27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future

TOP 27 automotive functions that changed the auto world.

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Every purchased a new car has become more technological, innovative and safer. But it is possible that your next car will surprise you with more high tech options. And you can’t stop progress. Soon new cars will be incredible and amazing. Don’t believe? Then look at 27 of new technologies in the auto world that changed all the cars so that today we can say that we are already living in the future.

Believe me, if today you were in the past on a modern car, you saw 30-40 years ago, motorists would have gone crazy with outlandish technology crammed machines. Now imagine what would happen if you were in a modern car in the early 20th century. So, here are the new features in modern cars that prove that we are already living in the future.


1. Built-in 4G LTE hotspot to the Internet for communication while driving

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: an increasing number of manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Buick, GMC, Chevrolet and other cars equipped with built-in 4G LTE hotspots, allowing drivers to use their phones, tablets and laptops instead of connecting to terrible wifi at the nearest McDonald’s. The main thing – not to do it while driving.


2. Cameras which can see all round your vehicle, not only for him

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: while most modern cars today are equipped with rear view camera, some car companies equip their vehicles with several chambers, which open up the drivers vision 360°.

And all camera work not only when you Park but transfer the picture on display right during the movement. For example, such cameras are in Ford and Infiniti. Also, these futuristic cameras are equipped with sensors to inform you of the danger of a collision, when you say, did not see an obstacle during the movement.


3. The trunk, which opens automatically, even if your hands are busy shopping

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: every driver knows what a nightmare is to open the trunk of the car, when all hands are busy with bags of groceries; usually we end up trying to open the trunk, performing a clumsy dance in front of the car, afraid to drop the bags.

But some manufacturers decided to facilitate the task of drivers, equipping some vehicles with automatic trunk opening. For example, this option is in the Ford car (Ford Kuga opens the trunk if the driver will make a certain movement of the foot) and Kia (Kia Sedona automatically opens the trunk when it detects the smart key in the pocket of the driver who came to the trunk).


4. Windows that clean themselves and repel the liquid

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: Kia and other car manufacturers in recent years to equip some models of “hydrophobic” Windows. Are Windows covered with a special compound that is able to repel water from rain and snow. Also, the coating protects the glass window of the machine from the rapid pollution of all that usually flies on them. This is similar to the effect of “Waterproof”, which is used by many motorists. But in cars with a “hydrophobic” Windows drivers no need to purchase different tools to protect the glass from water and dirt.


5. Built-in vacuum cleaner for cleaning of salon

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: car enthusiasts certainly know what a dry cabin, which usually include cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Also many probably are mobile car vacuum cleaners, which are excellent in self-cleaning car from dirt and spills.

But some brands decided to save drivers from using a conventional vacuum cleaner, by equipping the car does not have standard vacuum system. For example, Honda Odyssey 2014-2015, there is such a built-in vacuum cleaner with a long hose through which any driver can clean the whole interior of the minivan. Agree, very convenient.


6. Car seat approved by NASA to prevent fatigue over long distances

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: long trips are often associated with the occurrence of back pain, lower back and legs. To prevent fatigue driving, but also give greater comfort to passengers, Nissan and NASA have teamed up to create for drivers and passengers of “weightlessness” in the seat during long journeys.

For this, the company has developed a special seat that can hold you in a natural posture, soothe your muscles and protect the vertebrae from vibration during movement of the machine. This seat was equipped with a special shock absorbing system. This is a real space technology that came in the auto industry.


7. Car seats, which you can do the massage by warming or cooling

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: today the heating function car seat is no surprise. Also already not a cause of wonder, and the option of cool car seat using the ventilation system. But the company Mercedes has long been ahead of the rest in comfort and luxury in the auto world.

So, their flagship cars the S-class has long been equipped with various massage functions. The latest models of luxury sedans, there are six modes of massage, including hot massage (imitation Bali massage Spa), and a cooling massage to relax.


8. Relief vehicles through the use of military aluminium

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it is cool: nowadays, the concept of a “light vehicle” refers to the cute little smart cars, which are increasingly common on Russian roads (especially after a sharp rise in price of fuel). For example, in 2015, Ford has introduced the SUV-pickup truck that was easier to 317 kg. You won’t believe this SUV weighs nearly as the Honda Fit, which is easier F-150 only 25 kg. how is this possible?

