23 ways to make your car cleaner

Life hacks for motorists.

23 ways to make your car cleaner

Each of us wants our house inside was clean and beautiful. Naturally, from time to time we all do the cleaning in the apartment or in the house, so as not to overgrow the dirt. But the same must be done with the car. Naturally, any vehicle owner periodically visits the car wash. However, most often the sink is limited to the bathing of the body. So many of us are trying to save money, preferring to care for the cabin on your own. Although in most cases, the interior care is limited to wiping down the plastic with a damp cloth or rag. Clearly, if you want the interior of your car looked perfectly clean, then it is better to go to the car wash, where your car will conduct a comprehensive cleaning. But who isn’t these days wants to save money! How you can quickly and simply clean the inside of the car from contamination? Here you have easy useful hacks for this.


Cleaning of car interior

1. Use self-made brush to dust you want to clean between air vents

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

To clean interior you’ll need a brush or piece of sponge, with which you will be able to remove dust from hard to reach places in the cabin, which, unfortunately, very much.

2. Also, when cleaning make sure that dust and dirt do not fall on the floor

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

Think in advance where you will throw all the dust and dirt from the elements of the trim, vents, center console and other surfaces of the car interior, since it is undesirable that the dust fell onto the seat or floor. Then meaning in your cleaning will not, because you just pull apart the dust from one place around the cabin.

3. The combination of cleaner and brush will also help you is to remove all the dust from the interior, especially the centre console buttons

23 ways to make your car cleaner

Unfortunately, not always to remove all the dust from the cabin, quite alone brush or sponge. For example, it is very difficult to remove dust from under the door handles and gaps between the buttons and a Central panel. Usually, these gaps are stuffed dust and dirt, which is very hard to get. So you come to the aid of an ordinary vacuum cleaner, which is paired with the brushes from dust ideal for cleaning the car.

4. Change your old cabin air filter with a new one to get rid of unpleasant odors in the cabin

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

How to change a cabin air filter can be found here can Also study the manual in the car where usually the automaker lurid detail how to do it.

5. Remove any debris from every corner

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

To perfectly clean the interior of the car, you have to remove all the crumbs and all the dirt from the floor. Don’t forget about each secluded corner and space under the front seats.

6. Use a melamine sponge to remove rough, sticky pollution

23 ways to make your car cleaner 23 ways to make your car cleaner

You will not believe, but today’s fashionable melamine sponge works wonders. With it without using different chemicals you can actually remove from any surface of the car’s interior even the most toughest dirt. Melamine sponge is truly magic. It even removes dirt from fabrics, vinyl and leather. However, be careful when cleaning the seats, especially if they are trimmed with fabric. When cleaning do not press hard on the sponge.

7. If the dirt is ingrained in the texture of your plastic, for cleaning surfaces, you may need a toothbrush

23 ways to make your car cleaner

Sometimes the mud is so eats into the plastic trim, using rags and sponges to remove it very difficult. In this case, you will come to the aid of the good old and irreplaceable toothbrush.

8. Use olive oil for conditioning and polishing leather on the dashboard

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

With the help of olive oil you can Polish the leather surface center console. However, please note that this method is not suitable for all skin types, used in modern cars. So before you Polish and condition the skin with olive oil, try to do it on a small area of the panel.

9. To remove pet hair from upholstery you can use a spray bottle with water and a scraper

23 ways to make your car cleaner

The most unpleasant and difficult part in cleaning the interior is usually clean the seats from animal hair, which is very difficult to remove. To simplify this process the General cleaning of the salon, use a regular water bottle with a nozzle spray and a car scraper.

10. Use a brush with soft bristles (e.g. a toothbrush) to remove dirt and crumbs from the seams of the seat cushions

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

Another complicated process of cleaning the interior of the car is associated with cleaning the seats. It is especially difficult to remove crumbs and dirt from the seams of upholstery and hard to reach places. In order to ease the task of cleaning the car seats, use the brush for upholstery or brush for clothes with soft bristles. In extreme cases, can take old toothbrush with soft bristles. This will help you to remove dust, crumbs and grime from all hard to reach areas seats of the car.

By the way, here’s an example of a foreign car owner who posted a good photo of the self-cleaning of the cabin.

11. Use paper and an iron to remove the lipstick, eyebrow pencil, etc. of upholstery

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

Unfortunately, often the upholstery of the seats is so polluted that many owners fail to clean it yourself. In the end, people have to go to the car wash for a dry cabin, which is very expensive. For example, if your children drew on the seats in the car with crayons, pencils, etc., then you can without problems clear the upholstery. Also it does not matter if you have soiled seat, lipstick, lip liner or eyebrows.



To clean such contaminants, which at first glance seem to be undeletable, use the iron and paper. This method is ideal for carpets and fabric upholstery. Also it can be used for flooring of vehicle.

12. Use a special shampoo for car seats, as well as the sponge or brush to clean

23 ways to make your car cleaner  23 ways to make your car cleaner

If your cloth seats are very dirty, use a shampoo for cleaning fabrics. For cleaning you could use a sponge, cloth brush or regular sponge.

13. Apply on the dirty floor mats stain remover for carpets or throw rugs into the washing machine

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

Clean car mats with a conventional stain remover for carpets. Can also put mats in the washing machine and turn on the wash no spin at 30-40 degrees.

