7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

7 sports car behind the wheel which it is better not to sit down

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

Born not to obey

Many motorists truly admire the so-called sports cars “every day”. These “athletes” involve the presence of a high level of comfort, convenience inside the car and some good functionality, in the presence of incredible power and unreal speed capabilities on the racetrack. But most of these “civilian” versions of sports cars in real life for the average person is most likely a pipe dream. The point here is, oddly enough, not even in the price tag on these sport coupes and sedans, or high value on their service, and in the complexities of the control of excessively powerful cars. Not every driver has such skill and such skill to be able to cope with the herd of horses under the hood of these race cars.

Look at the list of seven cars that have proven themselves as bad guys, with a difficult character to cope with that this is not all.

Dodge Viper

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

To Viper long trailer “label” car hop-heads can scare their behavior the most experienced drivers. Special piquancy of the situation with the handling of the American dream teenagers namber UAN give emerging models of certain years mechanical problems with brakes and handling extremely challenging track or road. And no matter how fast you eat, this coupe is capable of a dirty trick on you, even at low speeds, just hit the gas. No wonder American journalists Dodge Viper earned the reputation of “a supercar for the purchase of which is necessary to be crazy.”

In 2016, a version of Dodge Viper ACR that has received the power control system without losing its ferocity. Big bully installed adjustable in 10 clicks Bilstein shocks and new springs with the changed characteristics added to the car capabilities on the race track. Not the last role, as always, played atmospheric 8.4-liter V10 boasting 645 horsepower.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

The Second Dodge. Partly a huge land yacht and partly a cruise missile, Hellcat is situated in its category and does not go beyond it. The interior is beautiful (an Amateur, of course, but still inside a compartment exactly ugly can not be named), comfortable and spacious. Challenger would be a perfect car for most drivers, if not one “But”, 2 ton Behemoth is extremely difficult to manage. Especially when you drive around town. To Park is difficult. To pass narrow areas difficult. To maneuver is difficult.

Fortunately the main feature of the Hellcat is not refined handling, which he is not, and powerful 707 horsepower engine giving hurricane dynamics in 3.7 seconds and the ability of the soul to burn rubber.

Acura NSX

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

NSX presented as the “everyday supercar”, but this Japanese high-tech miracle was a strange mannerisms and the dissonance between the space looks and dull behaviour.

Sports coupe with a turbocharged engine and three electric motors (system develops 573 HP) behaves as if it has a powerful engine. And that’s good.

But that it’s not so rosy, as is steering, as he told the American journalists who have tested the car on the track, it is incomprehensible and lean, at least until then, until you select the “Track” mode. And since then, the car will be transformed from a Botanica in beast, loud and rebellious. It is a pity that NSX no middle ground, call it an everyday car for the fun of it language does not turn.

Porsche 911 R

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

Porsche 911 R is not a dandy Lamborghini or Ferrari and not even the 911 GT3 RS and don’t be deceived by its 500 HP under the hood. In fact, this Porsche is a supercar by nature, to the bone, as they say.

You will not see an abundance of electronic nannies and you won’t feel much comfort. Everything here is hard, and both literally and figuratively.

All versions of the Porsche 911 R to a noise, to hum, to vibrate on the track at a speed of 7,000, but you will really love this setting. Even powerful exhaust note will be for your ears of the most refined and pleasant music.

The 4.0-liter engine paired with a six-speed manual transmission – the only drivetrain options. Top speed is over 320 km/h If there is no experience in racing behind the wheel of this Porsche is better not to sit down.

Cadillac CTS-V

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

Cadillac CTS-V is the first cityradio, she’s a sports car with a powerful and complex character. The CTS-V borrowed its forced, 6.2-liter V8 engine from the Corvette and can hit the mark of 96 km/h and people inside 3.8 seconds. From the CTS-V tons of power and torque, 640 BHP and 854 Nm.

It is less likely you will want to disable all electronic assistance systems. It would be akin to playing Russian roulette, who knows when to shoot.

The CTS-V doesn’t look like a threat, as the same Corvette, and perhaps it’s his most dangerous trait.

Any Lotus

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

Really love the Lotus – it means to love his faults as well as his strengths. Cars Lotus woven of contradictions. They have excellent, excellent handling, this car collected the best automotive engineers of our time, specializing in the creation of sports cars for racing. In this lies a major headache, and the main joy of the owners of this brand.

Lotus car cranky. It not only requires attention and caution when you are on the road, but not distinguished by reliability, quality and comfort. However, these inconveniences pale into insignificance when this precision instrument falls into the hands of a true professional. This pilot Lotus filigree will reward obedience and incredible performance.

But he will punish those who do not will be quite deferential to him. Everything is fair!

Tesla Model S P100D

7 sports cars, which not everybody can handle

OK, it’s not quite a sports coupe and it has no internal combustion engine under the hood.

But as promised, P100D may become the biggest sensation after the start of sales. Like this version can accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. Unbelievable and doubtful. But check would like.

762 electrical horsepower are silent proof of the power of the Tesla sedan. If all goes well, Model S P100D will become crazy the most representative among production sports cars every day.