How alcohol affects a person

Why do we get so weird when we drink?

How alcohol affects a person 

We all love good and tasty to eat. Usually good food, skillfully prepared gives us a good mood. That’s a plus, even though that often products can be high. We also often acquire a variety of stimulating drinks, from fruit drinks to various healthy fruit juices. It is also a relative plus for our body. Or occasionally one of us takes medication, which is very necessary when we don’t feel.

In the end eating this or that product specified above has any sensible meaning. What’s the point in drinking alcohol? Because really alcohol is not useful. Why people, in spite of his nonsense, after all, drink alcoholic beverages, drinking millions of gallons? The answers to these and other questions that you may be interested in.


First, let’s understand what is alcohol. Alcohol is a product of sublimation, containing ethyl alcohol (ethanol), which is used in the production of alcoholic beverages. In nature, there are many organic compounds which form different alcohols, ranging from methanol, glycerin and ending familiar to us ethanol and benzyl alcohol.


Now let’s take a closer look at ethanol. Here is his formula:



Here is ethyl alcohol at the molecular level:

How alcohol affects a person 

Red oxygen atom =

White hydrogen atoms =

Black carbon atoms =


Ethanol dissolves easily in water.


Ethanol-based, in fact, created all alcoholic beverages worldwide, ranging from Beers to vodka. It is the molecule of ethanol, which comes into our body (e.g., beer consumption) and have for our entire body a huge impact.

Particularly surprising it specific to the human brain.

How alcohol affects a person 

The alcohol molecule size is very small and consists of only two carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Since ethyl alcohol is easily soluble in water, then, getting into the blood stream, it is easily and very quickly spreads to all parts of the body.

First and foremost, the alcohol accumulates in the liver and in the brain of the person. Then the alcohol penetrates the cell membrane different in all other parts of the body (even in those who have a natural barrier-protected), thanks to the fat-soluble property.


When you drink alcohol, some of the contains in it the alcohol evaporates when the drink gets into the glass, a glass or a glass. But most ethanol goes into your stomach and then intestines where absorbed into the bloodstream.

How alcohol affects a person 

Then ethanol very quickly rushes to your brain and begins his evil deed. First and foremost, the alcohol starts to affect the glutamate receptors, which are found in the nervous system of your brain.

As a result of over exposure to this area of our reaction slows speech becomes slurred and often leads to loss of memory.


At this point in the region of the brain responsible for “reward system” the hormone Dopamine, which causes feelings of pleasure (or satisfaction). In the end, any man who drank an alcoholic beverage some time starts to feel good.


It is also the hormone dopamine, which is released as a result of hit in brain system of ethanol affects our emancipation. That’s why many of us, drinking even a little alcohol, become too talkative, and too self-confident.

It should be noted that the alcohol that got in our brain is not limited to the area of remuneration. He begins to penetrate into all parts of our brain.

How alcohol affects a person 

Usually the receptors of our brain send each other signals through chemical compounds, sharing them with each other. But when the alcohol hit the brain, its receptors instead of the usual traditional chemical signals are starting to get ethanol molecule. As a result, the signal flow in the brain is slowed, which inhibits the nervous system and not only the brain but the whole organism.

How alcohol affects a person 

The fact is that ethanol binds to gamma-aminobutyric acids, which are located in the receptors that are responsible for slowing brain activity. Ethanol, affecting these receptors, making them more susceptible. As a result, the activity of the brain can seriously slow down. That’s why using alcohol, we often want to sleep and become very relaxed.


But unfortunately, alcohol is not a sedative, is able to slow down all the processes in the brain. Because the ethanol that gets in the body, stimulates the production of dopamine and endorphins. These substances as we have said, are responsible for the emergence of a sense of fun. It is because of this feeling people get used to frequent alcohol consumption, which sooner or later leads to serious health problems and alcoholism.


Why drinking large quantities of alcohol is very dangerous?

How alcohol affects a person 

We all know that alcohol in large amounts is very harmful and even dangerous. But why? The fact is that alcohol affects all the nerve cells of the human body, reducing their activity and the transmission of electrical information between cells.

Also since high school biology (anatomy), we know that gag reflex is to protect the body from the penetration of toxins into the bloodstream.


Since alcohol is perceived by the body as poison, why after we drink drink our body is not self cleaned in a hurry? Blame the influence of ethanol on the brain and entire nervous system as a whole.

As we have already said alcohol, once in the brain, begins to penetrate into all areas, including the center, which is responsible for protecting the body from the ingestion of harmful and toxic substances.

How alcohol affects a person 

But wait in our brain many different departments that are responsible for various organs and processes in our body. Does molecules of ethyl alcohol have a negative impact on the entire brain? Of course. And including areas of the brain that are responsible for the work of each organ. The more blood gets of ethanol, the greater the impact will be the molecules of alcohol on the brain.


That’s why when the big dose of alcohol some parts of our brain can be completely inhibited. For example, if it is too large impact on those areas which are responsible for the organs, they may begin to malfunction.

How alcohol affects a person 

As we said at the beginning of the alcohol after entering the stomach enters the liver. Do you think that alcohol impairs your liver when you drink alcohol? In fact, alcohol itself does not. It’s much more difficult. As soon as the alcohol hit the liver, our body despite the absence of a gag reflex understands that in the blood began to flow harmful substances, begins to break down ethanol in the liver, with the incoming of various chemicals. So they actually destroy it. Unfortunately, all of the alcohol is not completely neutralized in the liver and then begins to spread throughout the body until it eventually did not withdraw from the body the kidneys and lungs (in the form of alcohol vapor when you exhale).


How alcohol affects drivers?

How alcohol affects a person 

Know what accidents are the most dangerous and frequent on the road around the world? This is an accident because of drivers who drove a vehicle in an alcohol intoxication.


As we have indicated above alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol in its chemical composition, oppress the rest of our nervous system and the brain. In the end, our reaction is severely slowed down, even if we do not notice it and not realize it. It is noteworthy that as our eyes transmit information using electrical signals, which are received in the visual area of our brain, thanks to special cells, when exposed to molecules of ethanol, our visual perception of the world changes dramatically.


Eventually people caught driving in a state of even mild intoxication is a real danger for all road users. The fact that on the road everything is decided by fractions of a second, which, as a rule, not enough drunken man to appropriate and timely action. As a result, serious accidents happen. So if you’ve been drinking, then in any case do not drive, even if you think that there is nothing to worry.


Can alcohol not to render harm to the body?

How alcohol affects a person 

In principle, the alcohol always poses a threat to the human body. As they say all’s not dangerous if everything in moderation. In the world there are many studies about the fact that the use of a small number of alcoholic beverages has on the human body negative effects. But again looking for someone. Yes, a tiny fraction of alcohol in most cases is no harm for us.


But only if we are fully healthy. In some cases, alcohol in small doses even helps to improve heart function. In General, we are all individual and we all ethanol has a different effect. But, of course, in high doses, alcohol ethanol likes any without exception person.

How alcohol affects a person 

So each one of us, if not to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, just have to control how much alcohol gets into the body when drinking alcohol beverages.

In addition, it must be remembered that frequent use of alcohol, even in small doses leads not only to slow the development of alcoholism, but also has a negative impact on our whole body, since the presence of alcohol in the nervous system, a huge number of nerve cells simply die.


In the end, even with drinking bottles of beer twice a week supply of nerve cells is not sufficient, which ultimately leads to problems with memory, thinking and work of all human organs.