To accelerate the bike up to speeds over 200 km/h

The woman broke the world speed record on a bike speeding up to 230 km/h

To accelerate the bike up to speeds over 200 km/h

The bike can accelerate to speeds in excess of 100 and even 200 km/h it needs not much: a special bike, special protective clothing, special gear ratio on the bike and drive a special car to cut in front of you air flow.

American cyclist Denise Mueller recently set a new female world speed record for speeding on a Bicycle according to the website to 147 mph (230 km/h) on the Bonneville salt flats of Utah. Check-in took place in an unusual manner, she was riding a few meters behind moving in front of her Land Rover SRV, which is in the race played the role of the pace car and was used as protection from the incoming flow and reduce air resistance.

To accelerate the bike up to speeds over 200 km/hAs you may have guessed, the bike was seriously modified to set a new world record. Elongated frame, a shock-absorbing seatpost, soothing vibration, suspension fork, and a custom-made 17-inch motorcycle wheels with bald tires pollicove. The last revision was made in order to maximally lower the centre of gravity and make the bike and the cyclists extra stability even at speeds in excess of 200 km/h.

Also extremely important was this incredibly large for bike speed to stay just behind the car. As she said herself, record holder in the event, if she for some reason came with a straight course, a sharp meeting with the incoming flow of 225 km/h can easily knock a rider off his bike.

To accelerate the bike up to speeds over 200 km/h

Of course, to reach such crazy speeds, you need tough gear ratio, and a complex system of stars. It is worth noting that up to a speed of 144 km/h Mueller was towed by a car, after which she unhooked and record up to 236 km/h clocked solely by their feet.

To accelerate the bike up to speeds over 200 km/hIn a Bicycle drive are two stars on 60 teeth. This allows the drive system to “digest” the enormous torque, while maintaining acceptable ground clearance.

Mueller plans to continue to beat the speed record set in 1995 among males. Fred Rompelberg from the Netherlands then reached 268 km/h To break the record, Denise will not only train hard, but also to choose the route is longer by two miles than the one you used on the salt flats. And who knows, maybe she’s the first in the world overcome the speed of 270 km/h.