57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver

Here are some thoughts come to mind to any new driver.

57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver  

Remember when you first got behind the wheel. Terrible, isn’t it? Of course, every driver has passed fire, water and copper pipes. It was especially hard mentally. So for any driver-novice would also have to go through many stages of transformation. Including morally. So be prepared that you will be visiting various thoughts and fears in the process of learning the law, and when you first find yourself behind the wheel of his car. We have collected 57 of the thoughts that bother most novice drivers.


1. It’s exciting, I’ll be the best driver!

2. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

3. Oh, I didn’t realize that so much time need to lose in order to learn about the basics of car safety.

4. Hell, I know all that, let me go!

5. I think led is easy. How hard can it be? You just need to push some pedals and turn the steering wheel!

6. Strangely, two pedals – clear, and why you need the third pedal?! What does she do?

7. Hell, I thought it would be easier.

8. Hmm, it’s not so bad, but no instructor I pipe.

9. Maybe my driving instructor taught me wrong?

10. Damn, why do you need so much time to learn in driving school and many hours to spend on learning driving?


57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver

11. Wow, I’m not afraid to drive! Maybe I can drive?

12. Maybe I don’t even need a lot of hours.

13. Wait, why the car jerks? Damn it! Again we need to ask the instructor. What about my memory? I’m stupid (th)?

14. Oh, my God! It is a komba. Why is this so hard? How did all learned to drive a car?

15. Damn, who invented many of the controls in the car… Not that there was all to make it easier?..

16. Oh, no, I just stopped. Why do I keep looking for foot brake pedal for fear of losing it? I can’t remember the basic?

17. Oh, my God! After all this time, and I still go disgusting. I’m the worst.

18. These pedestrians need to stop looking at me. How embarrassed I am.

19. I definitely will not do it again. I shamefully slow.

57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver


20. I wonder how many times can I pass this roundabout, before the instructor will shout at me?

21. Wait a minute, I will voobscheto with a circular motion???

22. Calm down, calm down! So why push the gas pedal!?

23. Looks like I will have to do the driving for a very long time.

24. Wait, what’s that sound? Did I wreck the car instructor?

25. Ah, I got it wrong again (Las). You need to convince the instructor that it won’t happen again. Although what good is that.

26. Oh, my God! I just about destroyed a car on the site.

27. Yeah well I’m so shy and insecure? Why in life I am different and behind the wheel of fear?

28. I want now to hide from all road users.

29. What do I do??? Help!

57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver

30. Should I turn on the Blinker? Or do I need to do?

31. Maybe I should pretend like nothing happened and I didn’t commit (a) another mistake?

32. Damn, I looked away from the road, the main instructor had not noticed.

33. * Better to be silent *

34. Help! Driving instructor saw it. It’s terrible!

35. And now I’m stalled. What I’m so stupid!

36. Well, at least I would understand this if I drive the car. Apparently not.

37. Maybe I just need to go on the machine?


38. What is this? I just missed a turn.

39. Well. But can all be wrong. What is this?

57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver

40. Am I ready to pass on the right? Nonsense.

41. I fear I would faint. How am I going to pass? I’m no instructor, it turns out, oak oak.

42. Wow. You would have some old car they gave me during the exam.

43. Well, of course I knew it. Like everyone, I also flunked in the exam. Thank God that at least the theory passed!

44. Well, the hard part is passed. After the platform city is not terrible.

45. Ugh, what was that? What the hell am I not passed the exam in the city?

46. Yes, what W is! I thought that I in past times not passed fromfor their stupidity. As it turns out, I knocked. Yes, someone actually invented these moronic routes?

47. Wow! As I passed, I don’t know. Lucky or what? Well, finally.


48. So why am I the right to receive (a)? What’s the point? I’m no instructor to the car are afraid to approach.

49. But how can I overcome fear?

57 the inevitable thoughts that come to everybody a rookie driver

50. My God, what am I doing?! Where am I going (eh) alone?

51. It was something. Well, I’ve done it on the road. But, all the same. But the one behind the wheel.

52. Who came up with these rebuilds? As other drivers rebuilt from the strip into the strip?

53. Parallel Parking is a conspiracy against drivers.

54. And, okay, Park anywhere and anyhow. The main thing – I’m driving.

55. Damn, it was normally parked, then I wouldn’t have scratched the car. What an idiot I am!

56. Wow, I became a better ride. Am I given?..

57. Oh, shit, I still, from time to time blunt. Okay, judging by the fact that everything has become better, experience ever come. But I go as someone else…