50% discount on fines is becoming more popular

In traffic police noted the importance of “discount” on the fines for drivers

50% discount on fines is becoming more popular

According to traffic police, in Russia, more and more motorists pay fines for violations during the first 20 days from the date of receipt of notice of the issuance of the decision on attraction to administrative responsibility. Of course, first of all this contributes to the so-called “discount”, the opportunity to pay 50% of the appointed penalty.


Thus everyone wins. The motorist, if he agrees with the judgment, you may pay half of the total amount of imposed administrative penalties, and the Federal and local budget entities promptly receives funds, which as we know is often lacking.


“In the first half of 2018 by the state traffic police issued 55.2 million of resolutions on appointment of administrative punishment in the form of a fine, of which 54,1 million could be paid in the amount of 50%. Just paid with a discount of 31.9 million, representing 87% of the total number of paid administrative fines 36.8 million This suggests that the vast majority of drivers and car owners have used a fine “discount”” according to the website of the state traffic Inspectorate.


In traffic police remind that in order to learn about the new fines, enough to pass on the link to online service “Check”. Repeat sequence of actions:


1. Go to the official website of the traffic police.of the Russian Federation. In the top row, find the button “Services”, click on it.


50% discount on fines is becoming more popular

2. In the drop-down menu open the online service “Check”


50% discount on fines is becoming more popular

3. To check, enter the license plate of your vehicle (the state registration sign) and the number of the registration certificate of the vehicle (so-called STS, a small laminated pink card). The number is printed at the bottom.


50% discount on fines is becoming more popular

4. After a short time you will see all the newcomers unpaid fines.


Also remind that in addition to the site traffic police, provide services and other resources:


The state Services portal (www.gosuslugi.ru). You need to register. You can check both by the number of cars and the number of VU and the name of the owner. The subscription will not miss the new penalties.

“Yandex.Fines” or “Yandex.Money.” You will need the license plate number and STS. Can be configured to send SMS with each new penalty.


And on the websites of different banks (it is convenient to use the mobile app).


Recall that the discount applies to all the penalties of Chapter 12 of the administrative code, except for the following nine (for car drivers):

Control reuse unregistered car (part 11 of article 12.1);

The management or transfer of management to the person who is in a state of intoxication (article 12.8);

Repeated speeding more than 40 km/h (parts 6 and 7 of article 12.9);

Re-journey on forbidding signal of the traffic light (part 3 of article 12.12);

Repeated travel into the oncoming lane of traffic (part 5 of article 12.15);

Repetitive movement in the counter direction on road with one-way traffic (part 3.1 of article 12.16);

Violation of the rules, which caused harm to health of the victim (section 12.24);

Refusal of medical examination for intoxication (article 12.26);

The use of alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances after the accident (part 3 of article 12.27)

More info can be found here: Penalties that do not provide 50% discount for passenger cars