The fact is that the new SUV is produced with the use of aluminum in the next generation, which not only makes the cars more durable but also significantly reduces the weight of the vehicle, which ultimately affects the economy. Furthermore, due to the significant decrease in the weight of a large SUV has become easier to manage. By the way, like many advanced technologies, the use of a new aluminium came from the Commissar.


9. Brake and cameras that automatically keep you in the heart of the strip

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: sometimes a the drivers a little careless (mostly this applies to novice drivers), do not notice how moving out of your lane. This is especially dangerous when driving to the extreme right or left lane, where you can be either on the side or on the opposite line, respectively.

Fortunately, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Prius, Lincoln MKZ, and many other car models equipped with in this case an interesting security feature that can automatically keep the car in the center lane. For this purpose, on-Board camera and braking system, to gently push your vehicle to the center of the lane, if you suddenly begin to move out.


10. Cars that recognize traffic lights and know when it goes green

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: we spend at least about 38 hours stuck in traffic on the road. In most cases, all this time we are looking at burning the brake lights of preceding cars. But, it turns out, the idle time in traffic jams or at traffic lights can be reduced if the combine intelligent traffic lights with the car’s electronics.

Soon, Audi plans to equip serial vehicles with a recognition system of traffic lights that can tell drivers how long to wait for a green signal, and will be able to inform you if you should slow down or add gas to get pass the traffic light at green light.

Also, when driving on a green traffic signal, the vehicle system by contacting a single intelligent urban traffic light system, will be able to calculate the driver the optimal speed to create a kind of “green wave”.


11. Heated wiper blades that will melt the ice and snow to make the windshield transparent

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: all the drivers know what the struggle with snow and ice. Especially annoying in the winter when every morning you have to clean the windshield from ice and snow. Unfortunately, today, few cars are equipped with the heating function of the windshield.

Fortunately, the auto world has long been available opportunity to purchase a retrofit kit wiper blade. For example, companies like Everblade and Thermalblade, produce wiper blades with heating function, which allows drivers to easily melt ice and snow. In the end, with these brushes you don’t need a scraper.


12. Era of more efficient motors

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: for every motorist on the planet, life would be happier if the cost of fuel over time, not expensive, but rather cheaper. But such, alas, happens only in a fairy tale and dreams of the owners. Unfortunately, over time, the fuel only getting more expensive. So, we all spend more money on gasoline or diesel fuel.

And what’s worse, this trend will increase further, up to the moment when our country run out of oil (by the way, this moment is already not so far). Of course, the fuel costs concerned motorists all over the world. It is logical that automakers have long been scratching their heads as to reduce fuel consumption in their vehicles.


And I must admit, they do it pretty well. So, for the last 10 years, the efficiency of most vehicles has increased significantly. In many respects it became possible thanks to new technologies in the production of internal combustion engines and, of course, the use of a turbine, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.


13. Button transmission instead of the classic handle

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: more recently, the world was struck by a simple invention – the start/stop button, with which you can start the car without the ignition key. Today, this is no surprise. Similar buttons start the engine today already are equipped with many cars. But then, the automakers have gone further, deciding to encroach on sacred, classic removing the gear shift knob and replacing it with the buttons. For example, you can see in the Acura TLX and Honda Pilot, where the operation modes of the automatic transmission can be switched using the buttons.

This decision, incidentally, frees up a lot of space in the space between the front seats. So, due to this on the Central console between seats has additional buttons that control the various modes of motion.


14. GPS/GLONASS Navigator, which automatically analyzes the traffic on the road and finds the optimal path

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: every car enthusiast will agree that traffic congestion can ruffle even the calmest driver. After first tube huge annoying waste of time that we could spend with benefit for themselves. But today the world has become a lot easier. After all, the sat NAV has made a real revolution in the world, having relieved us of our trip driving. Now there is no need for paper maps. Also with the help of navigation, we can choose optimal routes for traffic avoiding traffic jams.

Yes, of course, each of us today is to navigate using their smartphones. But it is often uncomfortable. Much easier to use the built in NAV in the car. But, alas, many of the vehicle systems do not show stoppers, which makes it impossible to enjoy all the benefits of navigation while driving.

Fortunately, the company Yandex started to collaborate with several automotive companies, which was used as a software for regular navigation systems Yandex Maps with the ability to broadcast information about traffic jams on the road. It is very convenient to use the factory NAV and build routes taking into account traffic jams.


