5 distinctive spots in your car, which usually forget to clean

The seats in the car are also not forget to clean

Consider your car as a personal space where you eat, drink, spill coffee, stain the carpet with dirty footwear, thereby concentrating the pollution in one place. Of course, every car owner maintain the cleanliness and order in my car, but from time to time you should pay attention to some specific contaminants, eliminating them, you can really enjoy the freshness of the cabin. Here are examples of typical contaminants that we tend to ignore day after day.

1. Carpeted

5 distinctive spots in your car, which usually forget to clean
This applies not only floor mats, but all the floor covering, which is regularly exposed to mechanical and chemical factors. Even if your car rubberized coating, it is covered with a mesh of fine cracks, which serve as an excellent repository of pollutants and a source of unpleasant odors.

In the dark interior any stain, shines like a disco ball, therefore, during washing, remove the mats and will pay special attention to the area directly under the pedals: thorough cleaning using specialized detergent will remove even deep dirt and get rid of the smell of worn shoes.

In order to produce effective cleaning of the salon, you need patience, remove all foreign objects and things, and then thoroughly vacuum, thereby removing pieces of dirt that are in the process of wet cleaning can lead to the formation of additional spots.

To clean the floor should use a stiff brush, which will remove hardened dirt from the most secluded places. Unlike other areas, the flooring is not afraid of excess water, moreover, some contaminants require multiple repetition of the procedure rinsing. Remember that most stains are not removed with plain water, you need a special detergent. Fat or oil stains is to treat in the first place, particularly focusing on the effectiveness of the chosen tools, which will depend on the number of repeated treatments of areas of contamination.

Themselves mats should be washed separately from other elements of the interior. As a rule, if they are made of rubber or rubberized fabric, that their purification will not have much difficulty.

2. The trunk

5 distinctive spots in your car, which usually forget to clean
This area neither the driver nor the passengers have no direct contact during the trip. However, her condition can affect the aesthetics of the whole car. Active lifestyle, the traditional road Luggage and tool kit, and purchase at the garden store can lead to contamination, which will leave stains on other things placed in the trunk.

To prevent such a situation by simply placing a special rubber Mat that easily resists mechanical stress and is easy to clean from stains. Don’t forget about the area allocated to the spare wheel where it can accumulate dirt, road salt and excessive moisture, especially if you have recently used the spare.

Unfortunately, it is in the trunk formed the most difficult to remove stains, because there is no direct contact impractical upholstery and sources of dust, dirt, oil and even rain.

In any case it is impossible to tighten with the washer lid, because the combination of various types of pollutants may lead to the formation resistant to chemicals stains. It should be noted that in this case, nothing constrains you in choosing the most aggressive cleaning composition.

3. The headliner

5 distinctive spots in your car, which usually forget to clean
Let’s be honest: few of us pays attention to this area. However, the padding can be an ideal absorbent material for tobacco smoke, food smells, with the result that it formed the strange spots that resemble Rorschach tests.

The headliner is extremely difficult to clean the surface, despite the fact that you do not need to exert much physical effort when it is washed. However, soft fabric perfectly absorbs moisture from the air and may even lose the original form, if you use the wrong material remedy. A specialized product will help you not only to remove contaminants and to freshen the air in your car. For such a delicate procedure produced a special blowing agent in the form of a spray or aerosol spraying that is required to wait for drying, and the remnants of the foam and dirt – remove with a powerful vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

4. Coasters

5 distinctive spots in your car, which usually forget to clean
During the trip on a bad road, the risk of hitting a pothole, in which your drinks are fixed in the Cup holder, spilled on the front console. If immediately not to take measures to eliminate pollution, the sun and high temperatures will lead to the formation of sticky plaque that will long haunt you.

In a modern car coasters is equipped with special removable rubber inserts that allow you to quickly retrieve them, to clean and to promptly return to the place. If the liquid gets on the upholstery, it should immediately blot with a paper towel, so as to facilitate subsequent cleaning and spot removal. Plastic under them also needs periodic wiping with a damp cloth.

It is worth remembering that on the front of the application of cleaning agents must be carried out with caution to avoid falling inside gaps and holes, and subsequent damage or oxidation of the connectors, buttons or switches.

5. Seat

5 distinctive spots in your car, which usually forget to clean
Apart from the most obvious spots on the surface and the back, special attention should be paid to the seams between the cushions. This kind of magnets for dirt, and considering the long-term presence in these places, pieces of food, dirt or road dust, the joints will wear out most intensively. This situation can lead to rapid spread of the skin and the formation of unsightly holes.

Before you clean the main surface of the seats, it is advisable to use a soft brush to remove dirt particles from seams and joints, then make them wet cleaning, then dry thoroughly. The bulk of the seats are cleaned with steam or a special foaming agent, which after application is thoroughly rubbed into the surface with a microfiber cloth, then remove with a wet vacuum or a damp cloth.

It is worth remembering that when performing this procedure it is not necessary to use a large amount of water since soaking in the seat filler, but it only promotes the penetration of dirt deep into. Moreover, you should try to use water cleaning solution, and directly generated active foam that operates on the surface, not absorbed deep into the upholstery.

It should be noted that it is not necessary never apply a cleaning composition to the entire surface of the seat, since the resulting chemical reaction can damage its appearance. Start the sink should be applying foam to a small area of the surface that is hidden from direct view, and only convinced of the safety of substance – go to the main part of the process.

The drying process of the salon is heavily dependent on weather conditions in the warm season it can take from 2 to 6 hours, and in winter you will need a warm garage or heated box. To prevent the formation of mold, mildew, or musty air you must leave the Windows and doors of your car open, and in some cases to use a heater.

Following these simple procedures, you will get perfectly clean and fresh interior will not only please the eye but will ensure the preservation of your health, because you don’t have to breathe dust particles, dirt and odors.

Author: S. Vasilenko