernization of facilities for their production”. In the framework of this agreement it is planned to produce a number of development models and of cars already produced. Among Lada, the list includes Granta, XRAY, Largus, Largus SW, Vesta, 4×4 and Van model. From Nissan , the list includes Qashqai, X-Trail, Terrano, Murano, On-Do, Mi-Do, Renault presented Sandero/Sandero, Stepway, Logan, Duster, Kaptur, Arkana, New Duster, Mitsubishi –Outlander and Pajero Sport.


So, in the course of modernization of production facilities will be built Assembly line for new models. One of them will be Lada Van is the first fact.


The second interesting information about the new model of AVTOVAZ, known for the moment, she will be in a few years, this is expected to happen after 2020, late production start date is 2022. To produce a model plan for the so-called “first thread” main conveyor, that is, the model is not some kind of side, on the contrary, over time it is likely to become quite popular in its segment, so to speak addition to Lada Largus. As is known, the latter enjoys genuine popularity among entrepreneurs of small hands who need a cheap but reliable vehicle for transportation of goods.


It is a completely independent new development of AVTOVAZ?

All that is known about the new model Lada Van

No, it is planned that the model will be made either on the basis of Renault Logan MCV (station wagon popular in Russia French sedan) or on the basis of “heel” Dacia/Renault Dokker.


What will be the design of the “Lada van”?

It is planned that, based on the model Dokker, the novelty will appear in the profile and in proportion very similar to the Frenchman, however, won’t shy away from branded “chips” from AVTOVAZ. For example, the front of the van will look very similar to Vesta, or Lada Granta updated generation “X”stylish “face”.


Technical content (engines)

All that is known about the new model Lada Van

Yet they are little known. According to the portal the model will be equipped not only with domestic engines, but also imported from Nissan. It is noted that to put them will be about 50/50. It may go on the motors Renault-Nissan H4M/HR16DE 1.6-liter and 1.5-liter K9K diesel (you can see under the hood, Renault Duster), as well as domestic 1.6-liter engine VAZ 11189.



For affordable van, most likely, will put a five-speed mechanics JH3 and JR5 from Largus, that would be logical, and the front monodrive, the last hundred percent. Engines are unlikely to be more powerful than the 100-110 HP


“Van” is the name or calling?

Yet “Van” is only a working title. Perhaps even, most likely, the model will get a completely different name, too banal sounds – Lada Van.


To replace Largus?

All that is known about the new model Lada Van

It is not known. Opinions clarified the sources of AVTOVAZ, diverge. One hint on complete removal of the model “Largus” after entering the Assembly line “van”, others argue that both models will be produced in parallel. It seems to us more realistic second option. Why rent from the production of cheap and accurate machine that makes money (Lada Largus)? So we think – nothing!


How much will it cost?

Given the fact that the Dokker is worth about 890 thousand rubles low, domestic new product should be cheaper – 800-830 thousand rubles.