25 things you’ll understand only drivers in Moscow

That’s what the to drive in Moscow.

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Moscow since ancient times attracted and appealed to residents of Russia. Today the dream of many – is the capital of Russia. I must admit that the level of life in Moscow has always been ahead of the entire country. But there is today in Moscow, one main disadvantage, which negates all the advantages. This, of course, cars. So many of them that the impression on the Moscow roads travels the entire fleet of the country.

It is logical that traffic on the road in the Moscow region is radically different from traffic in other regions of the country. Are you going to Moscow? Then, before you get behind the wheel of his car, you should be familiar with the things you know all of Moscow’s drivers. So it will be easier to be in a city where at first sight on the roads is a shambles.


So, here are 25 things that you know and feel only the Moscow motorists:


1. An indescribable feeling every time you get on the freeway

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

If you’ve never been on the roads of Moscow, get ready to experience an incredible feeling when leaving the motorway or the ring road. Especially when on the road no traffic jams. You will be shocked by the speeds of the cars, which, despite the speed limit to 90 or 100 km/hour, traveling much faster. Believe me, to fit into such a fast flow you will be very not easy. And don’t expect someone to miss, reducing the speed that you built in high-speed flow. Moscow. Here every man for himself.


2. You spend a lot of time trying to understand what the symbols mean Parking and what is the payment procedure

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Many Muscovites, though accustomed to constant extortion, still can not forgive the authorities, the introduction of paid Parking in many areas of the city. But most of all enrage local drivers obscure signs Parking, which in one place is a dime a dozen, while other places will not find them. Especially information about the fact that Parking is paid. Somehow, the Moscow authorities decided that a small inconspicuous plates with not very clear instructions regarding payment will be enough. Those who are only going to visit Moscow, you will quickly understand why everyone is unhappy with paid Parking.


3. Puzzles from road signs

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Do you like puzzles? Then welcome to Moscow, where you’ll often see various road signs in the form rabotnyh combinations that are able to solve only experienced local drivers. Be careful. Usually in the neighborhood of puzzles like to be a COP. You know what.


4. Navigator – your best friend and Savior

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Someone recently said that the technology “ablenet” world. Especially satellite navigation systems, which almost destroyed the paper map. As a result, many drivers stopped to examine the streets and highways where you live. After all, why strain your brain, remembering the way when there’s Navigator.

Of course, in connection with the popularity of automobile gadgets today, few of the drivers know how to navigate with paper maps. This, of course, sad. But believe me, in Moscow without a Navigator in your smartphone you will be hard.


5. If you did not get to the Parking meter and you are not fined, then it is tantamount to winning the lottery

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

If you don’t live in Moscow, you do not understand what it is to find a free Parking space. For many Muscovites, this problem has become a byword. Especially after the mayor decided to strip the Moscow motorists, making Parking on half of the streets of the capital paid. Most interesting is that, despite the introduction of fees, to find a place for Parking is still a problem.

As a result, many people are parked very tightly. Often cars don’t even fit in the Parking space. By the way, did you know that if you did not get even a meter before the Parking space, you are likely to violate the traffic rules? It is usually next to the Parking spaces area, where Parking is prohibited. So, before reaching the Parking meter, even if you pay for Parking you risk getting a fine for stopping or Parking in the wrong place. If you have not received a fine, consider yourself lucky.


6. Camera at a red light and stop line

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Only the Moscow drivers know what camera that controls the red light and stop line, many drivers have begun to receive “letters of happiness” with the newly earned cameras that can detect heat after the stop line. And most interestingly, the camera captures the violation, even if you stopped over the stop line quite a bit.


7. Only in Moscow it seems that the cameras on the roads is a massive conspiracy against motorists

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Yes, cameras of traffic police will not surprise anyone today. But if you are rarely in Moscow, you can hardly taste all the delights of automatic complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey violations of traffic rules. The fact that in addition to the cameras traffic police in the city also installed a camera of TMS, has mobile mobile systems of traffic violations. But that’s not all.

In the capital more than 300 thousand people have downloaded the smartphone app “Mobile assistant of Moscow”, where anyone can become an inspector TMS/traffic police, fixing traffic violations in any vehicle using the phone’s camera. How about this? I think that is nonsense? And you try for a year to travel around Moscow and not receive any penalty. Believe me, you will need a medal to pass off such a feat.


8. This can be found most often only in Moscow

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Those who every day goes on Moscow roads, it’s probably nothing surprised.


9. Even such strange drivers behind the wheel is hardly surprising in Moscow

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Yes, in every village in any way you can meet unusual or strange car driver. But Moscow is different from all regions of the country significantly.


10. You’ve been through all the stages of grief when talking about traffic jams in Moscow: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Those who recently started to live in Moscow and only accustomed to Moscow traffic on the roads, I can’t understand how most motorists remain calm in traffic jams. But especially surprising for the traffic of those who are in the capital of Russia is only passing through. Such drivers do not understand how it is possible to tarctica a few hours in traffic jams when travelling to and from work.

To understand this, you need to travel in Moscow at least 3 months. Then your mind transformered, and you soon cease to notice how standing for hours in the dense traffic, perceiving them as something self-evident itself.


11. Moscow Department of the traffic police is a black hole from which no one ever escapes

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Want to participate in passing any real quest? Then welcome to any of Moscow STSI. Here, you will be prompted to choose from a variety of different “games” in which not everyone can be a winner. Especially if you have very strong nerves and no patience. For example, definitely try to get the quest in the production of vehicle on registration or changing rooms.

However, if you visit the Central branch of the traffic police in Moscow, I advise you to come for a few hours before opening the unit to be able to take a turn in front of the door of the traffic police. Otherwise, when the traffic police will start working, you will not get the voucher electronic queue, which will be given to special terminals. And even if you the second and even the third, it does not guarantee that you will receive a voucher in the morning. Why? Visit any branch of the traffic police, and everything will become clear.