15. Sun cover, which automatically blocks light and lets you see what you want

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: the automotive world has seriously evolved over the past 30 years. Today the sunroof is not only fun for those who want to stick through it’s head. For example, new models of Mercedes-Benz SLK has the option of “Magic Sky”, which can darken the hatch in the roof, blocking the entrance to the salon ultraviolet rays.

To do this you simply click the corresponding button, and the special coating of the hatch with electricity will make the glass sunroof dark. If you’ll want to see clear blue sky, you only need to disable the function of blocking sunlight.


16. Sensors that learn your driving style and can detect when you are too tired to drive a car

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: after a long, tiring night, one of the worst decisions you can make is to sit behind the wheel. In this case, there is a huge risk to have an accident. To solve this problem, car companies BMW and Mercedes-Benz have developed sensors that monitor the actions of the driver, remembering his driving style.

If the sensors detect that you are somehow outside the box begin to drive, they will begin to warn you about the danger, so you stopped and rested.


17. A generator that recycles energy for your car and saves gasoline

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: renewable energy is awesome, especially when we are talking about cars. For example, Mazda6 2014, has technology i-ELOOP, which stores kinetic energy every time you press the brake pedal. This system is called the regeneration of braking energy.

The result of kinetic energy using a special generator is converted into electricity, which is then used to power the lights, AC systems and even to power audiostrobe. As a result, the car will consume less fuel, making the owner more happy.


18. Access your Android smartphone or iPhone without having to take them in your hands while driving

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: all we are told that using a smartphone behind the wheel is dangerous. We know that it is also prohibited by law. We understand that the use of a phone while driving is dangerous. But you look around you on the road. You often see drivers talking on the cell phone and writing messages? Sure, you can see these drivers every day.

Most likely, you do not mind to talk on the phone while driving. Unfortunately, our mobile phones so firmly found in our lives that we cannot imagine ourselves without them. We sleep with them, get up and go to the bathroom, toilet etc.

Fortunately, in recent years, many modern vehicles are equipped with systems designed to integrate their smartphones with the software of the infotainment system, which allows on the car’s screen to see the menu of your phone. We are talking about a system Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


19. Built-in night vision and radar to avoid collision with objects on the road and with wild animals at night

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: each of us goes driving in the dark. Unfortunately, in our country there are many unlit sections of roads where accidents often occur. Alas, the regular lighting of the car is not enough time to notice the obstacle on the road or running out into the road animal. Even the high beams does not help in certain conditions.

And the thing is sharp difference from the bright-lit road to complete darkness. But, fortunately, we live in the future, once in the auto world there is an amazing technology that can help driving you to see in complete darkness. For example, such technologies are used by BMW and Audi, which have already developed for their machines, night vision devices. But they decided not to stay in place, continuing to improve the technology of night vision.


So, at the moment the automakers are developing a system that will not only display detected by radar in the dark objects on the screen infotainment system, but also to convey their image to the dashboard and even project onto the windshield in front of the driver.

Such systems work not only with radar but also receive information from various sensors that allow the driver to see in the dark animals on the roadside or on the road. Including such technology allows you to see even inanimate objects such as garbage cans.


20. Interfaces that recognize and automatically react to your voice

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: Yes, of course, to communicate with the car, as it was in the movie “Knight rider”, where the main character was talking to his car as his best friend. Nevertheless, today the voice control technology of the car surprise.

Companies such as Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and others, implemented in a voice recognition system UConnect, which responds to your voice and executes commands for a number of tasks. For example, in a car with such a system you may ask: “Where is the nearest gas station?” or “How can I go home?”. And it is worth noting that the new system works pretty well. Also it is very comfortable.


21. Automotive systems that warn you and automatically brake before a potential accident

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: safety has always been a primary focus for all automakers. In the end, almost all new technologies that appear every year in the automotive industry relate to improving vehicle safety. Currently, for example, recently introduced technology for automatic emergency braking began to appear on many cars.

In some Western countries will soon require all automakers to equip with this technology the cars. However, all automakers this technology works in different ways. So, in Honda Accrod with the threat of a collision vibrates the seat and steering wheel.

In the Subaru Outback this system is able not only to prevent but also to intervene in the operation of the vehicle, stopping it to avoid collision.


22. Speakers that deliver actual surround sound

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: another thing you can count drivers, is that automakers probably will never stop in developing new sound systems to improve sound quality of music in the car. It would seem much better. Today, the majority of vehicles are equipped amazing sound systems.

