A survey of the traffic police: the main culprit in transport

And how do you see the main cause of problems with the safety of passengers

Bus drivers are really at fault accidents, the most common buses You’ve seen these?! All of the bad condition of the fleet access to transportation unscrupulous organizations Unqualified drivers pretrip Low readiness of equipment and drivers


Buses get into accidents caused by drivers according to survey respondents

A survey of the traffic police: the main culprit in transport

Accident bus transport happens, unfortunately, more often. Many can be found a variety of problems in this area of passenger transportation, our information of the Internet edition 1GAI.RU covered the security holes in road transport many times, this can make by clicking on one of the following links:

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The traffic police decided to find out who is to blame for the high number of such accidents by ordinary people. A sociological study conducted on the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate has covered 12 million people. On the question of what, in the opinion of respondents, is the primary security issue of the carriage of passengers was given the following answers:

31.2% of the main reason was violation of traffic rules by bus drivers;

26% of respondents believe that the quality of passenger transportation is more likely affected by poor control of the carriers for pre-trip readiness of equipment and drivers;

17% of respondents suggested that the transport requirements allowed unscrupulous organizations;

Insufficient qualification of drivers indicated 13.5% of the respondents;

Raised the question of the condition of the vehicles 12%.


Thus, the majority of respondents who took part in the vote laid the main blame for most accidents on bus drivers.


A survey of the traffic police: the main culprit in transport

The second question was as follows: the Reason citizens use the services of illegal operators.


In response, uses three preset options: “the Largest number of respondents (44,5%) believe that to risk the safety of people makes lower than the official carriers, the cost of travel. The lack of alternative modes of transportation on certain routes I think the main reason for 32,6% of the respondents. 22,8% of respondents believe that citizens use the services of illegal immigrants, because it is not aware of the status of the carrier”, says the website of the traffic police.Russia


At the same time, however, the vote will not be finished. The second round of the survey, which will be clarified: do the citizens is permissible to use the services of an illegal carrier, even knowing about his status or question of their own security here is more fundamental. And the second question will determine whether the respondents personal experience of using the services of illegal operators, as they often had to resort to such services and how the important status of the carrier.


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