5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

What you need to know before buying insurance

5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

So, you bought the car and issued a policy of HULL and believe that they can go back to sleep? Here you are mistaken. Check the terms and conditions of the contract of insurance of your car. In particular, we advise you to carefully read the paragraphs that directly indicate when the insurer has the right not to pay you the sum insured in case of damage to the vehicle or its theft. We also recommend you to study the terms of the contract, which spelled out the natural depreciation of the value of your car, which will lead to the fact that in case of theft of your car, you will be paid residual market value of the car at the time of theft. And believe me, the amount you can be very frustrating.


According to the statistics of hijackings in Russia, on average, in major cities of our vast country every day from streets, yards and Parking lots disappears in about 30-40 cars. That’s why after buying the car you have purchased insurance, considering that it protects you from attacks on your property. That may be so. Only now the insurance company Oh, how I do not like to pay the money for stolen cars. Unfortunately, insurance does not apply to mandatory insurance products, which are strictly controlled by the state. CASCO – a voluntary insurance of your car from damage and theft (or separately).


Therefore usually insurance companies do not particularly adhere to procedure payments on insurance cases. And, of course, the security service of the insurance company is asleep and sees how to deny you compensation. Because of the amount of unpaid insurance depends on the size of their sandwiches with butter and caviar.


It is not surprising that every year in the address of the CB and CPS receives thousands of complaints from motorists who can’t obtain from insurance companies owed to them and compensation for damage in traffic accidents or car theft. Also such cases are swamped and Russian courts.

No, of course, in most cases, the insurance company still pay the insurance. But, alas, luck is not all.

Someone stays with no payments. In most cases, complaints against insurers turned out to be unfounded, as the insurers always find a legitimate reason not to pay the indemnity. And only a small percentage of these complaints are justified. The worst thing is that in most cases the refusal of the insurance payment to blame the drivers themselves.


We have collected for you the most common errors committed by motorists insuring their cars in HULL.

1. Providing false information to the insurer

5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

This is the most common reason insurers could legitimately have the right to refuse the car owner in the insurance payment in case of insured event.

For example, at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract for hull car owners about the car give incomplete or even false data. So, if at the time of insurance, you declare to the insurance company that your car has two alarms: factory regular + extra, but in the future when the insured event, the security service or auto find out that the car only one full-time factory security complex, you can refuse. Moreover, such a refusal is lawful. However, as a rule, the refusal to pay will be in case of theft of your car. If the car will receive damage, the refusal to pay insurance may not follow. In this case, the insurer may recalculate the insurance premium upwards.

2. Additional equipment need to be insured separately

5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

Many people think that by buying insurance, they insure not only the car but also all its additional equipment. This is not so. Order additional equipment also came under the protection, the insurance company shall separately calculate for him the insurance rate and add it to the standard policy of automobile insurance.


It is because of such ignorance of the law, many drivers who received insurance premium, and then very frustrated. The thing is that if you are insured extra equipment., the payoff in case of, for example, stealing will be based on the average market price of the vehicle at the time of theft. Naturally, because of medium price tag additional equipment of the machine, which costs money, is not considered. So people often get an insurance payment for hull, which is not enough to re-buy exactly the same car of the same year.

3. You left the spare key in the car, which drove

5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

Before to conclude a CASCO insurance contract, always carefully, from cover to cover, read all the conditions. Including in some cases the insurance company does not pay compensation. Carefully read the contract, which includes the reasons for refusal to pay damages in case of theft of the machine. In many such contracts usually States that you do not have the right to leave the keys in the car. That is, if the cars are stolen with the keys you need, according to the contract, can refuse payment.

4. You had an accident, grossly violating traffic rules

5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

Many believe that the insurance compensation the insurance company pays regardless of the culpability of the insured in an accident. But it’s not. There are a number of rough violations of traffic regulations, for which the insurance company has the right not to pay. For example, most insurance companies refuse to pay damage if the insured got drunk in an accident their fault.

5. Your Luggage is not covered by insurance

5 mistakes when buying a policy HULL

Many believe that in case of occurrence of insured event the insurance company is obliged to pay not only the damage caused in the accident or in the case of car theft, but also to compensate the damage caused to the Luggage. Meanwhile, in the Luggage HULL does not apply.


For example, if your car was stolen along with a laptop, phone or sporting equipment, you will get insurance just for the car itself.


Actually there are many reasons why an insurance company may refuse. All these causes are in the Civil code of the Russian Federation and, of course, spelled out in the terms and conditions of property insurance. That’s why before you give your hard earned money to the insurer, we advise you to carefully study all the pitfalls of the policy HULL.

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