Even in inexpensive cars base set today began to appear enough quality audiostrobe. But in the camp of luxury cars the feeling that automakers will soon face a shortage of places to accommodate speakers.

For example, the company Land Rover equips the car sound 12-channel Meridian system with 13 speakers, amplifier and multi-mode settings for everyone according to your taste to adjust the sound of your favorite melody.


23. Automatic shut-off and start the engine to save fuel during idle in traffic

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why is it cool: it would seem, who not only abused the system start-stop engine, which automatically turn off the engine at idle in traffic jams or at traffic lights. Nevertheless, the automakers do not expect to abandon this system. After all, it really helps to reduce fuel consumption by reducing the operation time of engine idling when, as a rule, there is maximum fuel consumption.

How does it work? It’s simple: as soon as you press the brake pedal and the car stops and is idle for a certain time, the car engine is turned off. Again the motor will turn on almost instantly as soon as you press the gas pedal. Incidentally, this not only reduces fuel consumption but also positively affect the preservation of the environment.


24. High beam headlights which automatically adjust to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers on the road

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why this is cool: your main beam is indispensable when you are traveling in the dark on country road. But, unfortunately, to go with a driving light only when you move around the track one, because you know that main beam is much dazzle oncoming drivers and those traveling ahead of you. Fortunately, in the auto world with the advent of LEDs there was interesting technology adaptive headlights, which allows you to forget about the constant switching of optics with far to low beam and Vice versa.

Now in some cars the headlights themselves choose how they Shine. For example, the beam system is in the Mercedes, BMW and Audi. This system automatically adjusts the brightness and the light beam depending on road conditions. For example, if you are traveling alone on an empty highway at night, headlights in these cars will Shine vividly.

But as soon as the car will see far ahead of an oncoming car or if someone is overtaking, the system will automatically lower the brightness due to the partial shutdown of the LEDs.


25. Automatic parallel and perpendicular Parking system

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: if you live in a big city or in urban areas, finding Parking can be a real challenge. But even if drivers find a Parking space for his car, for many of them becomes a headache for the Parking process. Especially parallel. Alas, not all drivers know how to properly parallel Park. Surprisingly, even some experienced drivers are experiencing with this kind of Parking problems.

But now in many cars appeared in the Parking assistants who will be able to Park your car, even if you do not know how to Park. For example, today it can make such car as Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Volvo and others. Not only that the cars with Parking assist will help you to find the best place for Parking and will Park your car at the free Parking space.

No matter what type of Parking is it parallel or perpendicular. Also, the car can get into places you would be afraid to get up. But some manufacturers went further. So, already today there are cars that can Park all without a driver.

For example, using the application on the mobile phone. So you can start the process of Parking, standing near the car. To do this, simply open the on your smartphone a special application to activate Parking.


26. Satellite system ERA-GLONASS, which helps to promptly report the accident to the rescue services

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: the car accident is one of the worst things that can happen to a driver and passengers on the road. Unfortunately, very often the accident involve serious injuries. In such cases, for the survival of the people in the accident important the timeliness of the arrival on the scene of the accident rescue services. Alas, not always the driver and passengers have the opportunity to tell about the accident.

This was invented alert system ERA-GLONASS, which is now fitted to all new cars. This system can automatically transfer information about the accident. Also with this system the operator receiving an emergency signal, has the ability to communicate with the car to see the driver or passengers of the circumstances of the accident, and to determine the condition of the victims.


27. Cars that drive themselves

27 new features of the car, which prove that we live in the future 

Why it’s cool: the Holy Grail of futuristic automotive technology, which we have so often seen in sci-Fi movies, is cars capable of driving themselves. More recently, Autonomous vehicles seemed impossible. But today the world is changing. The world already has the serial cars equipped with autopilot.

However, on the full autopilot fifth generation too early. While automakers are developing a third-generation autopilot that can still work only in the presence of the driver. However, according to the speed of the development of Autonomous car technology, it is possible that by 2040 the world will get the first production cars, capable to move independently, without human presence.


Today, the most advanced autopilot on the production car set for cars Tesla. For example, the Model S has autopilot function that is able to take control of a car using sonar sensors, radar, etc. Thanks to the car’s computer sees everything happening around him (360 degree vision).

It is worth noting that the Tesla electric cars can not only manage themselves on the line, but even the transitions from one row to another according to a pre-created route. Also the machine can automatically rotate if necessary and, of course, Autonomous Parking.