14. Or clean your own rugs cleaner

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

For fans of cleaning their own making. Did you know that floor mats in the cabin you can not only clean with household chemicals, which are sold in any store, but with the help of natural remedies that you can make yourself? So, in order to get your own cleaner for the floor mats, do the following:



  • 3 tablespoons grated soap
  • 2 tablespoons sodium salt of boric acid (for example, unable to buy salt Borax [Natrium Tetraborate] – brand BORAX)
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil (optional) for a pleasant smell
  • 2 cups of boiling water

Add all the ingredients in a plastic bowl and stir until then, until the soap is dissolved and the mixture is frothy. Then take the hard brush, wet it with the solution and apply any part of your car upholstered. Including soft floor mats. It’s surprisingly simple and cheap cleaner perfectly cope even with the toughest stains.

Moreover, the cleaning process is tiring and a lot easier than, for example, even when using expensive chemicals available for purchase in the store.

15. Take the roller for cleaning clothes, toothbrush, with soft bristles, a toothbrush, soap for the dishes, a steam cleaner and baking soda, if you need to clean the car seat

23 ways to make your car cleaner 

Don’t forget to periodically clean the baby seat in the car. Because it sits your child for whom health – the first. To clean the child seat you will only fit a special baby cleaning products without phosphates, roller for cleaning of clothes, toothbrush rack, tooth brush with soft bristles, soap for washing dishes, a steam cleaner.

By the way, if you don’t trust the various cleaners, supposedly suitable for children, can use the best and safe remedy that was used by our grandmothers. We are talking about simple baking soda, which was previously used for washing dishes, floors, tables, and also for washing clothes. Believe me, soda as well helps to clean a contaminated surface. But most importantly it is harmless even for very young children.

16. After you leave the salon fresh and clean, refresh its own flavor cooking

23 ways to make your car cleaner  23 ways to make your car cleaner

After you have cleaned the interior of the car from dust and dirt, it’s time to refresh it, adding notes to a pleasant aroma that will please not only you but also your passengers. This, of course, you can buy in any supermarket or ordinary shop air freshener. But it is better to make your own flavor, since most store-bought chemicals in its composition contains toxic chemicals. Here’s what you need:

Small glass jar


3/4 Cup baking soda


5 drops essential oil (scent of your choice)


Small piece of breathable fabric



  • 1. Add soda into a glass jar. The Bank needs this to soda filled it only 1/4 of the volume.
  • 2. Add essential oil to baking soda. You can use multiple flavors. Mixing a few, you will receive a unique smell in the cabin. However, do not overdo it. Many smells of essential oil when mixed, give unexpectedly unpleasant smell.
  • 3. Cut a small round piece of breathable fabric that will perform the role of the cap cans. For example, you can use burlap.
  • 4. Wrap top of jar with a cloth, securing with rubber band for money.
  • 5. Place container anywhere in the car. Preferably in a Cup holder in your car. The closer the Bank will be to the center console, the better.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the car

    17. Clean the windshield using a cotton towel and glass cleaner, then treat with a special protective means for automotive glass

    This cleaning the windshield does not need to very often. Do it once a month. More details in the video.

    18. Clean the windshield with alcohol to prevent the formation of streaks on the surface

    23 ways to make your car cleaner

    You begin to notice that recently bought new wiper blades began to clean the windshield? I think you once sold a poor quality brush? Do not hurry to run to the store and buy a new one. The fact is that the surface of the gum brushes can be greasy or simply dirty. As a result, the gum no longer cope with its task when cleaning the windshield. Try to wipe brushes with alcohol. You will not believe, but in most cases your makeup brushes will once again clean the glass.

    19. Clean the bumper, grille and hood from insects using baby wipes

    23 ways to make your car cleaner 

    Every car enthusiast not just faced with the pollution of the bumper and grille insects, which are very hard to remove from the vehicle. This usually happens during the summer after traveling on country roads. Sorry, to flush insects from the car is not so easy. Surprisingly, insects on the body of the car remains even after a car wash.


    But you can simplify your task using regular baby wipes and warm water. To do this, moisten the surface with water first. Then take a bucket of warm water, wet it with a damp cloth and wipe the surface of the machine, contaminated insects. You will be surprised how easy it is adhering insects are removed from the bumper, grille, wings and bonnet. Cheap and easy. In this case, you do not need to spend money on expensive chemical cleaners from insects.

    20. Give your car’s headlights Shine and transparency by using toothpaste and water

    23 ways to make your car cleaner 

    We all know that toothpaste works wonders. For example, you can not only whiten your teeth but also make your headlights clearer. To do this, take the toothpaste, water and an old towel.

    Next, clean lights of dirt and sand. Dry them. Then apply toothpaste on the towel and start polishing the headlight. Rinse the pasta with water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

    21. Don’t forget to roll down the Windows before you wipe them with a cleaner for glass

    23 ways to make your car cleaner

    Have you noticed that when you wipe the side Windows, you still can’t clear them completely? A little dirt, but stays on top of Windows (at the edge). In the end, then the thin strip of dirt or dust smeared across the glass, after you repeatedly open and close the window. The thing in the dirty edge of the top side Windows. So when you wipe the side Windows, be sure to lower them to individually clear the edge of the glass and their butt. Ideal for cleaning glass, use the microfiber cloth and special glass cleaner.

    22. Use detergent and water to clean wheels

    23 ways to make your car cleaner

    To clean wheels you can certainly buy a special cleaner. But normal quality, chemicals are a lot of money. So if you want to save on cleaning the car without compromising the quality of cleaning, we suggest that for cleaning, for example, wheels to use regular Laundry detergent and water.

    23. After washing the car, use clay to deep clean the glass and bodywork to gather mud, which are unable to wash off the chemicals and water

    23 ways to make your car cleaner

    This special automotive clay is for deep cleaning of the surface of the car sold in auto shops and hypermarkets. Clay helps remove ingrained dirt and even minor scratches. Ideal for stubborn spot of dirt on the car body. Also, this clay can be used on the Windows machine.

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