2018 Toyota Camry: The New Generation

The first information about the new body Toyota Camry (2018).

2018 Toyota Camry: The New Generation

In the picture design prediction that might look like a new model Camry. Designs created with all the trends in the style of the new models Toyota

When the car market, experts are beginning to find out how popular car completely outlived its usefulness, it immediately comes to mind Toyota Camry. That is once the best-selling model of the Japanese brand is currently going through hard times. But despite this Camry is still in terms of price / performance / comfort remains a leader in the automotive market in the world.
True, this model has never been famous for some emotions, which can, for example, to give German cars (even if you just move in dense city traffic). But there is a chance that soon the world will see a completely different and something new. Toyota is currently preparing a new generation of the Toyota Camry.


It is worth noting that the current generation Camry, began its history is not so successful, which was in previous versions. We remember the harsh criticism of the design of today’s generation of cars, which were published by many experts. Fortunately Designers slightly improve the situation with the appearance of the Camry, releasing a restyled car last year.

Nevertheless, on the basis of this generation to do something drastic happened. In appearance car still has flaws. That’s why Toyota has decided to completely update the model, hoping to revive the past success of the sedan.

2018 Toyota Camry Redesign


Unfortunately that is not much official information about the new Toyota Camry body. But, nevertheless, we have to have something to eat. So already it is known that the new model will go on the new mobile platform “Toyota New Global Architecture” (TNGA).


In the photo the new platform TNGA
In addition Camry 2018 finally will get a turbocharged engine. But that’s not all. It is already known that the novelty will receive an aluminum hood, which will reduce vehicle weight, which means lower fuel consumption, which will also reduce the expense and turbocharged engine (scheduled to equip 4-cylinder engine with a comparable output current power units).

According to our information, the Toyota engineers, solving the issue of the new engines will most likely decide whether to equip the power unit direct injection, as well as to think about replacing the automatic transmission to a new generation CVT (CTV).

2018 Toyota Camry – Design


Let us recognize that, despite not being very successful appearance of the current model, restyled Camry, conducted last year, still a little to rectify the situation, which gives hope that the designers of Toyota learn from their mistakes, and will give us a really stunning beauty of the new sedan Camry in 2018.

In any case we are waiting for a completely new redesign, thanks to the new platform, which will allow designers to increase the size of the body and the interior space. Certainly today’s exterior style sedan, will be continued on any new model, but nevertheless, we hope that Japanese design Toyota finally prove to the world that in the automotive world, there are not only German cars.

While we understand that some supernatural revolutionary changes in design and will not be, but nevertheless, we are confident that the new Camry 2018 will be different in spirit of time quite dramatically as technically and aesthetically.

For example, the platform suggests TNGA vehicle production of light materials, which will significantly reduce the weight of the machine (it is essential, rather than how it was done in the new model Honda Accord 2016).


In the photo the new platform TNGA
Reducing body weight will significantly reduce fuel consumption and increase the dynamics of the machine (it may even increase the power). Also, what is important with the increasing power efficiency and the car will be larger in size, and can even increase the wheelbase. However, until that information on the increase of the wheelbase has not officially confirmed.

Though I must admit that the increase in wheelbase has long begs for this model to regain the lead in the market. After all, with the increase in wheelbase and use of the new platform will enable the car to release a more solid and comfortable.

2018 Toyota Camry – Motor and productivity


As we said above, the new Camry 2018 will get a new turbocharged engine. True immediately want to note that at the moment it is very difficult to assert with confidence that Toyota is preparing a four-cylinder Camry to it. But the chances of that are more than 90 percent. Most likely, the Japanese brand abandon existing V6 engine in favor of the four-cylinder turbo engine. With regards to the other line of engines, it is probable that such 2.5-liter engine can be replaced by a turbocharged 2.0-liter or 1.8 liter.

If Toyota decides to leave the 2.5-liter engine (and probably will), then of course engineers will think how to increase the power of cars that are equipped with this power unit. Probably 2.5 liter engine will operate with a continuously variable automatic gearbox (CVT – CTV).

As we obtained data, Toyota expects that the new Camry models will increase the average capacity of 30 percent. Given the fact that it is planned to radically reduce the weight of the vehicle, as well as to equip the machine turbocharged engine and replace outdated transmission, the chances that Toyota will achieve a significant increase of power and increase efficiency, enormous. This is despite the increase in the size of the body.

2018 Toyota Camry – Release date and price


So far, there is currently no accurate information about the premiere and release date of the new Camry on the world market. In any case, it is expected that the novelty will come to market in 2018. We can only wait, as always, first photos of camouflage, and for the official premiere at one of avtovystavok where Japanese brand will restart one of the most successful models of Toyota in the world.

But even now, and even though we can not see how it will look new Toyota, it’s safe to say that the model will look decent on today’s competitive market, and will become more attractive than the current generation sedan.

So what are waiting for the official release date and hoard money for the new Camry (2018). Please note that on this page of our online publication, we will update the information on the new model Toyota, as it appears in the information field.