2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

Audi Q8 50 TDI rival BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

The new flagship SUV of the Audi surprisingly practical and predictable refined. He’s just confusing.


First test drive of the coupe-SUV has passed a week ago in the UK. Testirovaniya Audi Q8 was to the bone European. Diesel 3.0-liter engine, the package is slightly above average. Even the steering wheel is on the left. The same version you’ll find in any district of Moscow and other major cities, when the model will go on sale in Russia. Therefore, try to examine first SUV-coupe from Audi, along with the British, so to speak, for the first time in the movement.


It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since BMW first launched the X6 model, immodestly calling it a “sports coupe-SUV”. A daring ploy was a success – the consumer fell for a new fashion trend and adopting the rules of the game judged as follows: “to Reconcile the irreconcilable is possible if the two opposites can live together.”


Late just for 10 years, Audi is active in the offensive with his vision of how should look like a flagship SUV coupe from the “Q”series, with its elegant design in the style of four-door coupe. Add to this, that an essential fact that the car has a decent trunk, seats five people, and external machine looks really good… Did the Audi hit the bull’s eye after a long sight?


First impressions

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

Once upon a time we all raved about Audi. It was in far 90-e years. The style really seemed aggressive and pushy. No matter what he looked rustic, but it seemed that will not become obsolete for centuries. Years passed and it became obvious that the design group went obviously wrong way. They chose the path of “cloning”, over and over again creating an almost identical cars with different bodies and proportions. The A4 sedan was similar to the A6. That, in turn, was a miniature copy of the flagship A8, and so on. Fortunately, Q8 changes the vector, with its assertive, angular design that defines new look of the Audi SUVs.


Put next to Q8 Q5 or Q7, the last two of the SUV immediately seem like a modest shadow of the new king. Q8 can really attract attention. But kinks still could not be avoided. We are talking about a huge front filtrerede radiator. It is very big. Perhaps you need to get used to, but so far it looks exaggerated giant.

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

Study the back of the crossover deserves special attention. The first catches the eye is wide, the full width of the trunk brake lights. The similar feature we have seen on several premium models earlier. Line of lanterns resurrected after forgetting the late 80-ies are back in fashion.


Dimensions coupe is slightly inferior to a more practical crossover Q7. “Ku eighth” to 66 mm shorter (mostly length lost due to the shortened rear overhang), 35 mm below (roof of the novelty looks more flat), but this car is 25 mm wider.


Neat frameless doors-wheel drive adds a bit of elegance and to some extent sports.


Is it worth mentioning that one of the strongest features of the SUV-coupe profile. However, to speculate on this topic will not just see the photo and all will become clear:

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia


The salon is large and spacious. Four more than enough space. Each passenger gets their own climate control and heated seats. There is space for a fifth person, but why would infringe on your comfort? Driving four!


There is plenty of space for Luggage, cargo space in the normal state is 605 liters. If you add up the electric seat will have an impressive 1.755 litre.


The quality of the materials predictably good. Three screen – a new “trick” expensive Audi models, which was first introduced at the prestigious A8. Interestingly, according to marketers from Ingolstadt, the new SUV is likely to overtake sales of the flagship limousine in the lineup. Take note of the interesting suggestion.


The technical details are not going to go deep, especially if you want to know what lies under the beautiful sides of the SUV, you can always read the information here: Audi has presented the new coupe-SUV Q8

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

We will move on to the direct test-drive conducted by the British. Here’s what they found:


As a coupe crossover Audi Q8 behaves on the road?

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

Being in the driver’s seat in front of you in the first place the panorama is wide and large hood. One gets the feeling that you’re behind the wheel of the Q7. But on the move the car does not feel bulky or clumsy. On the contrary – it is assembled and ready for quick and precise maneuvers.


You have seven different driving modes that alter throttle response, suspension tuning, handling, etc., Q8 are not banks in any of these modes (at least until then, until you get in at a much higher speed), electronics and sophisticated air suspension masterfully in control over all of the sprung masses of the crossover.


Adaptive air suspension can raise the car by 5 inches, if you feel the need for additional clearance. Not that Q8 had some potential on the roads, but harmless obstacles, this trick will do.


The ride quality strikes, regardless of what mode you are moving: it is felt that the potential of sports suspension settings designed for a car that can offer more than Q8 can give.

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

The “Eco” mode offers a more soft response to the throttle and allows the car to reach the coast down to save fuel in any convenient electronics case. Mode “Comfort” smooths out the bumps and even makes a noticeable reduction in road noise and engine. Is active noise reduction? Possible.


Managed rear wheel will become an expensive option that will make the car even easier and more flexible to control the speed and in its absence. Weighing just under 2 tons, the SUV is hard to call, but the cumulative feel of the suspension, steering and motor allow you to forget about such “trifles” as the weight. In the same direction works excellent noise and vibration. Engineers actually managed to make a heavy and large SUV coupe. At least the feelings! Of course, Q8 is not omnipotent. With a tricky high-speed corners on the serpentine, which was included in the program of running, in some particularly difficult moments the creaking of the bus was given a face for which Audi didn’t want to go.


Improvement – another predictable trait of the Audi, in front of which was ticked. The work done on the lapping particularly well illustrated by the example of the motor. And even though the selected mountainous area with rarefied air, the diesel motor does not hit the dirt face, showing their potential for short lines.

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

The 3.0-liter diesel V6 (TDI 50) with a capacity of 286 horsepower will be the only one available at the start of sales powertrain. The 3.0-litre petrol motor (model 55 TFSI) will not be available until early next year.


Will charged RS Q8 version? Keeping fingers crossed.


All the Q8 is designed for use with 48 volt mild hybrid system, all will be Start/Stop technology.

Instead of an epilogue. Is it worth taking?

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

10 years of waiting and finally we have a worthy addition to the pointless segment pseudodiphtheria of pseudovadonia, which is more valuable, the more it will spin up the branch “sports” SUV.


Objectively speaking, of course, outrageous that the world definitely doesn’t need a real SUV that everything is so mixed up. But it’s the lyrics. Yes, Audi did a really beautiful car. Yes, the machine was technically just gorgeous. Comfortable and so on and so forth. But this car is essentially a trendy game, late in the decade.


The three strongest competitors of the new coupe-crossover will be BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes GLE Coupe. Distant rivals top version of the Audi Q8 can be called the Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus – all three models are built on the same platform and all, plus or minus, the same.

2019 Audi Q8: the First test drive and review for Russia

Therefore, to say that the car is definitely worth the buy or do not buy we can not. It’s a matter of taste and preferences. Competitors will differ from it only in appearance.