12. Girls from another planet

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Anywhere else in the country you will not see so many girls driving, except in Moscow. Yes, of course, women drivers are now a dime a dozen in other cities of Russia. But in Moscow the girl is driving a special. Watch them in traffic. The only engaged in any of the fair sex in their cars.

Most often you will see how the girls cleverly use mirrors in the salon for makeup, lipstick, etc. You will find even those who is knitting behind the wheel. But this is not what distinguishes girls driving. The fact that women drivers in Moscow believe the road is their property, and male drivers – tenants of roads. Some girls seriously believe that the men on the road is not needed. So welcome to Moscow.


13. Switching radio channels and long the choice of what to listen to

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Many hotels in Moscow region, probably, will be unusual to discover that the radio recorder in the car began to catch too many radio stations. You certainly will be exciting at first, and you will long to explore Moscow radio channels. But then you get tired of it. It’s like with TV channels, who divorced a large number, but still nothing.


14. Only drivers in Moscow know how to talk with road police


Know what you will immediately notice that in Moscow it is not so, as everywhere else? This is when you are stopped by the police (and it will inevitably happen). You first think that you have stopped in another country. Yes, it is so DPS officers differ in behavior from their colleagues (though not all). Nevertheless, many of the Moscow Gai officers behave more correctly than their colleagues anywhere in the Kuban.


15. You know all too well what fear is before Armageddon in Moscow in connection with achievement of major highways

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

If you have never lived in Moscow, then you will not understand what is panic and fear of a blank slab some major highway of the city. And to block any road in Moscow without warning. No matter what it involves.

But the worst is, of course, everyday of overlap related to the various motorcades with flashing lights. And to stand in such tubes, you can watch, as usually the traffic is starting to block the only road in advance.


16. Caught the taxi driver in the area of the underground River Station, you can easily hear the refusal to go to Shcherbinka or Domodedovo airport

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Yes. Don’t be surprised if you meet in Moscow a taxi driver who refuses to rush hour to go from one end of Moscow to another. Believe me, the taxi driver really is easier to go than then spend the whole tank of gas, standing in endless traffic jams.


17. Only in Moscow, you will realize that the signs on the road can not stand where you want

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

How often do you pass a turn or exit? Believe me, in Moscow do it very often, even those motorists who live here for a long time. And the thing is that on the capital’s roads, many boards-the signs hanging in all the wrong places where you need.

Unfortunately, very often the signs are too close to Congress. This is especially true of those roads where speed limit more than 60 km/h. In this case, even Alice on Yandex the Navigator, does not have time to warn you about the need to rebuild to Congress. As a result, many drivers often pass a turn or exit.


18. Nowhere in the country you won’t find as many illegal Parking lots

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Know that very much catches the eye of the guests, who came to Moscow by car? Not only is pay Parking on the streets and cameras on every post. Most visitors surprise illegal Parking. I think that there is no such place in Moscow? Funny. Drive to any restaurant in the center of Moscow or government Department and you will be pleasantly surprised how the city streets are turned into illegal Parking or place to stop.


19. You will learn that some Muscovites live by alien rules of Parking

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Keep yourself in hand if the car parks you will often see the odd drivers who Park their “horses” as a hit on the principle of “Parked as you want.” Not surprisingly, the movement “Stop-ham”, which has repeatedly banned, was born in Moscow.


20. Your car is definitely stolen

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

No, of course, the chances of theft of your car is not exorbitant. Nevertheless, only Muscovites know that the risk of theft in the capital is two times more than in any other city of Russia. Unfortunately, Moscow is not only popular museums, the metro, the Kremlin, etc. Alas, according to statistics, in the Metropolitan region, the largest number of car thefts. That is why it is the most bought insurance policies hull and many cars have two alarms.


21. When you desperately need a Parking, you are absolutely sure that can squeeze into any space, even if it is impossible in principle

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

You know, sometimes it seems to us that Moscow drivers have learned to violate the laws of the universe. The fact that in connection with shortage of Parking spaces is very often the capital’s motorists squeeze on Parking in such a narrow space that people pass by I can’t understand how the driver was able to Park. And very often to explain it with words is impossible.


22. When traveling on a green signal of a traffic light at the intersection does not mean you will not get in an accident

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Only in Moscow, probably, the Rules of the road drivers ignore often. Yes, drivers-violators in the country is more than enough. But Moscow is something. According to statistics a traffic accident, one of the most frequent causes of accidents is the violation of rules of journey of intersections and ignoring traffic signals. Did you know that often such violations you can see on the Moscow roads, where a journey of many crossroads comparable to crossing a minefield?


23. In Moscow alone, over time, begin to understand that a car is evil

25 things you'll understand only drivers in MoscowBelieve me, after driving some time on the Moscow roads, you start to think, why invented the car? Unfortunately, over time many of the capital’s residents begin to think about, isn’t it better to take public transport, which every year becomes more and more convenient and comfortable. Plus the benefits at the time. Unfortunately, the car in rush hour to get somewhere faster than public transport.


24. A terrible fear, when the Parking in the shopping center lost your car

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

Want to know what to forget, where there is a car in the Parking lot? Welcome to Parking to any big shopping center. Especially where there are huge Parking areas are not delineated some guidelines. In these areas motorists in Moscow often forget where you left your car and then spend hours looking for him in the Parking lot.


25. You know that in Moscow there is a nominal Parking

25 things you'll understand only drivers in Moscow 

For many guests coming by car, the first time will be weird to see personal Parking, which in most cases is illegal. But have pity on the owners. Do not scold them for breaking the law. Live in Moscow a few months and you will understand what the Parking near the house.